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Ulleberg IK (11598)
HT-User: murko
Country: Sverige
Region: Värmland
Arena: Ullebergs IP (Total size: 69 450)
Fan club: IFK Gamla Murko
Website(s): http://murko.somee.com/ (collection)
Last updated: 2022-08-13

Some Hattrick Trivia

The username murko is actually taken from an old gas station, though I misspelled it, and no I am not from Slovenia!
I am just is a very lovable guy :)
You'll always find me on Delphikonferensen if not on the built-in one. The team also always* participates in Delphi Cup
* On rare occasions the team succeeds in HT's cup system and misses out on the DC fun

Hattrick milestones by murko standards
2021-11-16 - 21 years since I signed up for the game (waited 3 days for the team)
2009-03-01 - The CSS skin Hattrick ReSign is born
2008-10-01 - Purchased both the black and the burgundy Hattrick 10 year Anniversary T-shirt and also the Hattrick Hoodie

The Club

UIK is a team from Sverige that has been around since November 19, 2000! We have won a league title sixteen (17) times. Div.III (lvl 4) two times, div.IV (lvl 5) five times, div.V (lvl 6) nine times and div.VI (lvl 7) one time.

UIK is currently playing in IIb in Sverige
Highest team rank - 58 [w2/s65] 2017-05-15 - 2017-05-21

Hattrick milestones by UIK standards
2021-03-14 - An unbeatable(?) streak ended. Today UIK lost a league game for the first time since 2020-02-16. We counted 49 league games in a row with points - all through div V, div IV and div III. Losing in the 50th was hard though.
2020-11-19 - Team celebrated 20 years with the same owner.
2020-10-11 - Playing game #2000 in Hattrick since the start! It ended 3-0 at home against FC HANSEN22 in a league game (IV.168).
2017-02-20 - First ever 2-digit rank for the team as we reached 86th place in the team rankings in Sverige.
2015-12-27 - Playing game #1500 in Hattrick since the start! It ended 4-4 away against FC Dammfri in a league game (III.23).
2010-12-29 - Playing game #1000 in Hattrick since the start! This games was played against a true legend in Hattrick terms. The team EM Tigers (712) with its owner Emanuel Magnusson agreed to celebrate our game #1000 with a friendly. EM Tigers had been in Hattrick since November 1997(!) and is also (still to this date 2016-01-15) the true leader of Sweden's top divisions marathon table. Sadly EM Tigers went bot 2011-10-18
2010-11-19 - Team celebrated 10 years with the same owner.
2008-08-20 - The team reached an amazing round 10 (64 teams) in the cup season 36, only to lose in a penalty shootout against Jefferson Bicycle United Football Cub (17146)
2002-11-25 - Ulleberg IK was renamed to Ulleberg IK (this was a standing joke for a long time. All we did was edit the short-name but the hattrick log is pretty clear ;))

Club History

Season & league Cups
Round/#Matches [X Didn't participate | - Not invented]
A short summery of what happened (if anything) the particular season
S. League National CC Emerald CC Ruby CC Sapphire Consolation Notes
82 X in IIb Round ? Round ?/#! Round ?/#! Round ?/#! Round ?/#! Season text
81 4 in IIb Round 6 Round 10/#5 X X X Ended the season on a 'top-3 high' with 4th place in Swedish div II. Also, last-16 in Emerald Cup and due to that, I actually missed out on Delphi this season - bummer!
80 5 in IIb Round 6 Round 6/#1 X X X Ended up in a qualifying game, that I won, as I had 'hoped' for when claiming that the goal was to not get demoted!
79 Division IV s.PNG
Round 5 X Round 5/#2 X X Earlier cup loss than we had hopes for! We did however manage to get another trophy by winning III.42 despite the early setback in the cup
78 2 in III.42 Round 8 X X X X Round 8 in the NC is pretty good. "Last 64" means we did something right! Runner-up in the league second season in a row
77 2 in III.42 Round 7 X X X X Best cup result in ten seasons. Runner-up in Swedish div III in the 'comeback'. All in all we should be very pleased with the last four seasons!
76 Division V s.PNG
Round 4 X X Round 2/#1 X Ended up in IV.70. A terribly dull and inactive series. We changed to IV.168 during the series swap window. A non-super active serie, but we did start a betting thread but missed out on the Division Battle. ...and wouldn't you know - we ended up winning this one as well.
75 Division VI s.PNG
Round 2 X Round 1/#1 X Round 4/#3 Won the league big again (12p before runner-up) and needed qualifier to get to division IV. This time we won again and are ready for div IV
74 Division VI s.PNG
Round 2 X Round 1/#1 X Round 2/#1 Won the league big - 13p before runner-up. Threw the qualifier! We will hopefully never do that again, but I actually wanted to stay one more season in Swedens lowest division
73 2 in V.213 Round 3 X X Round 2/#2 X Five players suspended in league games over the first six rounds - That's a new low. Despite this a silver medal in the league.
72 6 in V.213 Round 2 X Round 1/#1 X Round 3/#2 Lost one active team mid-season that made at least the activity in the chat go down dramatically. Otherwise no real change.
71 7 in V.213 Round 1 Round 2/#2 X X X Probably one of the more chat- and forum active leagues in the country. Being in the last division of all makes that a bit unique I guess - 6/8 teams are active in the forums league betting each week this season.
70 8 in IV.137 Round 2 X Round 1/#1 X Round 2/#1 Dead last again. Ended up in a boring division and used the series swapping window in between seasons to land in a more active one.
69 8 in III.32 Round 6 Round 6/#1 X X X Free falling. Tried keeping the income at a good steady flow with cup victories but it lasted just that long.
68 8 in IIl Round 3 X X Round 1/#1 X Economy finally caught up with us and we decided pre-season to sell off the team and sink through the series
67 4 in IIl Round 8 X X X X League play was terrible (again) but managed a 4th spot due to three teams giving in and a few games with MOTS. UIK will stay for one more season in this league, but then we'll tumble down. We already initiated transfers.
66 6 in IIl Round 7 X X X X Terrible season in the league, but could actually have been worse.
65 6 in IIl Round 2 X Round 6/#6 X X Out in cup round 2. Catastrophy! - The end of the season was a long wait for the qualification game really, so we came prepared and won 6-0 and will stay for a third season in div II.
64 3 in IIl Round 7 X X X X First time ever in Swedens division II and ending with the bronze is pretty amazing! Round seven in the cup was ok but we want more.
63 Division IV s.PNG
Round 8 X X X X League - After an epic round 14 UIK stood there as winners of the whole shebang. We won a tight last fight (2-1) and our main rival, leading the tables going in to the last round, had a one goal lead away in their game. Just six minutes before the season was over all things changed as the rival team conceded a goal and the match ended 1-1 giving us the title due to goal difference! Cup - A descent cup season. Not as good as last season, but up there. Qualifier - Woot! We made it to the "big leagues" :P
62 2 in III.23 Round 9 X X X X An awesome cup season to finish in the last 64 and reach round 9. We actually made it to round 10 about 26 seasons ago (s.36) but that was also the last 64. Cup has gotten one round shorter since then. Also a huge season in the league where we finished runner-up. Actually a record for this (soon-to-be) 16 year old club.
61 5 in III.23 Round 5 X Round 4/#1 X X A tough season and we lost the 4th place with only 2+ goals in the very last round and ended up with a qualifying game to stay in III.23. Ended up winning that one and will do at least one more season in div III
60 4 in III.23 Round 5 X Round 6/#3 X X Season 46-47 was the last time we were in div III. Now we are back and for the very first time we managed to stay without the need for a qualification game.
59 Division V s.PNG
Round 4 X X Round 6/#5 X Longest run in an official cup for a long time. Good ranks, great scores, shitty money!
We also won div IV for the fourth time in UIK history and now have the chance to be in div III (also for the fourth time). We just have to win a qualifying game to get there :/ - ....and we did :)
58 3 in IV.184 Round 4 X X Round 2/#1 X First time back in IV for a long time and we managed to finish in the top-3.
57 Division VI s.PNG
Round 3 X X Round 2/#2 X We nailed it on the first try and won the league. Had to play a qualifying game against Torstorps IF to promote and won that 3-0.
56 2 in VI.754 Round 4 X X Round 2/#1 X New cup system this season. All columns regarding that below this point should be empty. Swedens level 7 (What we call div. VI) closed after this season making every active team from that div. promote to div.V.
55 5 in VI.754 Round 1 - - - -
54 8 in V.347 Round 2 - - - -
53 3 in V.347 Round 2 - - - -
52 Division VII s.PNG
Round 1 - - - - Winning our first trophy for Swedish division VI (league level 7) and now have all collected all the bottom trophies that are used atm.
51 6 in VI.214 Round 1 - - - -
50 6 in VI.214 Round 1 - - - - For the first time in history, UIK plays in Swedish division VI (league level 7).
49 8 in V.807 Round 2 - - - -
48 8 in IV.132 Round 3 - - - -
47 8 in III.4 Round 5 - - - - This was our first step down towards the bottom of the pile.
46 6 in III.4 Round 3 - - - -
45 Division V s.PNG
Round 7 - - - - First season in the new division we manage to secure the top position in round 13 with ~25 goals in our favor
44 Division VI s.PNG
Round 4 - - - - I actually threw this game (cup round #4) away just to be able to have UIKs millenium game against an opponent of my choice next week! (c:
43 8 in IV.140 Round 3 - - - - Very fun league indeed (not that fun leaving it right away though). We ended up with a fellow GM (GM-Chris/Christian) from the Swedish staff and also two other managers I have delt with in the past. Div. IV.140 was also ranked as the best IV in Sweden from round 4 until round 14! Typical huh!?
We also celebrated 10 years in Hattrick with the team this season
42 Division VI s.PNG
Round 3 - - - - Halfway through the season we were 5 points behind the leader and with 2 games left of the season we overtook the lead, never to let it go!
41 8 in IV.72 Round 4 - - - - One of the worst results in a league ever, even if we actually had a pretty good team in a lot of the games.
40 Division VI s.PNG
Round 2 - - - -
39 3 in V.606 Round 2 - - - -
38 5 in IV.5 Round 3 - - - -
37 7 in III.48 Round 4 - - - -
36 Division V s.PNG
Round 10 - - - - Club record in the cup playing 10 rounds, and in retrospcect a bit scuffed over losing on penalties. I knew I would lose on PK if it went that far, but when we actually scored the 2-1 goal for the lead in the 90th minute I really thought we won......
Equalizer came just seconds after that though... Bummer!
35 4 in IV.133 Round 4 - - - -
34 3 in IV.133 Round 4 - - - -
33 3 in IV.133 Round 3 - - - -
32 Division VI s.PNG
Round 6 - - - -
31 5 in V.1011 Round 2 - - - -
30 3 in V.1011 Round 4 - - - -
29 7 in IV.54 Round 4 - - - -
28 4 in IV.54 Round 5 - - - -
27 5 in IV.54 Round 5 - - - -
26 7 in III.47 Round 4 - - - -
25 6 in III.47 Round 7 - - - -
24 6 in III.47 Round 5 - - - -
23 Division V s.PNG
Round 3 - - - -
22 4 in IV.228 Round 2 - - - -
21 3 in IV.228 Round 4 - - - -
20 Division VI s.PNG
Round 1 - - - -
19 2 in V.351 Round 2 - - - -
18 2 in V.351 Round 3 - - - -
17 8 in IV.108 Round 1 - - - -
16 6 in IV.108 Round 2 - - - -
15 4 in IV.108 Round 1 - - - -
14 6 in IV.108 Round 3 - - - -
13 5 in IV.108 Round 4 - - - -
12 5 in IV.108 Round 1 - - - -
11 Division VI s.PNG
X - - - -


Logo Notes
Uikhist1a.jpg The very first logo that was used by UIK! This one did never hit the Hattrick Team Page though. This was used as signature on the delphiforums that was considered (and still is) the official home of Hattrick! Forum-wise!

This one was used from November 2000 to about June-July 2001! HT-Supporter pack was introduced in May 2001, but included logos first a couple of months later

This one is nostalgic, ladies and gentlemen - Almost never seen before (c:

Uikhist1b.PNG Our first "official" logo. Used when supporter pack also included logos from the summer of 2001 til late that same year! But what is it? Looks like a golfball in the middle and a green version of John McEnroes headband wrapped around it =)
We also had a number of logos that never took of, and therefor never ever turned up on our club page. Just because I am a pretty nice guy, I'll also include the 'thought up' matchkits to go with the logo =)

These ones never got past the drawing table though!

Uikhist2.PNG Second UIK -logo that appeared on the Team Page! Or rather the second one we found in the archives. Time-wise there seem to be a logo missing from very late 2001 up to this logo from the spring/summer 2002.

Used from spring/summer 2002 until spring of 2003

Uikhist3.PNG UIK went orange in April of 2003 and used this version for about +5 years
11598.png When UIK (or rather the logo maker of the two previous versions) was accused of stealing the logo we immediately decided to make a change!

Someone found a Polish team, that actually had our logo. Strange that it took so long for the matter to be discovered really! Anyway. To make a long story short, we didn't want to use that one anymore and decided on a logo making contest.

This one won, and was made by a user from Belgium!

Logos II -the special ones

Logo Notes
Uikhistbattle.GIF This logo was special made and used only for a one week period (2010-07-14 - 2010-07-21) just before the grand finale of the Delphi Cup XVI final, but still deserves to be mentioned :) We ended up losing that match (2-1) but the logo will stay in our hearts forever.

It has been 15 seasons since we last used this logo, but now it's time again. For one week (2015-03-04 - 2015-03-11) just before the grand finale of Delphi Cup XXXI between the very same teams, we will reuse this monster-of-a-logo.

It's time again - this time just a semi final and just a few days (2021-11-29 - 2021-12-01) in Delphi Cup LIII but of course still against the very same team. We decided to use a non-animated version of the logo this time since the 'new' match/live -pages didn't looks so good with the transparent .gif. We decided to run with the last frame with the plate.


This is an ongoing update process....


Total 865 of 1343 possible points

Date Achievement P Max
Main Achievements (745/1201)
2012-09-09 Cash is king The money in your account exceeded 100 000 000 kr on the weekly update 35 35
2006-12-07 I want you Bought player 10 10
2006-12-13 Get out of here Sold player that was bought previously 10 10
2007-01-05 Practice makes perfect Player's skill increased 10 10
2006-12-03 Play the lottery Scouted a youth player 10 10
2009-04-15 Lets do this again Sold a rebought youth player 10 10
2009-04-20 I want you back Rebought a former youth player 10 10
2009-05-27 Investment return Sold a youth player 10 10
2015-08-23 All that skill Total TSI of the squad exceeded 1 500 000 65 80
2017-02-13 We're so loved Fan club size reached 3000 members 30 50
2017-02-20 Climbing the ladder Team was ranked 86 45 100
2008-08-20 Great Cup Streak Achieve a long streak of wins in the National Cup. Win streaks carry over from one season to the next. 45 70
2008-08-20 Great Cup Season Get as close as you can to winning the National Cup. Level 1 is reached if you win when there are 7 rounds left, then you gain one level for each round closer you get. Level 7 means you won the Cup. 10 70
2022-05-25 Official Business A tally of all official matches played by your team 16 16
2022-01-05 Wipe that smile off your face End the winning streak of another team by winning one official match against it. The longer the streak you end, the stronger your achievement. 20 20
2022-08-03 Entry Denied Awarded when you have had a certain number of clean sheets in official matches. Higher ranks are given as you achieve more clean sheets. 16 20
2021-10-31 Winning is What Counts Just keep winning. The achievement counts your team's lifetime wins, official matches only. 15 30
2022-06-08 Scoring Out of Bounds All time goals by your team in official matches. 8 25
2022-03-16 Never Alone Consistency is key. Play at least one friendly per week, for several weeks in a row. Weekend friendlies also count. The longer you keep it up the higher you will rank 12 20
XXXX-XX-XX Safety First Finish a full season with less than 10 goals conceded in league matches. 0 15
2021-11-28 Golden Bonanza Win the series while also having the Top Scorer on your team 10 10
2021-11-21 Goal Machine Simply have your team score many goals in league matches in the same season. The more goals, the higher your rank. 6 18
2021-11-30 It's Me, Again Awarded when you have the Top Scorer for the season in your team. Higher ranks available when the feat is repeated. 2 10
XXXX-XX-XX Rocket Fuel Your team was promoted two seasons in a row. 0 30
xxxx-xx-xx Shut-Out Season Become the champion in your series while being undefeated in all league matches that season 0 15
xxxx-xx-xx Local Delicacies Players raised in your team have played at least 3 matches for a national team (U21 or senior). More players with caps leads to higher ranks. 0 20
2022-02-03 Kissing the Badge Created a team logo for your team using the Club Logo Editor. 5 5
xxxx-xx-xx Keeping the Sponsors Happy Completed a seasonal sponsor goal. 0 15
2008-09-17 Veteran lineup The average age of your starting lineup is over 35. Please note: only full years, not days, are taken into account for this achievement, and there must be 11 players in your starting lineup to complete this achievement. 35 35
2008-09-10 Youthful lineup The average age of your starting lineup is below 18 (and at least one player started his career at another club). Please note: only full years, not days, are taken into account for this achievement, and there must be 11 players in your starting lineup to complete this achievement. 35 35
2009-05-06 Home-grown lineup All players in your starting lineup originate from your own club and the average age is over 18. Please note that there must be 11 players in your starting lineup to complete this achievement. 25 25
2006-12-20 Friends from abroad Played international friendly match 10 10
2021-07-10 Comeback Kings Given to teams that achieved were behind by several goals, and then swung the match around. The more dramatic the comeback, the better. 12 12
2021-07-10 Special Ops Win any match having scored only Special Event goals. 10 10
2017-08-20 Star Collector Team reached at least 100 stars in a match 60 100
2017-08-20 We're so good Team reached an average match rating of world class 34 63
2021-07-11 That’s Just Typical Your team has a terrible day with lots of injuries. This achievement is the consolation prize. 6 10
xxxx-xx-xx Academy lineup All players in your starting lineup originate from your own club and the average age is below 18. Please note that there must be 11 players in your starting lineup to complete this achievement. 0 35
2022-06-23 We’re Bigger Than Hattrick When one Hattrick in a match is not enough. Your team needs to score two in the same match to get this honour. 10 10
2022-08-13 So close! Losing a penalty shoot-out was harsh, but at least you got this achievement. 10 10
2022-08-07 Penalty Pickings A tally of penalties scored in official matches. Penalty shoot-outs are not included. 6 10

2006-11-30 The world needs to know Wrote a forum post 10 10
2021-07-11 Past My Bedtime These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description. Let's not tell them, yes? 5 5
2020-11-19 Milestone Played Hattrick for 20 years. 0 0
2021-10-28 Always There For You Visit Hattrick every day. Achievement given when you have achieved a log-in streak of several days. The longer your streak, the higher your rank. 20 30
2021-08-08 You’re in the Book! Be an active and constructive member of the forum, so other users will bookmark you to see what you have to say 2 16
xxxx-xx-xx Vox Populi Submit an article to Hattrick Press, have it accepted and read by the community. The more likes an article gets, the higher your achievement level. 0 16
xxxx-xx-xx The Nation Stands Behind You They elected you to National Coach, and liked you enough to elect you one more time after that. This is the achievement. 0 50
xxxx-xx-xx National Treasure Hunter The achievement awards you for the best result (round reached) with a U21 or NT team as their National Coach. 0 50
2022-03-16 I’m an Insider Joined a Local Circle. 5 5
2022-07-10 I only have eyes for you These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description. Let's not tell them, yes? 30 30
2021-07-09 Heads or Tails? These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description. Let's not tell them, yes? 10 10
2022-04-16 Easter Egg Hunt These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description. Let's not tell them, yes? 0 0
Special Achievements (10/125)
Special Awards
xxxx-xx-xx Nasty squad The average player personality in your squad is close to nasty 0 15
xxxx-xx-xx Honest Squad The average player personality in your squad is close to righteous 0 15
xxxx-xx-xx Nice squad The average player personality in your squad is close to popular 0 15
xxxx-xx-xx Dishonest Squad The average player personality in your squad is close to infamous 0 15
xxxx-xx-xx The Football Laboratory Win at least one league match with each one of the 10 default formations. It's the formation at the start of the match that counts. 0 25
xxxx-xx-xx Hometown Heroes Win your series using only homegrown players in your starting lineup the entire season. 0 30
2021-07-11 Coneheads United These are hidden achievements and are only visible to users who have achieved them. Other users will only see the title and icon, but no description. Let's not tell them, yes? 10 10
Supporter Achievements (110/290)
Main Awards
2021-10-13 Continent Hopper Collect one home and one away flag from each of six continents: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania 60 60
2009-03-16 Eternal life Promoted player to Hall of Fame 15 15
2006-12-01 Stop the press Wrote a press announcement 10 10
2022-02-10 Field of Dreams Used the Arena Designer to create or update the arena of your team. 5 5
2012-04-20 Join my revolution Founded federation, received more than 10 50 100 members 20 100
xxxx-xx-xx Everyone Is Welcome Here Collect a home flag for every country in Hattrick 0 50
xxxx-xx-xx Grand Tour Collect an away flag from every country in Hattrick 0 50