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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes the tactical option Match of the Season. For other uses of Match of the Season, see Match of the Season (disambiguation)

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Team Attitude must be set on the match order page for every official match (friendly and tournament games are always played PiN). The choice affects the team's performance during the match as well as Team Spirit (TS) in the long period.


  • In clubs competitions only managers can see the effects of team attitude on team spirit, which is hidden to other users. This is not the case for national teams: their TS are always visible to everyone to prevent Mutual PiC agreements.
  • Since the Hattrick Masters rounds are played very close to each other, the after-match effects of Match of the Season and Play it Cool have been slightly tweaked for the HM. Playing MOTS/PIC will lower/higher team spirit, but not as much as after a regular match. The effect during the match is the same as during other types of matches.

Team attitude and Midfield

Team attitude changes rating on midfield and then ball possession:

Team Attitude Effects
Short term Long term
Play it Normal (also PiN or PIN) it's the default order with no effects
Match of the Season (also MotS or MOTS) gives a bonus on midfield but TS drops
Play it Cool (commonly called PiC or PIC) gives a malus on midfield but TS raises

Play it Normal

Normal team attitude is the default team attitude. PiN means that your team does not play at reduced or increased intensity, and the team spirit remains the same during and after the match. Term to indicate that there will be no effect on your team spirit and your midfield will behave, well, normally.

Send Orders and Pray

The acronym SOAP stands for "send orders and pray" strategy, often used when you are trying unorthodox tactics and Individual orders.

It is an unofficial term to say "I'm going to play normal in the next match, HTRF listen to my prayers!"

It is highly likely that you will play against a more skilled opponent and you won't have any real chance of winning the match, but arenot going to give your opponent a PiC, nor to waste a MotS.

As every PiN, SOAP has no effect on your team spirit or on your midfield neither in long nor in short term.

Play it Cool

PiC-order is a tactical option that increases Team Spirit, so the team can perform better in the next matches.

In all competitive matches a manager can tell his team to "play it cool". This will reduce the midfield rating during the game, meaning the team will not perform as well as usual. Other sectors than midfield (attack and defense ratings) are unaffected by playing it cool.

The process involves a 16.05% reduction in the expected midfield. In exchange for the loss, immediately after the game, Team Spirit will receive a 1/3 boost - multiply your effective TS by 1.33.

For example, at the start of the season Team spirit defaults to mid-composed (4.5), and it increases to content (6.0) after PIC in the first official match.

Match of the Season

MotS-order is a tactical option that increases your team's midfield rating in a particular competitive match.

The midfield rating is increased roughly by 11.5% when choosing MotS, at the expense of a 50% decrease in Team Spirit after the match.

While it is possible to use MotS more than once per season - or even in every match - it is most often not recommended to do so, as Team Spirit directly relates to the midfield rating.

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