Tactics Federation

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Tactics Federation

Tactics is an international federation.

At Tactics, we like to talk about winning our leagues and winning our games by using all the tactical options available to us:

Tactics: AOW, AIM, CA, Pressing, etc.

Orders: Towards Wing, Towards Middle, Offensive, Defensive, etc.

Formations: 4-4-2, 4-5-1, 3-4-3, 5-4-1, 3-5-2, etc.

We have a weekly Pre-Game help thread in which every member can ask for some pre-game advice from their fellow tacticians for his/her upcoming league clash! We have a Post-Game thread as well.

We are tacticians helping tacticians. We help “each other” to become better tactical managers. The Tactics Fed is meant for new managers as well as experienced managers: No gurus, no mentors, no options over-looked!


The Tactics Fed was founded on September 18th, 2004 by President Robertm and Vice-President larsw84. The fed immediately started to grow at a relatively slow, but constant pace. The fed got a nice Christmas present: the 100 member mark was reached on December 25th, 2004. Like almost all other federations Tactics too had a members boost after the 5-federation rule was introduced, but after the first few weeks Tactics reverted back to their calm and steady growth.

Currently, the federation has almost 450 members.

Top members

The Tactics Fed is governed by a board of four: Robertm, larsw84, and the two Chairmans semenko and kzarik, who earned their positions by being very valuable members to the federation. Other top members include Mod-Kerem, who has been with Tactics since the early days, and Pirats, who recently has done a lot of great work for the fed, especially with his U20 match analyses.

Tactics furthermore uses a promotion system: the most active members get promoted. There are promotion rounds every two months and members can only be promoted one level up each time. There are 6 levels members can promote to: from top to bottom Tactical Professor, Tactical Manager, Tactical Teacher, Tactical Coach, Tactical Instructor and Tactical Guide. Currently, the fed has three Tactical Instructors and 12 Tactical Guides.


Tactics also has an IRC Channel on the Quakenet Server: #ht.tactics. It's not all too active though.

Tactics Youth Leagues

Since the beginning of the Youth Academy system, Tactics Federation has organised a youth league for its members. The league is organised similarly as for the main squads, but as no promotion / relegation matches can be played, there are only twice as many divisions in every lower level. The last level will, of course, have only as many divisions as can be filled out, as it is impossible to have bot users in the federation.

Currently there are 3 levels in the league, the highest being Tactics League of Honour (or more simply - TLOH).


Every season all the members of the federation are invited to participate in the annual Tactics Cup, or simply Tcs CUP. This season it is happening already for the 12th time. The past winners are:

  • TCS Cup 1 - Pretty in Pink
  • TCS Cup 2 - Niphredil
  • TCS Cup 3 - Gowyn's Death Axe
  • TCS Cup 4 - Brickside Reds
  • TCS Cup 5 - Adamantia
  • TCS Cup 6 - Sires
  • TCS Cup 7 - TFC Kellerkinder
  • TCS Cup 8 - TFC Kellerkinder
  • TCS Cup 9 - Bargain Basement Blues
  • TCS Cup 10 - FC Třeskoprsky
  • TCS Cup 11 - Team 2008