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IJsselmonde FC
managed by Stamps
Het clublogo van Salt 1869
Club Information
Full name IJsselmonde FC (1010304)
Short name IJFC
Founded 12 May 2008
Location Rotterdam, Nederland
League VII.524
Venue Information
Venue De Hilledijk
Terraces 18.000
Seats (Basic) 6.000
Seats (Roof) 1.000
Seats (VIP) 0
Capacity 25.000
Coach Information
Name Jorge Barbosa
Nationality Brazilian
Since 14 December 2008
Type Defensive
Assistant Huub Aukum
Fanclub Information
Fanclub IJFC Supportersvereniging
Chairman Koos Heiligers
Members > 1200
Hooliganism 3% (of members)

IJsselmonde FC is a Dutch team, managed by Stamps. IJFC currently plays in the serie VII.524. Homematches are played in De Hilledijk in Rotterdam. The club was founded at 12 May 2008 as Salt 1869 and is currently coached by Jorge Barbosa.
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First Season (IX.649) » Salt was founded at 12 May 2008 by manager Stamps. It started with a week full of buying and selling, the first match with a bunch of new players was lost against DeNolios (5-2). The club started with only three leaguematches left in the IX.649. The first one, against FC Veerman United was lost with 1-3. The next two matches ended in a little lose against TEAM STOLWIJK (2-3) and a deciding victory against Sylter (5-2). This one kept the club in the ninth division. Players like Jeffrey Steers, Dieter Schietecatte and Hessel Stam were very important in the development the club that period.

# Team Points GS - GC GD
5 marinho dancers 19 28 - 31 -3
6 Salt 1869 12 19 - 54 -35
7 fc jelmer 10 19 - 37 -18
# Surname Name Goals Team
1 Van Eeghen Rieks 23 pokerstars united
2 Rietbroek Dré 9 TEAM STOLWIJK
3 De Vogel Leroy 7 pokerstars united

Second Season (IX.649) » With the deciding victory of last season Salt maintained in the IX.649. Together with FC Flop and quintens, Salt was favourite for becoming champion this season. With new players like Beghi and Ballerini they started with a 1-2 victory against marinho dancers. A week later they lost from FC Flop (2-3). The next three matches all ended in a victory. TEAM STOLWIJK (6-1), SC Noord-Brabant (1-3) and pagniotten (5-0) were beaten before losing against quintens (2-0). The next two matches against Sylter were won (with 3-0 and 1-2) and then the club had a fantastic evening with beating quintens with 1-0, the first goal conceded by the leading team. Again pagniotten (2-7), SC Noord-Brabant (3-0) and TEAM STOLWIJK (0-5) were beaten and then also FC Flop had to lose. The important match ended in a 1-3 victory but also a 10-0 victory in the last match against marinho dancers wasn't enough to become champion on goal difference.

# Team Points GS - GC GD
1 FC Flop 36 66 - 11 +55
2 Salt 1869 36 52 - 12 +40
3 quintens 32 40 - 4 +36
# Surname Name Goals Team
1 Rupus Ernst 12 FC Flop
2 Steers Jeffrey 11 Salt 1869
3 Corradino Fransesco 10 Salt 1869

Third Season (VIII.1266) » Without Stefano Beghi and with the new defender Jimmy Biondo Salt started their first season in the eight division, beginning the season with a 2-1 loss against S.V. Almelo. The upcoming friendly was nice for the records, a 9-1 victory against FC Utregt Forever and seven goals from Dries Kuyper. The same player scored the 100th goal in the history of Salt, but they lost with 1-4 against Soccer-Roos. The upcoming match against FC WCEEND ended in a 1-1 draw and the match versus JForce Warriors in a 8-0 victory. The unbeaten streak was continued with a 2-2 draw against Dharma Initiative and a 1-7 win against FC De Wraak. The two following matches versus Elftaltje were both lost with 4-0. In the last 6 matches the club fought to stay up and they managed to reach their goal. Also by a 7-1 win against FC De Wraak, a 4-0 win against S.V. Almelo and a 6-0 victory at FC WCEEND.

# Team Points GS - GC GD
4 S.V. Almelo 24 44 - 30 +14
5 Salt 1869 20 44 - 23 +21
6 FC WCEEND 9 19 - 49 -30
# Surname Name Goals Team
1 Van der Hurk Harmen 17 Soccer-Roos
2 Latijnhouwers Quirijn 17 Soccer-Roos
3 Kalff Richard 15 Elftaltje

Fourth Season (VIII.1266) » The season began with the first cupmatch in history, it was lost with 0-3. It was the first match of Seykens, Rijerse and Geelen. The major signings for this season. The first leaguematch ended in a 5-0 win against FC WCEEND, followed by a 2-4 and a 6-0 win at SV Almelo and P-Town Ballers. Then difficult times came with matches against Elftaltje, Elite Force and Dharma Initiative. Elftaltje was too strong, Salt lost with 4-0. One week later a 1-0 win was enough against Elite Force. A busy schedule was continued with a loss against Dharma Initiative and two wins against Beffers United, before playing the decisive match at home against Dharma. An exciting match ended victorious and Salt was ready to play for the championship. After winning against Elite Force (1-2) and Elftaltje (7-1) they took the first place in the league and kept it after winning the last three leaguematches against P-Town Ballers (0-10), S.V. Almelo (2-1) and FC WCEEND (0-8). The season ended as the first prize in the history of this club.

# Team Points GS - GC GD
1 Salt 1869 27 39 - 13 +26
2 Elftaltje 25 45 - 18 +25
3 The Dharma Initiative 24 43 - 8 +35
# Surname Name Goals Team
1 Debono Clement 15 S.V. Almelo
2 Spierings Geurt 11 Dharma Initiative
3 Hun Pars 10 S.V. Almelo

Fifth Season (VII.524, Current season) » After winning the championship in the eight division IJsselmonde FC promoted to the seventh division with it's new name. They started very well with three wins in the first six matches (0-2 against FC Willemstad, 1-5 against FC Onheil and 4-2 against FC Limmigratie). Then WVHO was beated two times with 8-1 and 0-6 and then they lost with 0-2 against UVHTZPC.

# Team Points GS - GC GD
3 SC GTR 19 30 - 10 +20
4 IJsselmonde FC 16 27 - 12 +15
5 FC Willemstad 10 11 - 12 -1
# Surname Name Goals Team
1 Stosic Maksim 11 Feij(t)e(r)noord
2 Minas Javier 9 IJsselmonde FC
3 Kremen Svatopluk 6 SC GTR


Season League KNVB Beker Trophies
24 6th in IX.649 No Participation None
25 2nd in IX.649 No Participation None
26 5th in VIII.1266 No Participation None
27 1st in VIII.1266 1st Round Division VIII.PNG
28* 4th in VII.524 1st Round None
Season Player Goals Ranking
24 Jeffrey Steers 3 19th
25 Jeffrey Steers 11 2nd
26 Davide Cardona 6 13th
27 Karel Verzele 9 4th
28 Javier Minas 9 2nd

* Current season
Note: Salt was founded at 12 May 2008 and only played leaguematches from the 12th match.


In the following tables the records are shown about leaguematches, cupmatches and friendlies. When there is an asterisk (*) after the season it means that this is the current season. Note that Salt 1869 was found at 12 May 2008 and that the club only played leaguematches from the 12th round. M: matches, W: win, X: draw, L: loss, GS: goals scored, GC: goals conceded, GD: goals difference.

Season M W X L GS GC GD
24 - IX 3 1 0 2 8 8 0
25 - IX 14 12 0 2 52 12 +40
26 - VIII 14 6 2 6 44 23 +21
27 - VIII 14 12 0 2 59 14 +35
28 - VII 9 5 1 3 27 12 +25
Total 54 36 3 15 190 69 +121
Season M W X L GS GC GD
27 - VIII 1 0 0 1 0 3 -3
28 - VIII 1 0 0 1 0 5 -5
Total 2 0 0 2 0 8 -8
Season M W X L GS GC GD
24 - IX 5 0 1 4 3 16 -13
25 - IX 15 3 1 11 23 46 -23
26 - VIII 16 8 1 7 39 32 +7
27* - VIII 10 5 0 5 19 21 -2
28 - VIII 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 46 16 3 27 84 115 -31
Top Squad
Best Eleven: 44,5 HTStar.png
Theodor van Kampen 3,5 HTStar.png
Jeffrey Steers 3,5 HTStar.png Sebastian Klöters 3,5 HTStar.png Baldemar Stuckrad 3,5 HTStar.png Jimmy Biondo 3,5 HTStar.png
Humbert Ginard 4,0 HTStar.png Juan Villanova 5,0 HTStar.png Leif Hansen 5,0 HTStar.png Leone Frisario 4,0 HTStar.png
Javier Minas 4,5 HTStar.png Dries Kuyper 4,5 HTStar.png
Substitutions 14,5 HTStarGrey.png
Glk: V. Povh 2,5 HTStarGrey.png Def: R. Rijerse 3,5 HTStarGrey.png Mid: K. Verzele 4,5 HTStarGrey.png Off: M. Gavardi 4 HTStarGrey.png

Player Info

Famous players

Dieter Schietecatte » The Belgian winger was bought by manager Stamps at 12 May 2008. He developed himself to a very important player of Salt 1869. But when 2009 came near Schietecatte decided he wanted to leave. At 5 January 2009 he left the club with the wish he could ever return at Salt. When he left he was the player who played the most matches in the history of Salt: 42 matches.

Nunzio Spada » This Italian midfielder was bought at 15 May 2008 for 129.000 Euro from Horny Teens. Spada was very important in the development of Salt 1869 and played 37 matches before being sold for 1 Million Euro to Inter Batzelona.

Koos Heiligers » Koos was never good enough to play at Salt, but he always managed to maintain at the group. He didn't play often but it made his future. By sitting in the stadium, talking with fans he finally became chairmen of the IJsselmondse Supportersvereniging (fanclub).

Youth Squad

One day after founding Salt, the club also developed a youth squad. It was named Salt 1990 (nicknames: Salt and Ninetees). Headcoach of the squad was Huub Aukum; Edwin Avezaat and Robert-Jan Barnas were appointed as scouts. After a poor first season the club decided to close the youth academy, Huub Aukum stayed at the club as assistant-coach of the first squad. The club now finds her talents by scouting.


Bouko Poels » Vollunteerd to coach the club when it was just founded. The Dutch coach was 55 years old but couldn't fulfill the requested abilities. Poels was a offensive coach.

Eliáš Nesnídal » Was appointed as coach directly after the foundation and was the successor of Poels, also the Czech is an offensive coach. His first season ended with a sixth place in the IX.649. In his second season they fought for the championship but couldn't become champion because of a lower goal difference, they ended as runner-up. In the third season he was fired after 9 matches, the board wasn't fully satisfied about the coach. He was coach between 12 May 2008 and 14 December 2008.

Jorge Barbosa » After two offensive coaches Salt choose a defensive coach, the Brazilian Jorge Barbosa was signed as the new coach and lost his first match with 0-1 against The Dharma Initiative, he managed to keep Salt 1869 up in the eight division.


De Hilledijk
Home of the IJsselmonde FC

IJsselmonde FC play their home games at De Hilledijk. The current capacity of 't Vaatje is 25.000 (7.000 seated) after it was expanded at 24 June 2009.

Terraces: 18.000
Basic seating: 6.000
Seats under roof: 1.000
Seats in VIP boxes: 0
Total capacity: 25.000

The first match at Het Vaatje was a leaguematch and scheduled at 18 May 2008, the opponent was FC Real Veerman United (169068135). The first goalscorer at the stadium was defender Jeffrey Steers (202336370), but Salt lost the match (1-3). Some weeks later Salt achieved maintenance in the IX.649 at their own ground by winning with 5-2 of Sylter. The most supporters were at the stadium at the 31st August, 12000 fans in the match against SC Noord-Brabant. In that season they became 2nd in the IX.649, ending the season with a 10-0 victory at Het Vaatje. At 11 January 2009 the club decided to continue their 'expanding plans', the stadium would be expanded with 4.000 places to a capacity of 16.000, it was opened in the cupmatch against Darries at 28 January 2008.

De Rechterhand

Salt is part of the federation 'De Rechterhand' (AllianceID: 27085). Manager Stamps started this small community in 2005 when he managed another club. De Rechterhand ('the right hand') helps new managers to get to know their function. The federation also organizes a seasonal tournament (the dR.cup). Salt 1869 first played in this cup in season 25, they were close to a draw against Polder-Vogels uit and Dipolog City but couldn't take a victory in the group. The federation also organise a second cup (the dL.cup), this one is for clubs who are knocked out in the group phase or for late subscribers.


Season Edition Matches played Out
25 3rd edition 3 Group Phase
26 4th edition 4 1/8 Final
27 5th edition 3 Group Phase

* Current season


Season Edition Matches played Out
25 3rd edition 3 Group Phase
26 4th edition 2 Group Phase

* Current season

Football.png This club has participated in the dR.cup and the dL.cup.