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Mentoring is a entirely voluntary Hattrick program for managers officially launched during season 61 (February 2016). As declared by HTs, the mentorship system has shown tremendous efficiency in keeping new users engaged in Hattrick and more motivated to be involved.

There is also a national ranking for mentors, with average rating and an hattrick score.

It can be accessed from Community page in website.


In order to give our rookie managers the best possible start, we want to help them connect with more experienced Hattrick users that are willing to become their mentors.

The program needs also new user which are looking to be mentored by an experienced user. As the game roll out the mentoring system, it will invite the most recent new users first. With enough mentors more users can be given this possibility over time.

A mentor operates to avoid making the same (costly) mistakes that a user did when we first started out. Every new users is sent a message offering them a mentor if they wish to help them out in the first few weeks. The aim is not to create or impart tactical knowledge but to focus on the basics such as setting up a training scheme or pulling a new youth player each week. If you have problems with your economy, tactics or with the transfers, your mentor will help you.

Mentor behaviour must be OK with the Hattrick rules. For example:

  • It is not allowed to log into someone else's team,
  • It is not allowed to have your "mentee" bid on your players for above market prices,
  • It would be appreciated if you could teach your pupils the rules of the forum as well as the in game intricacies,
  • It is OK to talk tactics and devise the "in game" downfall of other users.


A ranking is also available on the mentor pages.

Hattrick announces
Mentoring in the spotlight 19-08-2019
We don’t talk about it often, but in the background mentors are doing an awesome job to help newbies in Hattrick find their way. As a small token of appreciation we are now adding a leaderboard on the mentor pages, where you can see which mentors have taken on most mentees, and who have gotten the highest ratings afterwards.

We are of course always happy to find more experienced users that can help newbies, but in fact we already have quite a few and the problem can rather be to get the new users to sign up to mentoring in the first place. If you have a new user in your life, please let them know that the option to get a mentor exists!

It’s a great way to learn Hattrick, and a great way to make friends in the game!

Unofficial schemes

Mentoring exist unofficially since the beginning of the game, although without a real program and supported only by the good will of the users.

Over the years it has been expressed in the form of: