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229562 manager.png
Manager Name Jimmydinho
Country USA USA
Region Virginia
Language English
Team Names Jimmyhats, FC Sugar Tits
Youth Teams Mini-Willies, Molly Malone's Cabana Boys
Joined April 22, 2012


Jimmydinho is the owner and manager of two Hattrick football clubs. His first club, Jimmyhats, plays in the USA. His second club, FC Sugar Tits, plays in Iceland.

Possessing neither skill nor knowledge, Jimmydinho's clubs succeed purely on luck and HTRF.

Jimmydinho watches matches via a satellite link on his diamond encrusted yacht, which is often seen cruising the Mediterranean near Capri.


Manager has 21 achievements from 31 which results in 294 achievement points from 998 possible.

Achievement Date Pts
Ach 1 4.png Climbing the ladder 2013-05-29 40
Ach 2.png I want you 2012-04-29 10
Ach 3.png Get out of here 2012-07-14 10
Ach 8.png Practice makes perfect 2012-05-04 10
Ach 9.png Play the Lottery 2012-08-18 10
Ach 10.png Let's do this again 2013-05-26 10
Ach 11.png I want you back 2013-05-05 10
Ach 21 5.png Cup Heroes 2013-02-07 10
Ach 23 7.png All that skill 2012-08-12 10
Ach 31 4.png Cash is king 2012-07-22 5
Ach 32 4.png We're so loved 2012-10-29 5
Ach 33.png Eternal life 2013-03-31 15
Ach 34.png Investment return 2012-05-01 10
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 6 11.png We're so good Ht star.png 2013-03-18 14
Ach 7.png Friends from abroad Ht star.png 2012-05-02 10
Ach 22 8.png Star collector Ht star.png 2012-09-24 25
Ach 25.png Home-grown lineup Ht star.png 2012-04-23 25
Ach 27.png Youthful lineup Ht star.png 2012-05-10 35
Achievement Date Pts
Ach 4.png Stop the press 2012-05-02 10
Ach 5.png The world needs to know 2012-05-01 10
Ach 16 7.png Join my revolution 2013-06-07 10


Jimmydinho founded the Wiki Monsters, Inc.! Federation and is a member of the following Federations:

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