Player Union

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The PU (an acronym for Player Union) is a mysterious organisation located somewhere in the Hattrick world.

The PU tasks are: negotiate with the powerful HFA on players contracts and contract clauses; oversee the maintenance of adequate wage standards; prevent players from being treated as mere assets exploited for quick profits.


It was first mentioned in the Club Owners Federations (COF) press announcement of July, 6th 2007. Up until now 2 official announcements from he PU has been issued.
Official Hattrick Announcement
Transfer Market regulations 18/12/2008
The Hattrick Football Association and the Player Union have signed a contract clause that regulates how often a player can be put on the transfer list. From next season on, you can't transfer list a player more times than he has played games for your team. This means a player must've played at least one game for your team to be listed at all. And if he's not sold and you want to list him a second time, he must've played at least 2 games etc. Homegrown players, youth pulls for example, can be listed at all times though.

- We have to remember that it's football we're playing and that it's people we're dealing with, HFA and PU said in a joint statement. While we want every manager to be able to make a buck on the transfer, we can't accept that players are being treated as simple goods in search for quick profits any more.

Official Hattrick Announcement
Club owners threatens to cancel next season 06/07/2007
The Club Owners Federation (COF) may take drastic action if the Hattrick Football Association (HFA) and the Player Union does not respond to their demands.

- Many clubs are losing money today and the situation is getting worse. We can´t accept this anymore, the chairman of the COF said today. According to the COF, the current salary deal with the Player Union is too generous and should be renegotiated. They also point their finger at the HFA on the need to increase ticket and sponsor income. - We have raised these issues many times, but the HFA and the Union haven’t listened to us. This time we will not back down so easily, the chairman continued.

The HFA released a written statement, confirming negotiations will start this weekend. “A solution can be found, but we must not lose the long term perspective. Money is one thing, but we also need to motivate all smart managers to continue doing what they are doing right.”"