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The Global Agent Organisation (GAO) is another mystic organisation located in the Hattrick universe. It was first mentioned in the HFA's press announcement of October, 18th 2006.

18.10.2006 The new deal
In a press conference yesterday the Hattrick Football Association (HFA) announced some economic changes for next season.

First, they have agreed terms with a computer manufacturing company which will invest in the HFA, with the money going straight into the pockets of all Hattrick teams.

HFA has also signed a new contract with the Global Agent Organisation (GAO), a contract containing lower transfer agent fees.

The HFA has also decided to lower the interest on money in the bank.

A spokesperson for the HFA stated "We are very pleased to announce this new deal for next season, even though we will have to get back to you with more exact details later on. Hattrick's background economy is healthy, the amount of money per team is increasing and this new sponsorship deal will further improve the situation. We also hope the transfer market will get a positive injection from lower agent fees and lower interests."

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