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The Home Nations FA Cup Commemorative Challenge

On 16th March 2013 Wincobank Ironopolis will play a series of Single Matches against at least one club from each of the 65 regions of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is to commemorate the anniversary of the first ever FA Cup Final which was played on 16th March 1872. Wanderers beat Royal Engineers by a goal to nil to become the first winners of the famous old trophy - which is the World's oldest surviving football competition.

England Conference discussion 16139884.1

Region Opponent Series Venue Result Score Match ID
Northern Ireland Antrim The Sundays P H L 1-6 2009662
Northern Ireland Antrim Cavehill Reds III H W 4-1 2013983
Northern Ireland Armagh Craven Scrottage III H W 8-0 2012383
England Avon & Somerset Keynsham Town V H L 2-6 1971624
England Avon & Somerset Mendip Rangers V H W 3-1 1988862
England Bedfordshire All Bluebirds Are Blue III H L 2-3 1971938
England Bedfordshire All Bluebirds Are Blue III A W 3-2 1971962
England Berkshire FC Thrust VI H W 3-2 1980651
Scotland Borders Aye Ready's IV H W 4-3 2014665
England Buckinghamshire Turkmenistani Perpetual PA VI H W 4-0 1980662
England Cambridgeshire nitrogan VI H W 5-0 1982235
Scotland Central Depor Edinburgh A.C. III H W 6-2 2011456
England Channel Islands Wildebears III H L 0-4 1976223
England Cheshire Teambummer III H L 0-7 1976144
Wales Clwyd Wrecsam Rabble IV H W 3-1 2011896
England Cornwall Dutch Courage V H L 0-7 1975415
England Cumbria Cumbrian Forest VI H W 7-1 1983979
England Derbyshire Nutwood County IV H L 0-4 1975861
England Devon Uppsala City IV H W 5-0 1972227
England Devon Holy Rollers IV H L 1-4 1980213
England Dorest Poole Town FC III H W 1-0 1971963
Northern Ireland Down FC Myrth II H L 4-5 2011641
Scotland Dumfries & Galloway Ollie United V H W 12-0 2012373
England Durham Ville Warriors P H L 0-7 1975975
Wales Dyfed Otis' Looney Tunes IV H W 4-2 2011632
England Essex AFC Armadillo IV H L 0-3 1971876
England Essex Hacked off V H W 4-2 1972236
Northern Ireland Fermanagh Newry Wanderers IV H W 8-0 2011961
Scotland Fife Real Laphroaig IV H W 5-2 2011716
England Gloucestershire Twelve Hawks United III H W 4-3 1984694
Scotland Grampian Rapid Decline III H L 1-4 2010856
England Greater Manchester Rochdale United V H W 2-1 1975753
Wales Gwent Cwmbran III H W 4-2 2010882
Wales Gwynedd Ellan Vannin IV H W 6-1 2010867
England Hampshire The Last Eleven III H L 1-4 1976253
England Hampshire Avstar's Allstars V H W 6-1 1976381
England Herefordshire Ferndale Flyers IV H L 0-1 1987852
England Hertfordshire Graphic Equalizers II H L 1-3 1972385
England Hertfordshire UnderDogZ FC II H L 3-7 1972414
England Hertfordshire Glencoe Rovers III H L 2-6 2010264
Scotland Highlands & Islands Rage Against The ME P H L 1-8 2010035
England Kent FC Smedge P H L 3-5 1976621
England Lancashire Pine Villa IV H W 6-0 1975370
England Leicestershire South Dean II H L 0-4 1978829
England Lincolnshire Shakhtar Donuts V H W 2-1 1973329
England London Loxomotiv Brixton IV H L 1-7 1972196
England London Wanderers Reunited V H W 4-3 1975978
England London Apollo V H W 3-2 1978215
Northern Ireland Londonderry AVF - Team III H W 3-1 2014096
Scotland Lothian Busby Bandits IV H W 4-1 2011232
Scotland Lothian Baad MB III H W 1-0 2011603
England Merseyside Hawarden Rangers V H W 4-3 1976453
Wales Mid Glamorgan A Soup Sandwich II H L 0-6 2012420
England Norfolk Athletic's Beautys VI H W 2-1 1971955
England Norfolk St Giles United V H W 5-4 1988760
England Norfolk Belton Wanderers V H W 3-1 1990093
England Northamptonshire Marga FC VI H W 8-0 1981196
England Northumberland Marmalade VI H W 8-1 1971726
England Northumberland Marmalade VI A W 9-1 1975280
England Nottinghamshire Lokomotiv New Basford VI H W 3-0 1980659
England Oxfordshire The Red Flag flies at dawn P H L 1-4 1971614
Wales Powys Shut The FACup Donny P H L 3-4 2011947
England Shropshire kingys wonderers IV H L 2-4 1976071
Wales South Glamorgan Arth United IV H W 8-0 2010986
England Staffordshire Boslem Bobbydazzlers FC VI H W 8-0 1981682
Scotland Strathclyde St Laurenckirk III H W 4-1 2010866
England Suffolk Fiorentina Turner Phoenix VI H W 8-1 1975840
England Surrey Sliema Ponderers V H W 1-0 1972333
England Sussex Giant Hobo's FC III H W 5-3 1972226
England Sussex Southwick Meerkats V H W 4-0 1999723
Scotland Tayside Dundee Admiral II H W 10-0 2011736
England Teesside Stinging Scorpions II H L 3-5 1972530
England Teesside The Inevitable Slide to Defeat IV H L 3-6 1976524
England Teesside The Inevitable Slide to Defeat IV A l 0-2 1980450
England Tyne & Wear TB United III H L 2-4 1975373
England Tyne & Wear Shirey Geordies V H W 2-1 2001784
England Tyne & Wear Shirey Geordies V A W 4-3 2001777
Northern Ireland Tyrone Jakes bullets III H W 3-2 2012382
England Warwickshire Oxbridge United VI H W 5-0 1972010
England Warwickshire Ucanwin United IV H L 2-4 1998787
Wales West Glamorgan Return of COS P H L 0-6 2009680
England West Midlands The Harbingers V H W 5-1 1972435
England Wiltshire Lardarse F.C. V H W 2-1 1977148
England Worcestershire BALTEI VI H W 6-0 1986121
England Yorkshire Woking Wednesday II H L 2-5 1971823
England Yorkshire Sheffield Athletico III H L 1-6 1973045