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List of best managers (in cronological order)
Nat. Name Best achievement
Sweden DrDDD Magnifier.png The biggest daytrader of the earliest days, who managed to build one the greatest empires in Hattrick history, Inter Sthlm.
Sweden Geddan Magnifier.png One of the most veterans in the Sweden league, he managed to ensure quite a big number of titles to Gäddträsket.
Sweden karate Magnifier.png Daytrading made him a fortune that helped his team fumpen to win Sverigecupen stile playing in V and Allsvenskan before being banner for cheating during his mandate as national team manager.
Venezuela simontxo Magnifier.png Team beltxis is a world phenomenon: they dominated the Venezuelan league and cup for more than 30 seasons and they still hold a world record, with 23 doubles. He was the first to win twice the Hattrick Masters, and the first treble champion of all times.
Denmark Darth Hansen Magnifier.png His team The Darker Side is the most successful in South African history. He holds the records for most consecutive top flight titles (22) and most consecutive Masters qualifications (34).
Spain Ercanto Magnifier.png Manager of several succesful clubs, the main is Dandy de Tazmania mark 1 and mark 2 (2012 reboot). He is the top achiever in the world. He is also known as the inventor of the Ercanto Strategy.
Netherlands robbierodie Magnifier.png De Rodenburcht are multiple double champions in dutch league and Hattrick Masters 46 winners.
Italy scricciolo Magnifier.png Owner of I Vermotti, Serie A record holders with 9 victories (4 in a row) and 21 consecutive seasons in top division (from 28 December 2013 to 16 May 2020, or 2 331 days, or 6 years 4 months 18 days).
Romania maryusika Magnifier.png With Yemeni team Broscute was champion in two consecutive Hattrick Masters (39 and 40).

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