Matches Around The Earth !

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President: Kerzhakov1986
Managing Vice-President: Leeuwarder
Founding date: 15th of july 2006
Members: 32
Languages: Dutch and English

Matches Around The Earth ! (MATE) is a tournament-related federation. It was founded under the name MC:Federation by Eddox at suggestion of Kerzhakov1986, Eddox had already started the tournament on a HT-Arena. After the federation started the tournament grew and the first edition had 32 participators. In the following seasons only members of the MC:Federation could participate, because it was easier to reach fed-members. The tournament grew, not in total members, but it grew in quality. The main goal of the MC:Federation is to grow so it was decided to take the federation more international, a logical decision was to change the name into MATE (Matches around the earth) New in our federation is the Wall of Fame, every season the members of the MATE Federation can send his best player to me and he will be have a special place in our hall.

Four seasons after founding the federation, Eddox decided to hand the federation over to Kerzhakov1986. Kerzhakov1986 is assisted by Leeuwarder, his vice-presicent.

Tournament format

Every season we decide wich format we use, but basically we start with a group stage, followed with a knock-out stage. We don't have a minimum or maximum of teams who can enter the tournament, but if we have to many teams and too little time, we can decide to drop the group stage. It's important to know that it's our last option to drop the group stage. Every team plays only once against each other and the best two teams qualify for the knock-out stage, also in the knock-out stage you wil play just only one game.

The draw will be held in the first two weeks of every season and we don't look at the strength of your team, we also don't look in wich division you are playing. We only look wich country you represent and you're results in the MATE cup in the previous seasons.


  • - Every Match must be planned before monday, if the match is not planned there will be a tie between the 2 teams.
  • - If you think it's not your fault and that you did send the challenge, you have to make a printscreen of the challenge and send it to me.
  • - If i'm convinced it's not your fault, you wil have a 5-0 victory(in the group stage).
  • - In the groupe stage there will be played with normal rules and on the venue of each other, the draw will decide wich venue.
  • - When you're responsible for one walk-over it will be noted, when you're responsible for two walk-overs, we withdraw you from the cup and all your matches will be noted as a 5-0 loss, even if you already played a match before in the cup.
  • - In the knock-out stage there will be played with cup rules and the venue is also decided after the draw, the final and 3/4th place final will be played in te stadiums of the winners of the stadium contest.
  • - If the matches are arranged but not good, like normal rules in the knock-out stage, we will decide who's fault this is after hearing both sides.

MATE Cup Finals

Season Winner Second Place Result
30 Rubingher Boys Netherlands FC Karlinos Netherlands 6-0
31 de Friezen Netherlands Rubingher Boys Netherlands 4-3
32 Rubingher Boys Netherlands de Friezen Netherlands 3-2
33 FC Lido Netherlands Blauw/witte Draken Netherlands 4-2
34 Sepasang Belanda Netherlands de Friezen Netherlands 3-1
35 de Friezen Netherlands FC Lido Netherlands 5-0
36 Manning United Canada de Sopnasen Netherlands 2-0
37 Forza Superkruiken Netherlands Gearo Romania 2-1
38 Gearo Romania Prince George United Canada 5-0
39 ChilLHeroes Netherlands SnowMan Team Singapore 2-2 (5-1 a.p)
44 Rubingher Boys Netherlands FC Lido Netherlands 2-1
45 FC Lido Netherlands FC Zelda United Netherlands 0-0
46 de Friezen Netherlands Woa is mien Jeske? Netherlands 5-1
47 T.B.D. T.B.D. T.B.D.


Team P1 purple.gif P2 purple.gif P3 purple.gif
de Friezen 3 2 5
Rubingher Boys 3 1 1
de Friezen 2 2 5
FC Lido 2 2 1
Gearo 1 1 0
Forza Superkruiken 1 0 2
Sepasang Belanda 1 0 0
Manning United 1 0 0
ChilLHeroes 1 0 0
F.C. Zelda United 0 1 4
Blauw/witte Draken 0 1 2
de Sopnasen 0 1 0
fc Karlinos 0 1 0
Prince George United 0 1 0
SnowMan Team 0 1 0
Woa is Mien Jeske? 0 1 0
Maanstede United 0 0 4
Aventus United 0 0 2
Tomfer 0 0 1
Forza ACCO 0 0 1
FC Gothika 0 0 1
Aripile Campina 0 0 1
FC Santerra 0 0 1
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