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The correct title of this page is snylte. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

snylte is the manager of the Norwegian club Snylte Tacklers (20368). He joined the game on 17.01.2002 in league IV.5 and he now plays in III.13. He also used to be the national team manager of Norge and he is the inventor of the snylte tactic:


Norge won the world cup against Sverige (Sweden) on 29.02.2004 due to snylte's tactical excellence: By fielding only players with very strong midfield skills and order them towards the midfield (Wing towards mid, offensive Defenders) and playing with offensive midfielders to push the attack ratings at the same time, he achieved the maximum rating for the midfield: divine (very high) and acceptable ones in the central attack. Although the other ratings were very low for a national team playing in a World Cup final, and Norge only had 418 HatStat points compared to Swedens 502, he got the possession to 59% which was enough to win this match (14287675).

The Hattrick community picked up this tactic which is called snylting ever since. Funny enough, snylte seems to be a defense trainer now.

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