Real George

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Real George
HT User: jorgeluis2
Full name Real George (793627)
Founded 10-02-2009
Location Nicaragua Atlantico Norte, Nicaragua
Arena Mokuana Stadium
Capacity 12,200
President Nicaragua Jorge Rammstein
Coach Nicaragua Manuel Angulo
League Nicaragua III.7 (98804)

Real George is an club of Nicaragua and plays in III.7 of Nicaragua.


The club was founded on 10-02-09, with the name of Real George, Tartarius, one user of and Hattrick, invited him to play on Hattrick, and Jorge Rammstein accepted, thus, the club was formed, Real George start your career in Hattrick playing at III.7 of Nicaragua, the last division, the first match of the club was the 15-02-2009, against Athletico Masaya, in Mokuana Stadium, the match ended with a draw 0-0, and in your first international match, Real George played with FC Brauiweiher- Crew in FC Brauiweiher- Crew Arena in Schweiz, Real George have your first lost, the match ended and the result was 7-0, nobody has been scored by George in two matches, but in the next match, against redesfc, Real George scored your first goal of your life, William Solís, was the scorer, and Andrés Moreno scored by George the second goal, but, the match ended 3-2 and Real George have a another lost. The fist victory arrived in the next match, in Mokuana stadium against AKV Football Club, Brad Hollingswoth (35') and Octavio Esparza (39') scored by AKV and the result was 0-2 for the Halftime, but, in the second time, in the final minutes, Humberto Sandí scored by George and the match was 1-2, but, at the 84' minute, Humberto Sandí has scored again, 2-2, and one minute after, Frank Elizondo scored by George, and the match, was 3-2, the match has finished, and George have your first victory, and your first victory in the league arrived 4 days after, 3-2 against Diriangén, AKV Football Club wish the Revenge, and in the AKV Stadium, managed the revenge, beat 7-1 to Real George.

After this, Real George has been made good matches, and very good results, in one league match, 8768 fans saw the victory of George 5-0 against Diriangén, in the start of a great club.

Current roster

No. Position Player
1 GK Nicaragua Alberto Madrid
2 DF Nicaragua Alberto Valverde
3 DF Nicaragua Andrés Moreno
4 DF Chile Juan Luis Lermanda
5 DF Nicaragua Eric López
6 DF Nicaragua Maurilio Alarcón
7 MC Nicaragua Gustavo Bonilla
8 MC Nicaragua Frank Elizondo
9 MC Nicaragua Humberto Sandí
10 MC Nicaragua Juan Gómez Farías
11 MC Nicaragua Bernal Quesada
No. Position Player
12 MF Nicaragua Daniel Lombana
13 MF Nicaragua Dexter Morales
14 MF Nicaragua Rafael Islas
15 MF Nicaragua William Solís
16 MF Mexico José Troyes
17 FW Nicaragua Falco López
18 FW Nicaragua Hernán Hurtado
19 FW Nicaragua Angel Castro
20 MF Nicaragua Armando Méndez
21 GK Nicaragua Francisco Goicoechea
22 CH Nicaragua Manuel Angulo