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Svoelle is the manager of Kalundborg and is one of hattrick's most famous coachtraders. Currently residing in Danmarks VIIth division, but with enough cash at hand to make a dash for the Superligaen or to win the cup once he plans to.

Svoelle is also founder of Easy to Find and first person who collected all flags away. That feat was later followed up by being the first team to collect all flags, both home and away.

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Hayastan National Team
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World Cups
World Cup VII (unknown, then Svoelle): Did not participate
World Cup VIII (Svoelle): Q Group 4
World Cup IX (Svoelle): Q Group 4
World Cup X (Svoelle): Q Group 9
World Cup XI (Havoc99): Q Group 7
World Cup XII (Nagyzee): Q Group 8
World Cup XIII (Nagyzee): Q Group 9