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Flag of Norway Coat of Arms of Norway
Location of Norway
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Zone: Northern Europe
Continent: Europe
Season: 39
Number of teams (approx): 10 920
(active ~7 500)
Level of series: 6
Number of regions: 23
Top series name: Tippeligaen
National cup name: Norgesmesterskapet
National coach:
U-20 Coach:
Currency Kroner
10 Kroner = 1 US$
Time zone Hattrick TimeHattrick Time
The first season was created in global season 11.

Norge is a country in Northern Europe and has a population of more than 4,92 million people. Norway got independent from Sweden the 7th June 1905. Oslo is the capital.


International Trophies[edit]

National Trophies[edit]

Flag of Norge.PNGSEASON

Tippeligaen champions


39 Fagerborg AndyPet Mishima Zaibatsu SLV-Ferovejecs
38 Mishima Zaibatsu SLV-Ferovejecs Fagerborg AndyPet
37 Mishima Zaibatsu SLV-Ferovejecs Vigrestad Magpies Shearer89
36 Vigrestad Magpies Shearer89 Fagerborg AndyPet
35 Vigrestad Magpies Shearer89 Bully Blades kjespen
34 FC Hansi the Man hansitheman Gregsy Guys Kancer77
33 Tambar United kalasj Homey Hotspur Homey
32 Felde United felde Homey Hotspur Homey
31 Felde United felde Årdal Predators LA-Wodoo
30 Felde United felde Felde United felde
29 Felde United felde Orcs United FC roarhust
28 Trondheim Thunder Amabilis Fosselag FC Finajox
27 Lyn Oslo Frag2 Mikhails Avengers HeltenRevived
26 Trondheim Thunder Amabilis Mikhails Avengers HeltenRevived
25 Lyn Oslo Frag2 Mikhails Avengers HeltenRevived
24 Nordby Obelix Lyn Oslo Frag2
23 Ballespark FC Daffy77 Magnificent eleven Regorbugsy
22 Nordby Obelix Trondheim Thunder Amabilis
21 Nordby Obelix Ex-postmen postman_pat
20 Mokouko FC bakke Big Time Loosers bruuno
19 rigid royalists gnorfum Beefeater FC Jolly_Jumper
18 rigid royalists gnorfum rigid royalists gnorfum
17 rigid royalists gnorfum Stokka Extreme Ingvar
16 Mokouko FC bakke Hallgale 991993
15 Mokouko FC bakke DeadlY InhumaN
14 Mokouko FC bakke Hallgale 991993
13 Mokouko FC bakke Hallgale 991993
12 storhaug fc allis storhaug fc allis
11 Birkelunden BK Birken storhaug fc allis
10 Birkelunden BK Birken Birkelunden BK Birken
9 Birkelunden BK Birken Birkelunden BK Birken
8 Rolf FK sfjelde Birkelunden BK Birken
7 Birkelunden BK Birken Birkelunden BK Birken
6 Rolf FK sfjelde Hallgale 991993
5 Birkelunden BK Birken Viking 2 heeoe
4 Rolf FK sfjelde Birkelunden BK Birken
3 halloween halloween Birkelunden BK Birken
2 Oppland (Bot) Birkelunden BK Birken
1 Trondheim (Bot) Oslo (Bot)

The Double[edit]

These are the teams that have managed to take home the double (i.e. managed to win both Tippeligaen and Norgesmesterskapet in the same season).

Team Name Victories Season(s)
Birkelunden BK 3 7, 9, 10
storhaug fc 1 12
rigid royalists 1 18
Felde United 1 30

National Teams[edit]

Senior National Team[edit]

Main article: Norge national team

U-20 National Team[edit]

Main article: Norge U-20 national team

Norwegian staff[edit]

Former staff:

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