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A transfer happens after selling or buying players. In Hattrick, the transfer market is divided in eight zones - you can search either an individual country or by one of zones available. The release of a new search engine in 2008, made it possible to search for players without looking in a specific area.

In order to buy a player from another club you have to visit player's market page, under the "Transfers" menu.


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You can't buy, or exchange, for that matter, players directly from another club. Trasfer market is the only place where you'll find out players for sale, or "transferlisted".

A great help when buying players is the information concerning his skills, personality etc. and you may also want to consider a player's Total Skill Index. However, the current market value of a player may differ greatly from what his TSI might lead you to expect as, above all, it's his top ability (or abilities) that is most relevant - a player being "world class" at something and "weak" in all other abilities will fetch a higher market price than one who is solid at everything.

Remember that even if current form doesn't have a lot of impact on the market value, it will matter for his next couple of games. An expensive player won't necessarily be the savior you need to get your team out of a tight spot. If you wish, you can use the Transfer Compare button in order to see what a similar player has recently been sold for on the market.

When you've found the player you need, click on his name and you'll enter his player page. This is where you may place your offer.

You must raise the bid by 1 000 € or 2% of the existing bid, whichever of the two amounts is larger.
Note that the sum of your bids cannot put you more than € 200 000 into debt.
You may bid on a player right up until the deadline. If someone places an offer less than 3 minutes before the deadline, the deadline will be reset to 3 minutes after the last bid. This process continues until a full 3 minutes have elapsed without a fresh high bid being placed.

A sale is confirmed when the words "Bidding is finished" appear beneath the selling price. Also, when you win an auction, if the new player does not get along with his teammates, you may see team spirit decrease.

The server might be down just as the deadline is running out. You'll be taking a chance by waiting until the last minute before making your move, but, if the server is down, you're to blame for not acting earlier.

Selling players

In order to sell a player you have to place him on the transfer list. When doing this, you must also set an asking price. This is the lowest amount for which you're prepared to let him go. There are various theories regarding the value of starting prices, with some people feeling players should always be listed for 0, whilst others prefer listing for the minimum price they feel is acceptable or 15-20% less to attract buyers.

If you have placed a player on the transfer list the only possibility to hold him is to 'buy' him back (but you will have to pay the transfer fees). Since january 2023 it is possible to cancel the listing of a player if no bid has been places. This is only possible for the first ten minutes of the three day bidding period.

It will cost you 1 000 to place a player on the transfer list, which is not refunded if he isn't sold.

You have to declare a starting price for the player.
Another rule is that you can not transfer list a player more times than he have played games for your club.
He'll be on the transfer list 3 days before going to the club that has offered the most for him. If a buyer isn't found he stays at your club.

A sold player disappears off to his new club immediately after the bidding is over (although note this may take some time, particularly if the servers are busy). Also, keep in mind that all information on the player's abilities will be made common knowledge when you place him on the transfer list.

You may select a player for the team even if he is on the transfer list; however, if he is sold by the time the match starts, a substitute player will take his place at the pitch. If a player is sold during a match, he will finish the match and then leave.

The table shows how % goes by days in club

Receiving money

After every completed deal, part of the player's transfer price goes to previous club fees, mother club fees and Agent fees. The player's agent, mother club, and last club will all take their cut of the sale price. The exact amount you will receive depends on how long the player has been with your club. The least you can except after 0 days in club is 83%, the most is 93% after 106 days. Exception is 95% when it's your own youth player, because you can expect the 2% of mother club money.

The table of receiving money by length of being in club shows how much goes to club.

Note: If you are selling one of your own youth players you are not considered the previous owner - but the next time he is sold you will receive previous club money (if he has played a match for your team) as well as 2% of the sale price for being the mother club. After that you will only receive money for being the mother club whenever the player is sold. The sale of a player after up to exactly six days (= 144 hours) from being pulled from the youth squad will never result in a loss of team spirit.

Mother club money

Every time a player that was promoted from your Youth squad or was in your starting team is sold (including the transfer where this player leaves your team), you will receive mother club money.

This is a fixed percentage, 2% of the transferprice. The player doesn't need to have played any matches for your team for you to receive this fee.

Agent fees

When a player is transfered, a certain percentage of the transfer fee goes to his "agents". The agent fee is at its maximum just after the player is transfered, and is gradually reduced until it reaches 2% or the player is transfered again. It takes exactly one season (16 weeks) for the agent fees to reach 2%. The "agents" serve no other purpose than to collect their fees, in order to discourage day trading.

Time at club 0 days 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 1 week 2 weeks 3 ws 4 ws 5 ws 6 ws 7 ws 8 ws 9 ws 10 ws 11 ws 12 ws 13 ws 14 ws 15 ws 16 ws
Agent fee 12% 10,45% 9,95% 9,59% 9,3% 9,05% 8,83% 8,62% 7,55% 6,76% 6,12% 5,57% 5,09% 4,65% 4,24% 3,87% 3,52% 3,19% 2,88% 2,58% 2,3% 2,03% 2%

Previous club fees

The percentage of Previous club fees is the amount from the total, and depends on how many matches this played for the previous team. In other words: You'll receive money if the player that was sold belonged to your team directly before the selling team.

Time at club 0 matches 1 2 3 4 5 7 10 20 40
Agent fee 0% 0.25% 0.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2.0% 2.5% 3.0% 3.5% 4.0%

Previous club money

Pay club fees is annoying, but receiving previous club money is much fun! It is the money you'll receive when a player is sold if that player was in your club before he was transferred to the club that is now selling him. The fee is rather small, 0,25%. This only applies if the player played a least 1 match for your club.

Board money

   Magnifier.png   Further information: Hoarding of Future Coaches

A change took effect in August 2021. The percentage of cash that will be received when a certain player is sold can change from week to week. The Board will keep nothing when a regular player, a recently purchased player, or recently promoted youth player is sold. But can hold up to 100% when a player that has been unused for a long time.

This new system works only when a player has been on the squad, and unused, for over a season is sold. The Board draws the conclusion that they have been surplus to requirements, and thus won’t need to be replaced.

Here are some examples of how it works:

  • If a player in your squad has played less than 60 minutes in any match, for four weeks in a row, and is then sold, 24% of the revenue will be moved to the Board Reserves and the rest kept as cash.
  • A player that is considered a regular is left on the bench by the manager. For every two weeks that he stays unused (not playing at least 60 minutes) he will need three weeks playing at least 60 minutes in a league or cup match to get back to where he started, the point where his manager can keep 100 % of the cash from a sale. If the player instead only plays friendlies, it will take 6 weeks to restore his status as a regular.

When it comes to injuries, the Board will not count a temporary injury as “unused” time. However, they will see players with infinite injuries as unused, and will keep money from such sales.

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