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The Prince Roy Cup a friendly football tournement organized by the Federation of Sealand for members that are still active in a cup competition late in the season and are therefore unable to compete in the regular Sealand Cup. The Prince Roy Cup was founded in the autumn of 2018 when the idea for such a competition was proposed by Spammie. The competition is usually only played when there is a sufficient number of participants.


Edition (Season) Date of Final Winner Score Finalist Final Venue Third Place Fourth Place
I (58) 14 November 2018 Netherlands RKTVV 4 - 1 Germany FC Jaapo de Tudorel Udreskoe Arena Netherlands Limburgia FC Netherlands De Snelle Jelles
II (59/61) 20 October 2019 1 Netherlands RKTVV 1 - 0 Germany FC Jaapo de Tudorel Udreskoe Arena Netherlands De Barracuda Netherlands AC Luna Spirit
III (60) 30 June 2019 2 Netherlands RKTVV 2 - 0 Germany FC Jaapo De Thuisfluiters Arena Netherlands De Snelle Jelles Three participants
IV (61) 16 October 2019 Netherlands De Snelle Jelles 3 - 0 Netherlands RKTVV Arnold Swelsen Stadion Netherlands FB Athletic Netherlands FC Atse
V (62) 29 January 2020 Netherlands Appy United 3 - 0 Netherlands RKTVV Upside Down Arena Netherlands Jostifc Netherlands Angels United
VI (65) 10 January 2021 3 Netherlands FC Biegstraaten Round-robin Netherlands Appy United N/A Netherlands Ad Maiorem Mei Gloriam Netherlands FC Kneuzenparade

Note 1: the final (and the fifth place match) of Prince Roy Cup II was not played until two seasons later.
Note 2: there was no actual final match in Prince Roy Cup III. The winner was decided by a round-robin group, with the last match pitting the top two ranked teams against each other. The match between RKTVV and FC Jaapo can be considered as de facto final of Prince Roy Cup III.
Note 3: there was no actual final match in Prince Roy Cup V. The winner was decided by a round-robin group, but it was not until the final round (at 10 January 2021) before the winner was known. The match between winner FC Biegstraaten and runner-up Appy United - which turned out to be decisive for the championship - was played earlier in the tournament (at 30 December 2020 in Het IJskonijnenhol) and ended in 0–0, with FC Biegstraaten winning the penalty shoot-out 3–1.


All teams that have finished in the top-three are listed in the table below.

Team Winner Finalist Third Place
RKTVV 3 2 0
Appy United 1 1 0
De Snelle Jelles 1 0 1
FC Biegstraaten 1 0 0
FC Jaapo 0 3 0
Ad Maiorem Mei Gloriam 0 0 1
De Barracuda 0 0 1
FB Athletic 0 0 1
Jostifc 0 0 1
Limburgia FC 0 0 1


Edition Total Matches Average Highest Lowest Final
I 31,736 9 3,529 6,250 1,969 5,992
II 25,513 9 2,835 6,158 1,404 4,273
III 11,884 3 3,961 5,113 2,608 4,163
IV 19,999 9 2,222 3,875 1,553 3,251
V 17,902 8 2,238 2,728 1,951 2,510
VI 19,235 10 1,924 2,369 1,426 N/A
Total 126,269 48 2,631 6,250 1,404 4,038 (avg.)

Top scorers

Golden Boot

The top goalscorer of the Prince Roy Cup wins the Golden Boot. The second-placed player receives the Silver Boot, while the Bronze Boot is for the third-placed player in the classification. In case of a tie, the player scoring the highest number of field goals is ranked higher. The number of different matches with at least one goal is the second tie-breaking criterium, the importance of the scored goals is the third tie-breaker and the average number of goals per minute played is the fourth tie-breaker.

Edition Golden Boot Goals Silver Boot Goals Bronze Boot Goals
I Italy Gino Nasi
FC Jaapo
2 Morocco Saad Ghelali
2 Senegal Salmone Malack
Appy United
II Denmark Henning Reinwald
3 Netherlands Mels Hofstede
2 Romania Doru Ciuraru
III Morocco Saad Ghelali
3 Lithuania Nikon Maskaev
2 Palestine Ali Shareef El-Edwan
FC Jaapo
IV Iran Kambiz Yahyaei
De Snelle Jelles
3 Serbia László Ruskó
De Snelle Jelles
3 Benin Mario Adetu
De Snelle Jelles
V South Korea In-Hwan Cho
Appy United
3 Czech Republic Jaromír Ryšánek
3 Netherlands Tom Westmaas
Appy United
VI China Hā Qúndá
FC Biegstraaten
3 Turkey Murat Barkın
FC Biegstraaten
2 Netherlands Reggie Clement
Appy United

All-time top scorers

Listed are all players that have scored five or more times in the history of the Prince Roy Cup

Rk. Player Team Goals Boots won
1. Morocco Saad Ghelali RKTVV 7 Gold (III), Silver (II)
2. Romania Doru Ciuraru RKTVV 6 Bronze (II)
3. Denmark Henning Reinwald RKTVV 5 Gold (II)
Czech Republic Jaromír Ryšánek RKTVV 5 Silver (V)

Fair Play Award

The Fair Play Award is given to the team with the best record of fair play. Tie-breaking criteria are the fewest number of cards overall, the lowest cards-per-minute ratio and the highest number of competetive matches played (excluding placement matches). If still tied, the award is shared, which was the case during Prince Roy Cup II.

Edition Winner
I Germany FC Jaapo
II Netherlands AC Luna Spirit
Netherlands De Barracuda
III Netherlands De Snelle Jelles
IV Netherlands FC Atse
V Netherlands RKTVV
VI Netherlands FC Biegstraaten