Power of Dulepytters

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Power of Dulepytters (164573)
Managed by FFHF-Briscoe
Club information
LocationTelemark Norge
ArenaDulepytters Combatalion
Fan ClubDulepytter & Grobbleknoffer I Skjønn Forening

Power of Dulepytters or POD as they are sometimes known, are owned and managed by the hugely popular and widely respected Norway Norwegian manager FFHF-Briscoe.

Briscoe works tirelessly and selflessly within the global hattrick community providing assistance to all who may need it.

Founder of the Football Forums Hattrick Federation and mover-shaker of the FF UT-Cup his team is currently plying their trade in V.231. Has played two UFFHFCC matches and held the title on one occasion.


  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.66 season 10
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.66 season 11
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.231 season 16
  • Elected coach of  República Dominicana U-20 for Seasons 33-34


POD Clubhouse