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User Salnas in 2008
User Salnas in 2019
(15th anniversary)

Salnas is a manager of Latvian team Mārupe.

He has been playing the game since 05/08/2004.

Manager career

With his primary team was renamed a lot of times as Alcazar FK, Salnas FC, Rīgõ, but it conquered titles mainly as Mārupe, twice cup winners and once Virsliga top league champions.

Other teams managed are Russia Trance Masters and Domus Pulchri Ludi Salnas Mariners (aka Zurbagan United). He became also Mongolian Premier League champion with his former team Mongolia Bambarbia Kergudu (renamed U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.).

NT coach career

He is successful also as national coach:

  1. WC 21, NT Lebanon (Round I)
  2. U-20 WC 21, NT U-20 Lebanon (Round I)
  3. WC 22, NT Lebanon (Round I)
  4. U-20 WC 23, NT U-20 Mongolia (Round I)
  5. WC 25, NT Latvia (Round II)
  6. U-20 WC 25, NT U-20 Belarus (Round IV, 4th place)
  7. WC 26, NT Mongolia (Round I)
  8. U-20 WC 26, NT U-20 Latvia (Round I)
  9. WC 27, NT Mongolia (Round I)
  10. U-20 WC 27, NT U-20 Kazakhstan (Round I)
  11. WC 28, NT Mongolia (Round I)
  12. U-20 WC 28, NT U-20 Mongolia (Round I)
  13. WC 29, NT Suriname (Round I)
  14. U-20 WC 29, NT U-20 Ukraine (Round I)
  15. WC 30, NT Latvia (Round I)
  16. U-20 WC 30, NT U-20 Ukraina (Round I)

Coach Assistant

  • NT Latvia
  • U20 Russia