Ratko Sedlić

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Ratko Sedlić (182681219)
Personal Information
Full name Ratko Sedlić
Age78 years and 92 days
Country  Hrvatska
PositionInner Midfielder
Current team Farmers on the storm (HoF)
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
34Croatia Raiders on the storm9(0)
34-35Germany SG Dynamo Westpfalz9(3)
35-45Croatia Raiders on the storm10(0)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Ratko Sedlić is a Croatian former player and cura Assistant to SilverZG, manager of Croatian team Farmers on the storm. Sedlić is the only person from the core which founded Farmers (under the name Raiders on the storm) on 8th November 2007 still to be a part of Hattrick world.

As a player, Sedlić was a mediocre-at-best midfielder, who played almost most of his career for Raiders, except for a brief time he spent in Germany. After returning to Raiders, he was a sort of a club mascot and played mostly in friendly matches, becoming the first player in the club's history to achieve 100 apperances (albeit only 19 in competitive games). He finished active playing career with 104 apperances and 15 goals for Raiders/Farmers, currently ranking him on 16th place in club's all-time list, with 19 players total gaining more than a 100 caps.

From December 23, 2013 (begining of season 54), Sedlić serves as a Personal Assistant to Farmers' owner and manager SilverZG.