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Hattrick Gears is a collection of tiny, standalone, pay-per-use features

Each Hattrick Gears feature can be purchased with one or more Hattrick Credits.


The Hattrick Gears features are made in the same spirit as the Hattrick Supporter Pack: trivial features that make the game even more enjoyable and Hattrick life more comfortable, but without giving you any actual advantage.

Player related

Facial and hair makeover

To transform a player's portrait there are two types of services. Moreover, players currently on the transfer list or players that have played a match for a national team can't be given a total makeover.

Complete transformation


Player Style is the cheaper version (2 credits): you can add a new hairstyle, hair color and facial hair to a player.


You can also perform a complete transformation of the player with 4 credits. With Player Makeover you can change everything on the look. However, you have to be either the mother club of your player or have owned the player for at least one season in order to give him a total makeover.


Nicknames appear between the first name and last name.

Once only Hattrick Team members could award a player with a nickname, after some special performance. Today every manager can give a nickname for 5 credits (with a difference: if the player is sold, the nickname will disappear).

Limitations: Players currently in the player market, as well as those who are members of the national team, cannot be given a nickname. The nickname must exist in the database of accepted nicknames. If the nickname you want to use does not exist, you can suggest that it be included in the database here.

Rename a player

You have the option to give any of your players a brand new name. The name must be in the name database for the player's country. The name will be changed back to the original if the player is transfered.

Nickname and rename

Limitations: players currently on the transfer list or players that have played a match for a national team can't be renamed, and a senior player can only be renamed once per owner. Certain name combinations will be blocked to avoid famous real life names flooding the game.

Price: 8 Credits

Rename youth player

Renaming a youth academy player has less restrictions, the name only has to exist in our name database for your country.

Price: 4 Credits

Market related

Extra Autobids

These two features give a small advantage, even if limited to transfer listed players. There is no denying that getting before other managers a notification that a player has been put up for sale or participating in multiple auctions at the same time even without being connected clearly benefits those who use them. They are balanced with high costs.

Transfer Prospects

Set the player you're looking for and add a Transfer Prospect if your search comes up with 10 results or fewer. For the next 2 weeks, we will notify you whenever a player matching your criteria is placed on the transfer list.

Price: 3 Credits

Extra Autobids

With Autobids, you can set a maximum price you are willing to pay for a player and Hattrick will bid for you automatically until your limit is reached. Every team can set one active Autobid for free, but with Gears you can also buy one Extra Autobid if you are bidding for two players at the same time. When the transfer expires, so does your Autobid.

Price: 2 Credits

Match related

Match related Gears features


1 Credit can be used to make an upcoming match extra memorable or fun. Event-o-Matic can trigger a unique event for an upcoming match. Choose to taunt your opponent, reach out to your own fans or honor your club legacy.

A customised event will then be triggered during the match (all events are just presentational and will not affect the result of the game in any way).

Match replay

At cost of 3 Credits, Match Replay simulates the exact same match another 20 times, using the exact variables as in the real match, to give you a much better idea of what the real chances of winning actually was all along.

Did the right team win? Have you been unbearably unlucky, or was your lineup perhaps simply not as brilliant as you assumed before the match? Now you can find out.

With Super Replay, the match is simulated a total of 100 times at the price of 5 credits.

A summary of the matches (available for 2 seasons) is created to let you analyse the outcome! It goes without saying that replaying a match will not affect the final result of the match in any way whatsoever.


   Find similar.png   Main article: Tournament
Tournaments, Ladders and Single Matches

The private leagues are the Hattrick unofficial competition clubs. You can start your private tournament (2 credits and join them for free) for yourself and your friends - or join one of the many Tournaments already running up to 10 at a time.

Tournaments have a flexible schedule - matches can take place at any time during the week and they can be played as Cups or Leagues with Playoffs. A tournament can include from 4 up to 64 teams, but the price to join is always the same.

These matches have no effect on the team and players!

See Also

Other unofficial competition at the price of 1 credit are:

  • Ladders
  • Single Matches (it is possible to challenge someone to a one-time, casual match, regardless of the league).