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Pirkkacup is the official regional cup of Pirkanmaa region in Finland. The winner of the cup gains the right to represent Pirkanmaa region in Aluemestareiden Cup the following season. It has been organized since season 26 (known as PiFecup for the first three editions, see history below) and on season 35 it will be organized for the 10th time.

Basis for Officiality

Seasonal cup thread of Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC) is approved in Finnish national conference by GameMasters, because of it's status as a nationally attractive cup. AMC is the Cup for champions of Regional Cups, which are usually organized by the respective regional federations. Because AMC has this special status and the organizing federation of AMC, Suomen Aluefederaatioiden Liitto has approved organizing federation of Pirkkacup, Pirkanmaa-Federaatio as the official regional federation for Pirkanmaa region, it makes Pirkkacup somewhat official, too.


The predecessor of Pirkkacup, PiFecup was organized three times in seasons 26-28 and back then only members of Pirkanmaa-Federaatio were allowed to participate. In season 29 xjuice, the Director of Activities in Pirkanmaa-Federaatio and original winner of the Cup, who had organized PiFecup already for two last seasons decided to open the Cup to all managers in Pirkanmaa and Tampere regions (geographically the city of Tampere is situated in the province of Pirkanmaa). In that season with a permission from a GM the Cup Thread was opened in Pirkanmaa regional conference instead of Pirkanmaa-Federaatio's conference. This act was also a statement to raise the status of Aluemestareiden Cup (AMC), because after that also some non-supporters had the chance to strive to participate AMC and even win it. Since then the Cup has been know as Pirkkacup and also one of the few truly open Regional Cups in Finland.

The very first edition had began too late in season 26 and thus both the semifinal and the final round were to be played in the beginning of season 27. In the semifinal round Lempäälän Zephyr avoided Oho!, a team in 3rd division, which was still participating in Suomen Cup. Surprisingly the runner-up FC Poskiparta wanted to attend another friendly cup instead of PiFecup final and bailed out giving the title to Lempäälän Zephyr "for free". Thus Lempäälän Zephyr gained victory of the very first official regional cup of Pirkanmaa after winning only one match against FC Parkano (score 5-4). After that the manager of Lempäälän Zephyr, xjuice has organized Pirkkacup every season on behalf of Pirkanmaa-Federaatio and also disqualified himself from the Cup every time.


Season Edition Winner Score Runner-up
26 PiFecup Lempäälän Zephyr walkover FC Poskiparta
27 PiFecup II aapo79 5 - 1
28 PiFecup III Samurait 2 - 0 AC Pentinmaa
29 Pirkkacup IV ac wannabee 2 - 0 Kuruntien Oilers
30 Pirkkacup V aapo79 4 - 1 Samurait
31 Pirkkacup VI AC Pentinmaa 2 - 0 Samurait
32 Pirkkacup VII Härmälän Pyllistys 4 - 1 Samurait
33 Pirkkacup VIII Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 2 - 0 FC Kuazzi
34 Pirkkacup IX Samurait 2 - 0 FC Kuazzi
35 Pirkkacup X Asuntila JPS 3 - 1 Atletico de Varala
36 Pirkkacup XI Aevio F.C. 4 - 3 ac wannabee

Medal Ranking

The bronze medal hasn't been given out every season, because arranging the "loser final" has been voluntary for the semifinal runner-ups. Only teams that have reached the final at least once are mentioned in this table.

Team Trofe-02-new.gif P2 purple.gif P3 purple.gif
Samurait 2 4 1
Aapo79 2 0 0
ac wannabee 1 1 0.5
AC Pentinmaa 1 1 0
Asuntila JPS 1 0 0.5
Aevio F.C. 1 0 0
Härmälän Pyllistys 1 0 0
Lempäälän Zephyr 1 0 0
Metsänkulman Pallo-Peikot 1 0 0
FC Kuazzi 0 2 0
Atletico de Varala 0 1 0
FC Poskiparta 0 1 0
Kuruntien Oilers 0 1 0

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