Jordi Olivet

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Jordi Olivet (157535722)
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Personal Information
Full name Jordi Olivet
Nickname Olivetti
Age59 years and 102 days
Region  Catalunya
Country  España
Current team Schweiz fc verena
Youth Career
Youth teamEspaña La Ciutat B
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
19 (31) - 26 (38)España La Ciutat C.F.57(40)
25 (38) - 29 (42)Belgium FOREVER_BLACK16(5)
31 (43)Polska Palermo Sars14(11)
32 (44)România sucitul14(19)
32 (45) -Schweiz fc verena36(39)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Jordi Olivet is a Spanish forward player in Hattrick.


Olivetti was promoted by La Ciutat C.F. when he was young because of his natural striker skills. He received forward training but he had difficulties to play in competitive matches line-ups, working hard against Alberto Aguiar de Luque and Santiago Goicoa. When Luque became La Ciutat C.F. coach, Olivet got a chance to become an undisputed forward but he didn't convinced and he was sold to FOREVER_BLACK.

Olivet's Belgian experience didn't succeed at all and he was bought to Palermo Sars. At this time, Olivet career changed completely. He won the Top scorer title three consecutive times: first time with Palermo Sars in VI series, second time in Romania in VII series (he scored 19 goals in 14 matches) and the third time in Switzerland in VIII series, becoming a very effective forward at the end of his career.


Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division IX.PNG Division X.PNG Topscorer VI.png Topscorer VII.png Topscorer VIII.png Topscorer VIII.png


La Ciutat C.F.


Palermo Sars


  • 1  Polska VI.466 Top Scorer: Season 31 (43)
  • 1  România VII.473 Top Scorer: Season 32 (44)
  • 2  Schweiz VIII.368 Top Scorer: Seasons 32 (45) and 34 (47)

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