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The Hattrick Lottery (otherwise known as "THL") is a lottery federation which holds weekly draws giving away a variety of prizes including Credits, Flags, Supporter, and other Hattrick Shop items. It is unique in Hattrick in two ways: it gives away a variety of prizes rather than just flags, and once joined a member is automatically entered into all draws with no extra effort required. THL was created on 23rd August 2011 by Broughy1322, is the second federation created by him after The GMC, and now boasts over 2000 members.

The Hattrick Lottery (102444)

Founded By:

Founded On: 23/08/2011
Members: 2000+
Languages: English


After being involved for a while in flag chasing/trading and knowing he was soon going to complete his away flag collection (having little desire to then complete his home collection) Broughy1322 wondered what else he could do with the various contacts he'd built up over the years. He'd toyed with the idea of creating a flag lottery fed a few times before but they'd pretty much been done to death. Then he had an idea.

As far as he could see, there were two problems with current lottery feds:
1) They only gave away flags
2) You actually had to put in some effort to enter yourself into every individual draw

With that in mind, The Hattrick Lottery was born. It would not only give away flags, but also supporter, credits, and anything else Hattrick-related from the shop. It would also be the only federation where you were automatically entered into every draw simply by being part of the fed. No effort required.

He pitched the idea to his right hand man in the GMC, beatleboyo, and he loved it. After creating the fed he invited beatleboyo and 3 other members (identityshaker, canagoon & tomgreenhalgh) to join in and give their impressions. For a week he and these "beta testers" thrashed out ideas and improved the fed until it was ready for a public opening. With some prizes ready to be won, a logo created by GMC logo designer mistfit in place, and everything set out in the most organised way possible, the federation was opened to the public. After a quick newsletter to the GMC it had gained over 100 members in two days and it grew from there, both in member number and the number of prizes given out.


The Hattrick Lottery runs plenty of draws each week to give its members a great chance of winning many prizes.

Credits Tuesdays

Every Tuesday everyone has a chance to win some extra HT-credits. These are handed out in five credit bundles and were introduced for season 49 - Tuesdays used to be assigned to the supporter draws.

Flag Fridays

Every Friday a variety of flags are given away to those who win the draws. Most of the time there will be multiple flags to be won each week and they usually include some of the rarest ones available. See the "Flag Collection" section below for more info on the flags given out.

Supporter Sundays

Every Sunday extra Supporter subscription is given away to lucky winners. These are handed out in one week bundles and there are always multiple weeks to be won at each draw, meaning multiple winners every week.

Super Special Draws

There are also special lottery draws that take place at the end of each season in weeks 15 and 16, when the usual weekly draws aren't on. In these lotteries a large variety of extra, more valuable, prizes can be won. These change every season but there is usually one or two items from the Hattrick Shop such as Hoodies, T-shirts, Footballs, etc and a large package of supporter or credits. Winners of these draws are usually the happiest people on Hattrick during the off-season!

Other Attractions

Whilst it's mostly about the prizes, there are a few novel extra features to the federation to keep interest going.

Flag Collection

The Hattrick Lottery has its very own flag collection, the details of which can be seen below.

The 80 Rarest Flags (<1000 users) The 48 Most Common Flags (>1000 users)
Iraq Kuwait Morocco Jordan Yemen Algeria Andorra Angola Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Benin Brunei Cape Verde Cameroon Taiwan Costa Rica Argentina Belgium Bosnia & Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Chile China Colombia Denmark Germany
Ivory Coast Montenegro Cuba Wales Qatar Maldives Ecuador El Salvador Faroe Islands Ghana Guatemala South Korea Armenia Honduras Hong Kong India Iceland Jamaica Estonia England Spain France Greece Croatia Indonesia Iran Israel Italy Latvia Lithuania
Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Liechtenstein Lebanon North Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mozambique Mongolia Nicaragua Nigeria Japan Northern Ireland Oman Uzbekistan Pakistan Hungary Mexico Netherlands Norway Oceania Austria Peru Poland Portugal Romania Russia Georgia
Palestine Panama Philippines Kampuchea Dominican Republic Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal Albania South Africa Suriname Syria Tanzania Tunisia Trinidad & Tobago United Arab Emirates Uganda Switzerland Slovenia Slovakia Serbia Finland Sweden Turkey Ukraine Uruguay USA Venezuela Vietnam

The first set of flags contain the 80 rarest countries, all with less than 1000 users. Flags that are highlighted have been given away at least once by the federation.
The second set of flags contain the 48 most common countries, all with more than 1000 users. All of these flags are highlighted as they are considered too common to be given away as prizes by the fed.
A long term goal of The Hattrick Lottery is to complete its flag collection by giving away at least one flag from every country.


Every so often a new poll question is posted in the forum for everyone in the fed to vote and discuss on. It's entirely optional and most of the time just provides a bit of fun between lottery draws, but it can serve a purpose in terms of choosing the most popular prizes to give away.


The federation also has a very good donations system and has many great friends who have donated various items in the past. Every donation made to the lottery is recorded and members are encouraged to support those who donate regularly.


Below are some statistics of the federation (up to & including Season 53).

Category Value
Highest Member Count 2225
Highest Position for Largest Federations in the World 1st
Highest Number of Different Nationalities 92

Category Value
HT-Credits Given Away 1210
Flags Given Away 349
Weeks of Supporter Given Away 406
Other Prizes Given Away Hattrick T-Shirt, Hattrick Mouse Mat, Team Makeover