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Fanipol (485234)
Official logo for Fanipol
Region Minsk
Country  Belarus
Geografic area Eastern Europe
Continent Europe
Foundation 29.01.2007
Stadium Aston Martin Park (72 000 seats)
Fan club Fanipol Ultras (~ 2 900 members)
League III.1
President Belarus lasta
Coach Denmark Torben Tarp Sørensen


Prize shelf
Series Champions IV.22(Bearus) Season 12Series Champions IV.31(Bearus) Season 14Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 15Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 17Series Champions II.2(Bearus) Season 19Series Champions II.2(Bearus) Season 21Series Champions V.208(Bearus) Season 27Series Champions V.42(Bearus) Season 29Series Champions V.42(Bearus) Season 32Series Champions IV.10(Bearus) Season 34Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 37Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 38Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 40Series Champions III.1(Bearus) Season 42
Team colours
Youth Team
Youth Team: Fanipol Young Boys
Youth arena: Pride Park

Fanipol is Belarusian football club from Minsk managed by lasta. lasta was national coach in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan; U-20 national coach in Belarus. lasta was the first Belarusian MOD and GameMaster in the Hattrick history. On April, 29th 2011 finised admin work.

The Team

Foundation History

Fanipol was founded January 29th, 2007.
The second team (Hattrick Supporter Platinum option), Patata Libre, was founded May 6th, 2013. Lost in Summer 2015.


Aston Martin Park

Aston Martin Park is the arena of Fanipol. It has a total capacity of 72 000.

  • Total capacity: 72 000
  • Terraces: 38 000
  • Basic seating: 18 500
  • Seats under roof: 13 300
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 2 200

Club History

Season League Bearus Cup Trophies Top goalscorer Goals
9(30) 5th in IV.22 none none Bernard Kobus,
Valery Grishechkin
10(31) 3rd in IV.22 1st round none Valery Grishechkin 8
11(33) 6th in IV.22 2nd round none Siro Hernán 6
12(34) 1st in IV.22 1st round Division IV.PNG Luis María Vayas 8
13(35) 7th in III.10 2nd round none José Carlos Villalba 2
14(36) 1st in IV.31 6th round Division IV.PNG Per Hörhult 10
15(37) 1st in III.1 7th round Division III.PNG Guillermo Cassillas 13
16(38) 2nd in III.1 9th round none Raul Ayroldi 11
17(39) 1st in III.1 5th round Division III.PNGGoldenboot III.gif Raul Ayroldi 17
18(40) 3rd in II.2 3rd round none Tzachi Hadad 7
19(41) 1st in II.2 6th round Division II.PNG Raul Ayroldi 9
20(42) 2nd in II.2 9th round Goldenboot II.gif Vincenzo Cascio 15
21(43) 1st in II.2 9th round Division II.PNGGoldenboot II.gif Dimitri van Steensel 13
22(44) 4th in Vyshejshaja Liga 8th round none Dimitri van Steensel 6
23(45) 7th in Vyshejshaja Liga 5th round none Attila Dézsy 4
24(46) 8th in II.2 4th round none Şerban Manu 1
25(47) 8th in III.15 3rd round none Luigi Massimo Nitri 2
26(48) 6th in IV.19 3rd round none Jorge Barbosa,
Lê Văn Kính
27(49) 1st in V.208 1st round Division V.PNG Luigi Massimo Nitri 9
28(50) 7th in IV.5 2nd round none Aldo Caprotti 2
29(51) 1st in V.42 3rd round Division V.PNG Jan Langowski 6
30(52) 7th in IV.32 2nd round none Sebastián Gauna 2
31(53) 3rd in V.42 2nd round none Brice Parmentier 10
32(54) 1st in V.42 3rd round Division V.PNGGoldenboot V.gif Anton Bjerrum 18
33(55) 2nd in IV.10 3rd round none Arvīds Strods 14
34(56) 1st in IV.10 3rd round Division IV.PNGGoldenboot IV.gif Pavel Zdaravikou 21
35(57) 3nd in III.1 2nd round none Pavel Zdaravikou 12
36(58) 2nd in III.1 4th round none Giuliano Morbelli 7
37(59) 1st in III.1 2nd round Division III.PNG Pavel Zdaravikou 9
38(60) 1st in III.1 3rd round Division III.PNG Aleksa Jolačić 7
39(61) 2nd in III.1 3rd round none Kastus' Milukevich 8
40(62) 1st in III.1 2nd round Division III.PNG Boris Barikov,
Kastus' Milukevich
41(63) 2nd in III.1 3rd round none Boris Barikov 8
42(64) 1st in III.1 4th round Division III.PNG Aleksa Jolačić,
Hampus Frödahl
43(65) 2nd in III.1 3rd round Goldenboot III.gif Dorel Procopenco 17
44(66) ongoing* in III.1 ongoing* round none unknown -
45(67) season not started yet n/a* round none unknown -
46(68) season not started yet n/a* round none unknown -
47(69) season not started yet n/a* round none unknown -
48(70) season not started yet n/a* round none unknown -

Current Squad

Number Player Nationality Position Joined the team
4 Hauge Lindhardt Ht star.png Denmark Goalkeeper 2015-08-13
5 Mikalaj Rusanenka Ht star.png Belarus Goalkeeper 2017-06-20
10 Rodolfo Jiménez Ht star.png Guatemala Defender 2016-06-13
11 Olgierd Wojewodzki Ht star.png Poland Defender 2016-12-14
14 Willy Hobbelen Ht star.png Netherlands Defender 2014-05-17
15 Vũ Quang Nguyên Ht star.png Oceania Defender 2015-12-07
17 Tsimafej Lisovich Ht star.png Belarus Defender 2014-06-17
18 Moses Sheran Ht star.png England Defender 2016-06-14
20 Marini Kwach Ht star.png Kenya Inner midfielder 2017-04-28
21 Reiner Mathews Ht star.png Germany Inner midfielder 2017-06-03
22 Farzad Elhami Ht star.png Iran Inner midfielder 2016-06-22
23 Ralph Däwitz Ht star.png Switzerland Inner midfielder 2016-09-23
24 Ewoud Lenaerts Ht star.png Belgium Inner midfielder 2016-11-15
27 Yuly Lebedev Ht star.png Russia Inner midfielder 2017-04-26
29 Auvo Myllykangas Ht star.png Finland Inner midfielder 2015-07-27
32 Tadeusz Karda Ht star.png Poland Winger 2015-10-30
33 Pieter-Jan Roossien Ht star.png Netherlands Winger 2017-05-31
40 Dorel Procopenco Ht star.png Moldova Forward 2017-04-26
42 Hampus Frödahl Ht star.png Sweden Forward 2016-09-23
43 Pavel Zdaravikou Ht star.png Belarus Forward 2014-04-24
46 Aleksa Jolačić Ht star.png Serbia Forward 2015-10-22
99 Torben Tarp Sørensen Ht star.png Denmark Coach 2014-04-22
- Anatol' Buben Ht star.png Belarus Mascot 2015-07-06
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Achievements: 30 / 30
Points: 740 / 983

Ach 1 1.png Climbing the ladder 28-03-2011 100 points
Ach 2.png I want you 05-02-2007 10 points
Ach 3.png Get out of here 28-02-2007 10 points
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect 15-02-2007 10 points
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery 29-01-2007 10 points
Ach 10.png Let’s do this again 28-04-2009 10 points
Ach 11.png I want you back 24-04-2009 10 points
Ach 21 4.png Cup Heroes 11-09-2009 20 points
Ach 23 3.png All that skill 11-04-2010 50 points
Ach 31 1.png Cash is king 23-08-2009 35 points
Ach 32 1.png We’re so loved 22-11-2010 50 points
Ach 33.png Eternal life 09-09-2009 15 points
Ach 34.png Investment return 31-05-2009 10 points
Ach 35 1.png Met Bob at the bank (deleted achievement) 05-07-2012 0 points
Ach 6 8.png We’re so good 15-08-2010 25 points
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad 30-01-2007 10 points
Ach 22 5.png Star collector 20-12-2015 50 points
Ach 25.png Home-grown lineup 30-01-2007 25 points
Ach 26.png Veteran lineup 08-04-2009 35 points
Ach 27.png Youthful lineup 01-04-2009 35 points
Ach 28.png Academy lineup 10-02-2010 35 points
Ach 4.png Stop the press 28-03-2007 10 points
Ach 5.png The world needs to know 05-02-2007 10 points
Ach 14.png National hero 29-06-2008 50 points
Ach 15.png Headmaster of the nation 14-07-2015 35 points
Ach 16 5.png We’re so good 19-07-2013 20 points
Special Awards
Ach 17.png Nasty squad 25-08-2013 15 points
Ach 18.png Honest Squad 18-08-2013 15 points
Ach 19.png Nice squad 28-07-2013 15 points
Ach 20.png Dishonest Squad 04-08-2013 15 points

Also team Fanipol has all 128 host and away flags for friendly matches.

Youth Team

Youth League

Fanipol Young Boys is currently played in Belarus children and friends.


  • Youth team scout: Kastus' Rapaport, Looking for player in Kobryn Belarus
  • Youth team scout: Samuel Ferrari, Looking for player in Kobryn Belarus
  • Youth team scout: Spirydon Busel, Looking for player in Kobryn Belarus


Pride Park is the arena of Fanipol Young Boys. It has a total capacity of 300.

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