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Most clubs put a lot of money into youth squad or academy. A senior squad can acquire a new player each week by moving a junior player up into the "A team". It'll cost the club 2 000 € of US$ to move a junior up and a manager is only able to promote one junior player per week.

However, there are also managers who spend less money or none at all, buying reinforcements from the transfer lists instead.

The link to youth activities can be found in the "Your club" menu, under "The Club" caption. This is also where you can find the information about youth squad or academy investments, and where you move them up from, each week.

The plumbers theory

Most junior players you try out won't qualify for the team - think about how things work in reality! Shockingly, don't count on receiving top-notch players each week, so be prepared to just celebrate an inadequate youth pull. Week by week, even youth squads at excellent level and youth academy at maximum investment rate may produce surprisingly pathetic youth pulls.

Luckily, not all of Hattrick's drop-outs turn to become lazy bums, though 17 year old goalkeepers or multi skilled players are the exception. If you have one or two of them moving up into the team you should be satisfied.

A theory to explain the youth pull's logic is to assimilate the distribution of each skill of a pull to an exponential - or a Poisson, if we prefer to remain into discrete distributions. The level or the investment rate of the youth setup are the triggers that influence the parameter of the exponential distribution.

However, many managers complain about their youth investment, decrying it as a waste of money, time, effort, and hopes. All terrible players pulled out with a TSI usually below 40 and most (and not infrequently "all") of their skills below "poor" would had better to foresee their future failure and prepare for a working alternative.

It is no coincidence that these players are called by managers by their possible alternative jobs: a plumber, a carpenters, a politicians and so forth... They are usually sent away directly to a "golf course" or to the local pub to spend the rest of their adult lives as miserable losers. The luckier ones end up chasing young blondes around said pub.

Youth Squad

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On youth squad (YS) you can directly move each week, a junior player up into the senior team. You don't have any choice in what kind of junior player you'll get, apart from choosing between a goalkeeper or an outfield player.

Remember that many small constant investments are more efficient than a few occasionallarge ones. You need to decide the investment to raises the level of the YS. Every week you're allowed to make in your junior squad:

  • a large investment of 20 000 € (it will take anyway 2 seasons to rise to the top level),
  • a medium investment of 10 000 € (the squad will not improve beyond passable),
  • or a small one of 5 000 € (your squad will only rise to inadequate).

Be prepared to be very patient as it might take some time before your investment pays off with reasonably able juniors. Even if we only talk about probabilities, the better the level of youth squad, the greater the chances to pull out a good player are.

Dropping your YS investment from maximum investment to 0 will cause your YS to deteriorate by one level per week. If you then decide to start re-investing, you'll find that increasing the levels takes just as long second time around as it did the first.

Youth Academy

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The Youth Academy is a less old-fashioned system. It has a team that can compete against other youth academy teams in a Youth league. The youth players do not receive any wages, but the youth matches don’t give any profit either.

Only after 11 weeks (i.e. 11 scout reports) your youth team will be completely filled with your own youth players. Until then your youth team will be filled up with "the neighbour’s kids". These are players, who for the most part, are without considerable capacities.

It’s NOT possible or buy players who are in the youth team. Also, the transfers between your youth squad and the senior squad is one way traffic.


The training type you choose for your youth players is completely independent from the senior squad. Players in the youth team also have a cap for their qualities in a certain skill: at a certain moment the player won’t improve anymore, because he has learned everything there is to learn about that skill. Because you can’t always see the skill of a youth player, you will have to watch his performances to determine whether you should stop training him on a skill or not.


The scouts supply you with new players for your youth team. The maximum number of scouts is be 3. When you ask for the scout reports, they present you their player one by one, and provide comments on each player. For each presented player you have the choice either to accept him or to send him away hoping that one of the next scouts presents you a better player. Be careful, once you’ve rejected a player, there’s no possibility to take him back.

You’re not obliged to have 3 scouts. If you have less than 3 scouts your wage cost for your scouts will be lower, but the chance of finding real talent will also be reduced. The total cost for 3 scouts is similar to the cost of the old youth squad.

Using both systems simultaneously

As of 01/09/2008, it is only possible to use one system at a time. If you invest in the old system, you cannot open a youth team, and if you have a youth team, you cannot invest in the old system, or pull a player from it.

In the past it was possible to use both systems simultaneously, albeit if you chose to check the scout reports, you couldn’t do a youth pull in the old system that week even if you reject all the presented players. Only one youth pull per week was possible. Which system you choose could differ from week to week, and was determined by pulling a player in one of the systems. This also means that you’re weren't obliged to use one of the systems.

Every week you had the possibility either to let your scouts search for a talent for your youth team (new system), or to promote a player from your youth squad (old system) to your A team. Apart from that, you were able to promote a player from your youth team (new system) to your A team, at least if he has been there long enough.

Hattrick announces
The move to the new youth system 21/02/2007
The new youth system is nearing launch and one of the things most commonly asked is how the new system will replace the old, and if managers can switch between the two. We have decided to not force users to decide this immediately.

You can choose to:

- stay with the old system, - jump over to the new one, or - run (and pay for) both systems at the same time if you want.

However, you will only be able to recruit a youth player from ONE of the systems each week. This means it will be expensive to keep your options open, but you will at least have the chance.

In game world terms, this solution is rather logical. Your scouts will either pick a talent for your own youth academy, or a "finished product" for your senior team. The move to the new system will also be more gradual and less dramatic for servers and the global economy this way.

We may decide to phase out the option to keep dual systems in the future, but it will at least stay for the first season.

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