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Marmadukes FC (418634)
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Club information
LocationQueensland Oceania
ArenaMarmaduke Lane
Fan ClubThe Red'n'Blue Duchy

Marmadukes FC is an Oceanian football club based in Marmaduke Lane, in the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland. The club is coming of age, entering it's tenth full season and gaining promotion to Division IV. The club claims well over two thousand supporters.

The club has fans across the world from the team's various travels. Members of the Red'n'Blue Duchy, the Dukes' fan club, include people from Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Netherlands, Perú, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA.


Note: all seasons are numbered according to Oceanian seasons, not global seasons.

Liamist States

The club was founded as the Liamist States (the name being a local joke), an amateur side formed out of people who lived in Marmaduke Lane. The States were extremely unsuccessful and lost the last five league games in the tailend of Oceania's Season 13, after picking up the pieces of the former Bilby club.

The Liamist States were responsible for the club's first goal, scored against Tempests in the club's first game, an 8-1 drubbing. The club's first win also came under the Liamist States banner, a 2-1 victory in a friendly against the American club, Gaian Ascendancy.

Season 14

After being demoted, in an effort to avoid a repeat of the hammering the club had received and to make a profit on the exercise, the team was re-branded Marmadukes FC and the current, professional club was born. To reflect this new image, a series of imports were brought in to play to replace the local amateurs. Among the imports, collectively referred to as the first generation, were Peer-Augustin Reger, Khu Wai-Can and Carlo Anglhieri, the most important players during the early years of the Dukes, and their backing midfield. Due to this shuffle, only a handful of Liamist States squad still play professional football. This led to a decline in club membership as the diehard locals refused to accept the "sell out" version of their club.

The Dukes dominated their league in Season 14. Clearly a step above their colleagues, the Dukes failed to lose a single game all season in VI.520, conceding only eight goals. Season 14 also saw frequent change within the team, as increased revenue from better attendances and sponsorship, funded a series of player spending sprees, bringing in the second generation of Dukes. Among the victims from the original Liamist squad were local favourites Vernon Watson, Arthur Claridge, Yoichi Kajahara and Carl Cashmore. The team began to, however, take on a similar shape to the one that shook up V.7 in Season 15.

In the post-season, as an incentive for players to go the extra mile, the club created two awards: the Most Valuable Player (MVP), for the player deemed to have consistently excelled in league fixtures, and the Best & Fairest (B&F), for the player deemed to be the best over the season (or, occasionally, his career) by his colleagues. The former is awarded to the player judged to have been best on ground the most number of times in a season. The latter is decided by a ballot of players towards the end of the season. Further, the club inaugurated the Ducal Boot, a prize to be awarded to the club's top goal scorer in league and cup fixtures.

  • Most Valuable Player: Jon Butler (4)
  • Best & Fairest: Olle Svensson
  • Ducal Boot: Fraser Pushkin (24)

Season 15

Season 15 was the first real test of the mettle of the professional Marmadukes FC. After their cup run was ended in round two, qualification to stay in Division V seem a distinct possibility. Despite a 7-0 win to kick the season off, the Dukes endured their longest losing streak with three straight losses to Paper Street Soap Company, FC Otterspoor and Muttdogs. Ironically, Muttdogs went on to win the league but only managed to beat the Dukes out 5-6, scoring the two winning goals after Jon Butler had been sent off - a controversy at the time. Their underestimation of the squad was not repeated.

With renewed confidence after coming close to nearly beating the league champions and facing clubs of a similar standard, the Marmadukes found themselves pushed to the limit, playing hard, attacking football. By season's end, the Dukes finished a respectable fourth place, edging out several clubs which had been in the league seasons earlier. Frodo Broersma's frequent scoring is often attributed as the centrepiece of the Dukes' success. The Dutchman scored a massive twenty goals, including six against Bairnsdale CC in a record-smashing performance, finishing only a single goal behind in the league's Golden Boot competition.

Over the break between seasons, the club announced a new sponsorship package with Liam & Co, who received title rights to Marmaduke Lane, the homeground of the Dukes.

  • Most Valuable Player: Peer-Augustin Reger (5)
  • Best & Fairest: Frodo Broersma
  • Ducal Boot: Frodo Broersma (20)

Season 16

An end of season spending spree replaced much of the Dukes' ailing backline and wings and hopes remained high within the club. Fans were hoping Season 16 would see the squad at least equal their performance from the previous season.

A poor start to the season (although the club did go one better on last season's cup campaign and made it to round three) saw confidence within the club decline and attendances fall. A record-setting crushing victory over minnows Deep Purple Tigers saw the season turn around for the Dukes who, by the halfway mark, were sitting in the fourth place, as most pundits had placed them. A surprise loss to the R SOLES saw the team slip back down into fifth, below Kabramatta FC but the return leg saw the club comfortably win, returning to fourth. The tailend of the season saw a run of five games where the Dukes were unbeaten, including two draws against second-placed Gloss FC and third-placed FC Otterspoor.

A strong finish and an ever-improving midfield appeared to ensure a strong future for the team in Season 17. The end of Season 16, with an improved stadium on the way, the club unveiled a new logo and a new kit for the team, moving away from the standard green and gold toward red, light blue, white and black - the traditional colours associated with the club. Orange, the colour of Liam & Co, was also added to the club icons as a part of the club's sponsorship package.

  • Most Valuable Player: Barend Pieron (6)
  • Best & Fairest: Peer-Augustin Reger
  • Ducal Boot: Jon Butler (11)

Season 17

The run of success continued into early Season 17 for the Dukes, who won seven of their first nine points, including a surprise upset against FC Otterspoor. This left the club atop a closely packed V.7, giving the club its highest league ranking of the season, 915. In addition, the club finally pulled itself out of a longstanding debt after increasing the seating in Marmaduke Lane to 35 000. However, an early exit from the cup left fans wondering if the club could maintain its position and gain an early than expected entry to Division IV. Unfortunately, a 6-0 hammering at the hands of Gloss FC left the club and fans dazed, sending the club down to third (equal first on points but well behind on goal difference).

The homeground of Marmadukes FC, after the Season 17 improvements.

Both legs against Winston's Warriors FC led to two, albeit closely fought, wins, increasing club confidence. A reduced 3-0 defeat at the hands of Gloss was also considered a minor victory, preventing the would-be champions from running away with the game once more, but did drop the club to fourth, the lowest it had been all season. A surprising run of four wins, scoring seventeen goals and conceding only one, pushed the Dukes up to second, one point behind the leaders and three ahead of third place. The Dukes were set for their highest ever finish. Unfortunately, a 5-3 beating at the hands of FC Otterspoor, who levelled the score from their earlier shock defeat, relegated the Dukes to third place (on goal difference only). It was still the highest ever finish in Division V but after coming so close to a potential championship, fans were still disappointed.

Part of the club's success was attributed to the improved standards of Marmaduke Lane. The revenue generated by doubling the seating capacity, while initially spent paying off debts, led to an expansion of the club's coaching staff and the founding of the club's youth academy, which would foster teenage talents until they were ready to make their debut.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (9)
  • Best & Fairest: Khu Wai-Can
  • Ducal Boot: Jon Butler (10)

Season 18

After a relatively good performance in the previous season, Marmadukes FC were looking to take the club to the next level: Division IV. Signing Colombian coach, Wenceslao García, in the off-season, replacing Mauricio Delgado who retired after three seasons at the helm, the squad hoped that an improved defence may finally see the club gain promotion.

A good start to the season with an unbeaten run of five games, saw the club begin to overhaul its rapidly ageing team. Twenty of the twenty-three players who started the season were going to be put on the transfer list and younger, more exciting stars were to be brought in from overseas. During Season 18, a relatively massive AU$6.24 million - more than the club ever imagined it would spend only a handful of seasons ago - purchased ten of the twenty new players, forming the third generation of Dukes players.

To fully illustrate the increase in spending, the record for a player bought was AU$250 000 for Joao Benedet before Season 18. By its end, that had tripled for the signature of Simo Laurinen, costing the club AU$736 000. Old favourites, such as Gabi Ben-Dor, Zavier Olguin and Phillipe Albessard, sold for a million each, providing the club with some much needed income. The new squad was built around the stars of the former Dukes: Peer-Augustin Reger, Khu Wai-Can and Carlo Anglhieri.

The influence of the new players was immediately noticeable as the Dukes were once again fighting for top spot, this time only with Gloss FC. The two clubs met on matchday 5, resulting in a 1-1 draw and a total of thirteen points for both clubs. The Dukes were only behind on goal difference but would probably need an upset in the return leg if they were to win the championship. The upset did not come as Gloss soundly beat the Dukes 3-0, practically winning the championship and ending the Dukes' dream run. Two harsh losses followed in the last four weeks of the season: a 4-2 loss to Otterspoor and a 3-1 loss to Kabramatta FC (although the latter result would have not mattered had Otterspoor not upset series champions Gloss FC in the final round). The sudden decline in form relegated the Dukes to third place in the championship, behind the Otters.

Fans were once more raised to the heights of the Dukes' early dizzying success and brought low by their poor run to the finish. Finishing with the same numbers of points as in Season 17, the Dukes' fans remained optimistic that next season would be theirs.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (6)
  • Best & Fairest: Gilbert Jenner
  • Ducal Boot: Gilbert Jenner (6)

Season 19

The 44 875 capacity version of Marmaduke Lane.

Everything seemed to be going right for the Dukes in early Season 19. The club made it as far as round 4 in the Cup, a feat never before achieved. Three new players (Ginis, Nilsson and Hollemans) joined the squad over the break and during the early stages of the season. Despite a draw with Kabramatta FC on the first matchday, the team followed with a string of five wins, including a defeat of old rivals FC Otterspoor and, in a massive shock upset, the demoted go cats, 3-0. The win over the go cats moved the Dukes into precarious position atop the league table, a single point ahead.

As had happenned in the past, the fans were once again disappointed by the team's mid-season performance. The Dukes stumbled with a 1-0 loss to cellar dwellers Berala FC in the seventh league round. MFC dropped to second in the standings and, even if they overcame Berala in the return leg, would still need to overcome Kabramatta FC, FC Otterspoor and go cats to work their way back to the top.

A narrow victory came the Dukes way in the return leg against Berala. Setting a new crowd record for the larger, 44 875 capacity Marmaduke Lane, the Dukes went down 2-1 in the 79th minute but rallied for a late comback, scoring two goals in two minutes in the dying stages of the match to win 3-2. It would be irrelevant as a strong go cats squad downed the Dukes 4-0 in week ten. This virtually ruled MFC out of title contention, leaving them to fight Otterspoor and KFC for runners-up honours.

It would come down to the final matchday with third placed Otterspoor squaring off against go cats, who had secured the championship the previous week, and the second-placed Dukes against fourth-placed KFC. Only two points separated the Dukes from KFC, with Otterspoor dead in the middle, meaning that to secure runners-up, MFC would at least need one point to stay in contention. The former match ended in a 3-3 draw, which would have put the Otter's total up to twenty-nine, equal with the Dukes. However, the Dukes came from 1-0 down at half time to win their final game 2-1 over KFC, thus rounding out the consolation prize and earning their highest ever finish.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (8)
  • Best & Fairest: Jon Butler
  • Ducal Boot: Simo Laurinen (10)

Season 20

Season 20 began disastrously for Marmadukes FC. After successfully navigating the first round of the Oceania Cup, the Dukes suffered a shock loss against Division VI club, Ryno Rovers, who managed to bundle MFC out of the Cup with a 5-1 thrashing. After that, the Dukes struggled, successively losing against the V.7 powers: go cats, 4-0 on the first matchday, and FC Otterspoor, 6-2 on the third. In between was another upset, this time a 1-1 draw at the hands of the newly promoted Road-Kill Rangers. The result drew comparisons to last year's fiasco against Berala FC and the club received heavy criticism from commentators and fans for being unable to secure what should have been easy points. The results were the worst suffered since the Dukes' three game losing streak in early Season 15.

The loss to Otterspoor sparked an outpouring of emotions from fans, variously ranging from disappointment to anger. This swift kick to the collective psyche of the club saw them take an easy win over Steffan Bros, followed with another win over minnows Glory-FC. The last big hurdle before midway point of the season would be to overcome fierce rivals Kabramatta FC. An overpowering Dukes' midfield managed to control a staggering 80% of possession and held the then championship leaders to a single goal in the second half. Meanwhile, Tommy Jensen impressed in his league début for the club, scoring the first of three goals which would see the Dukes' come away with a surprising victory.

After easily accounting for Free Jazz United on matchdays seven and eight, the Dukes once more faced off against KFC at the KFC Bucket. While Kabramatta were heavily favoured going into the tie, Marmadukes FC came away with a solid 2-0 victory, taking their winning streak to six games. Despite this, the Dukes were still languishing mid-table in fourth, five points behind leaders FC Otterspoor and two points behind second placed go cats. Their position was a direct result of the draw against the Road-Kill Rangers on the second matchday.

Another two wins were added to the tally, taking down Glory-FC and Steffan Bros. With a run of eight wins, the Dukes were being put up as tentative favourites, notably by Otterspoor coach, Kurt Jacobsen. However, to realise that goal, not only would the Dukes have to win against go cats, FC Otterspoor and Road-Kill Rangers but they would also require an upset to befall Kabramatta FC, presumably at the hands of the Otters.

A 3-0 win over Otterspoor took the streak to nine games and brought the club within three points of the championship. On matchday thirteen, the Dukes managed to come from behind against a determined Road-Kill squad. After going down 1-0 in the sixty-third minute, the Dukes rallied, using their superior organisation and stamina to outlast RKR and slip in two goals in eight minutes to take a close 2-1 vcitory. This matchday, however, was more notable for the upset 0-0 draw between Kabramatta and Steffan Bros. The result pushed Dukes into first place in the standings, ahead of KFC on goal difference and only one point ahead of both go cats and FC Otterspoor. The scene was set for a dramatic matchday fourteen.

Matchday fourteen went completely against the Dukes. In New South Wales, Kabramatta FC handed out a 7-0 thumping to FC Otterspoor. Given the quality of the Dukes' opposition, it would be impossible, had they won, for them to make up the goal difference and be able to take the title. MFC went on to lose their match against go cats, making the difference in scorelines irrelevant. This dropped the Dukes down two places in the standings to third, mimicking their results from two seasons earlier with the same win-loss record. This would also be the fourth successive season where the Dukes were unable to win more than ten games.

Off the field, the club completed its purchase of the third generation of Dukes players. The three season spending spree came to a total of $10.8 million for nineteen players (Peer-Augustin Reger, Khu Wai-Can, Carlo Anghileri and Rich Hutchin surviving from earlier generations) with just under $5 million reclaimed from second generation player sales. With some capital now freed up, the club planned to expand Marmaduke Lane once more. The new income is to pay for the fourth generation of players and, if rumours are accurate, a higher quality manager. Arguably, the fourth generation has arrived early in the forms of Veikko Vesselin and Kornelius Hoti.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (11)
  • Best & Fairest: João Benedet
  • Ducal Boot: Khu Wai-Can (8)

Season 21

After the high of the last season, fans, once more, had high hopes for the new season. Season 21 turned out to be the most dismal in the professional Dukes' history. Simply outclassed by their rivals, the Dukes struggled to put points on the board. While managing to beat minnows Road-Kill Rangers, ANKARAGUCU and melbourne minotaurs in both legs, MFC only took one point from six against former easy-beats, Steffan Bros. Worse was to come with the Dukes losing both games against FC Otterspoor and go cats and only managing to salvage a draw against Oz Milan from two games.

Marmadukes FC was never in the running for the title and only had an outside chance in the last round to avoid having to play a qualification match. With RKR handing out a 6-0 drubbing to the Otters on matchday thirteen, Dukes fans retained some hope that the team would finish fourth if they won their final game against FC Otterspoor. It was not to be as the Otters easily accounted for the Dukes. The Red'n'Blue Duchy once more had to deal with the chronic disappointment of their team not meeting pre-season expectation and had to accept that the team may not play Division V football next season. Fortunately, the team pulled an easy game against HABAOHNR and were led by Simo Laurinen's four goals to a sound 6-0 victory, ensuring MFC would stay in V.7 for next season.

Off the field, things were equally grim. Boardroom disputes and a falling-out between coaching staff and players, undoubtedly exacerbated by the poor on-field results and the club's struggling finances, led to speculation about a future sale of the team. For the time being, it remains in its current incarnation, though many of the club's directors have resigned, either in disgrace or in disgust. The expansion of Marmaduke Lane to 50 000 seats ended up costing the club more than it brought in - poor results meant the stadium was never filled to capacity. As of the end of Season 21, the club has not ruled out ending its youth academy program in order to increase cash flow which can be spent on desperately needed higher quality players.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (10)
  • Best & Fairest: Bronislovas Ulinskas
  • Ducal Boot: Simo Laurinen (9)

Season 22

Season 22 became a turning point in the Dukes' history. Over the off season, the club cleaned up its financial situation, primarily by ending investment in its youth academy. The extra security seemed to help as, for no other reasons immediately apparent, the team that only managed to just stay in Division V, found themselves sitting atop the V.7 heap. The first two matchdays showed early promise with MFC accounting for FC Otterspoor and Road-Kill Rangers. An expected loss at the hands of Oz Milan didn't dampen spirits as the club looked forward to reclaiming second place with a view to promotion next season. All seemed assured until FC Otterspoor managed a shock upset against Oz Milan on matchday nine. The former beat out the latter with a comfortable 3-0. Meanwhile, the Dukes took a 4-0 win over Steffan Bros which pushed the club to the top of the standings. Winning their last ten games, with the only close calls coming in the last two games against Oz Milan and a revitalised Road-Kill Rangers, the Dukes strolled to the V.7 title for the first time. Despite the early season loss, the club secured automatic promotion to Division IV and will resume their rivalry with Kabramatta FC in IV.57.

In a season where the club's midfield was key to its success, it was little surprise that set pieces machine Dante Cavazza took home the club's Best & Fairest award. Jari Luttinen surprised many by scoring 1.42 goals per game to comfortably take the Ducal Boot and the league's golden boot prizes. He was only two goals shy of Fraser Pushkin's record of the last eight seasons. Khu Wai-Can once again won the MVP, despite the early and late form of Peer-Augustin Reger.

  • Most Valuable Player: Khu Wai-Can (8)
  • Best & Fairest: Dante Cavazza
  • Ducal Boot: Jari Luttinen (20)



Number Name Age Position Joined* Cost ($AU) MVP**
1. Latvia Bronislovas ULINSKAS 28 K 14/18 418 000 0
2. Argentina Julio Jorge PUCHETA 28 K 14/18 418 000 0
3. Finland Veikko VESSLIN 23 D 13/20 900 000 0
4. Netherlands Gerlof BIZOT 21 D 10/22 2 048 000 0
5. Netherlands Eugène HOLLEMANS 25 D 2/19 500 000 0
6. Poland Sławomir LUKS 23 F 8/22 2 000 000 0
7. Germany Kornelius HOTI 27 F 14/19 1 042 000 0
8. Oceania Rich HUTCHIN 25 W 2/15 210 000 0
9. Vietnam Khu WAI-CAN 27 M 12/13 34 000 7
10. Italy Carlo ANGHILERI 26 M 12/14 136 000 1
11. Chile Álvaro GONCALVES 23 M 3/18 700 000 1
12. Germany Peer-Augustin REGER 27 M 13/13 85 000 3
14. Finland Jari LUTTINEN 21 F 7/21 1 500 000 0
15. Switzerland Alex FAHRENBERG 23 M 13/18 700 000 0
16. Switzerland Noldi SIBOLD 22 M 6/18 624 000 0
17. Netherlands Radboud LIGTVOET 22 W 9/21 1 500 000 0
18. Latvia Mikelis KALINAS 19 F 4/22 1 768 000 0
19. Switzerland Alessandro NUSSBAUM 25 W 7/18 550 000 0
20. Wales Michael YEMELIANOVA 24 D 9/20 730 000 0
21. Italy Dante CAVAZZA 25 W 2/21 1 458 000 0
22. Denmark Tommy JENSEN 21 D 6/20 842 000 0
23. France Patrice PELLAT 21 D 3/22 1 440 000 0

*Joined statistic given as first matchday after purchase and season. For example, 2/15 means the player was bought before matchday 2 of Season 15. **Applies to the current season only. + indicates player came from Marmadukes FC Youth Academy.

Past Notables

  • Kenny Andrews (D, Oceania; Liamist States - Season 15): Andrews was the record holder for highest selling price for a first generation player, which remained intact until Season 18. He formed an integral part of the defence early in the Dukes' history. Some fans regard Andrews as the best player never to receive an award.
  • João Benedet (D, Brazil; Season 15 - 20): Benedet was one of the key second generation players. He holds the record for the most games captained and was one of the most frequently called up to play, captaining forty-four of his fifty-five competitive games. Until the spending spree ushering the third generation, he was also the most expensive player on the side, costing a quarter of a million dollars. The club's primary leader was awarded the Season 20 Best & Fairest.
  • Frodo Broersma (F, Netherlands; Season 15 - 18): Broersma was primarily known for his mercurial form. When he did hit his peak, notably around the end of Season 15, Broersma was dangerous in front of goal. He scored a record six goals against Bairnsdale CC in the final match of that season. For his powerful striking, he was awarded the Season 15 B&F.
  • Jon Butler (F, Oceania; Liamist States - Season 19): Unlike some of his teammates, Butler was arguably the most dependable player on the squad, particularly in Season 14, for which he was awarded the MVP, and Season 16, where he won the Ducal Boot. He is the record holder for most number of goals scored for the club with forty-eight. Butler was capped ninety-three times for the club and captained thirteen matches. After his long service to the club, Butler was awarded the Season 19 B&F.
  • Gilbert Jenner (D, Netherlands; Season 16 - 18): One of the many Dutch players who made the Dukes an international team, Jenner is surprisingly known for scoring more goals than any forward during league Season 18 for which he was awarded the Season 18 Ducal Boot and B&F. His stellar performance in defending, while also managing to be a threat in front of the opponent's goal, secured him a place in fans' hearts.
  • Fraser Pushkin (F, Oceania; Liamist States - Season 15): Pushkin is the record holder for most number of goals scored in a single league season. He led the team's charge to the top of Division VI while most of the club's more glamorous players were engaged in international friendlies.
  • Olle Svensson (K, Sweden; Liamist States - Season 18): Joining the club during its first overhaul, Svensson was one of the club's longest serving players, playing sixty-six matches. The Season 14 B&F conceded only eight goals in fourteen matches, which is particularly notable given that, before the arrival of Rikku Littu, he would play both the Sunday league game and the mid-week friendly each week


  • Wenceslao García (Colombia; Season 18 - Now)
  • Mauricio Delgado (Spain; Season 14 - Season 17): Delgado oversaw the formative seasons of the club, training the likes of Peer-Augustin Reger, Khu Wai-Can and Jon Butler, and took the team from lowly Division VI to missing out on promotion to Division IV by a handful of points.
  • Bradley Sommers (Oceania; Liamist States): The original player-manager of the Liamist States, Sommers was never going to survive the team's progression from an amatuer outfit to a professional club. His poor coaching style will rarely be remembered in good light.


Season League Position W-D-L Notes
13 V.196 8 0-0-5 Liamist States only played the last five games of the season.
14 VI.520 1 14-0-0 Champions. Gained promotion. Exited cup in round 2.
15 V.7 4 8-1-5 Exited cup in round 2.
16 V.7 4 6-3-5 Exited cup in round 3.
17 V.7 3 10-1-3 Exited cup in round 3.
18 V.7 3 10-1-3 Exited cup in round 3.
19 V.7 2 10-2-2 First runners-up in Division 5. Exited cup in round 4.
20 V.7 3 10-1-3 Exited cup in round 2.
21 V.7 5 6-2-6 Exited cup in round 2.
22 V.7 1 13-0-1 Champions. Gained promotion. Exited cup in round 4.
23 IV.57



  • Largest win: 10-0 against Deep Purple Tigers (league home, Season 16); against VTOM (friendly home, Season 16); against Samoa Rovers FC (cup away, Season 17); against Queensland Rovers FC (cup away, Season 19); against JACKEVARO (friendly away, Season 21); against LJFC (friendly away, Season 22).
  • Largest loss: 0-9 against Death_Team (friendly away, Season 14); against Paper Street Soap Company (league away, Season 16).
  • Most points in a league season: 42 in VI.520, Season 14.
  • Fewest points in a league season: 20 in V.7, Season 21.
  • Most goals scored in a league season: 93 in VI.520, Season 14.
  • Fewest goals conceded in a league season: 8 in VI.520, Season 14.
  • Longest winning streak in a league season: 15 games from Matchday 1, Season 14, until Matchday 1, Season 15 (inclusive).
  • Longest losing streak in a league season: 3 games from Matchday 2, Season 15, until Matchday 4, Season 15 (inclusive).
  • Highest turnout at home: 50 000 against Oz Milan, Matchday 11, Season 22 and FC Otterspoor, Matchday 13, Season 22.
  • Highest turnout away: 76 700 against go cats, Matchday 10, Season 19 and Matchday 12, Season 21.
  • Highest league ranking: 705 after Matchday 14, Season 22.


Updated to the end of Season 22.
  • Most games played for the club: 141 by Khu Wai-Can (123 competitive).
  • Most goals scored for the club: 48 by Jon Butler.
  • Most cleans sheets for the club: 24 by Rikku Littu (18 competitive).
  • Most games as captain: 81 by Peer-Augustin Reger (58 competitive).
  • Most goals scored in a league season: 22 by Fraser Pushkin in VI.520, Season 14.
  • Most goals scored in a match: 6 by Frodo Broersma, against Bairnsdale CC (league home, Season 15).
  • Most expensive transfer in: AU$2,048,000 for Gerlof Bizot.
  • Most expensive transfer out: AU$1,300,000 for Philippe Albessard.
  • Most expensive product of youth academy: AU$612,000 for Nate Jarratt.
  • Most successive MVPs: 6 by Khu Wai-Can, Season 17 - 22.
  • Most successive Ducal Boots: 2 by Jon Butler, Season 16 - 17.