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World Youth (982446)
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Managed by ThomasPrice
Club information
LocationSaarland Deutschland
ArenaYouth Stadion
Fan Club♪♪ Tigris Worldis ♪♪

World Youth was founded by ThomasPrice on July 25, 2006. After eight promotions (6 of them in a row), World Youth currently plays in league II.2 in Germany. The club is training defenders for 12 seasons with a mix of very short term low level training in friendlies and long term quality multiskillers for the league matches.

Last update: 31.07.2010


Winner of league III.15, season 40 Winner of league III.15 Season 40 Winner of league IV.1, season 38 Winner of league IV.1 Season 38
Winner of league V.229, season 35 Winner of league V.229 Season 35 Winner of league VI.1016, season 34 Winner of league VI.1016 Season 34
Winner of league VII.515, season 33 Winner of league VII.515 Season 33 Winner of league VIII.187, season 32 Winner of league VIII.187 Season 32
Winner of league IX.1026, season 31 Winner of league IX.1026 Season 31 Winner of league X.1865, season 30 Winner of league X.1865 Season 30


Birth and early success

The team's first league match vs FC.Weddinghofen, 29.07.2006

World Youth was founded out of post-tourdefrance boredom as well as a pre-exams search for excuses not to learn during the summer of 2006. The name was chosen as a reference to the Captain Tsubasa anime that was ThomasPrice's favorite tv-show in the 80's. Plans to implement role playing elements with this theme were made, but would never develop to anything concrete. The team was relegated to League X four days after the new owner took charge, which could have been felt as bad karma. However, the relegation coincided with the first league match of the club's history (which was the last match of the season) against the already secured league champion FC.Weddinghofen that was playing HT for already 6 monthes. It resulted in a brilliant World Youth victory, mainly due to quick, smart and cheap recruiting of old midfielders (Rainer Schlögel, Thomas Ramsch) the day before. During offseason, the defender skilltrading strategy that would be the cornerstone of future successes was prosperingly inaugurated. The tone was set !

The complete first season in X was played against bots, so that the front office could spend a lot of time on the transfer market and concentrate on training while fielding low cost players like goalkeeper Kay Gith, winger Lukas Hoffemann or striker Herbert Bleisteiner. This "Aldi" concept made the team join the Discount Team Federation where it accumulated valuable game knowledge.

Just promote, baby !

After the very easy season in X against bot teams, WY continued its journey through the deepness of Germany's league system with quite some facility. The club invested in four very promising young defenders that were to stay many seasons: Atilio Ramazotti, Ludwig Wezold, Pablo Dittborn and Bernt Carlblom. Midfielder Camillo Failla was bought in expectation of him becoming coach later in his career. The first transfers above 1mio € were made when german midfielder Fabian Friedrichsthal (magnificent PM) and swedish striker Bengt Adolfsson (magnificent scoring) joined for 1.5mio € each.

WY record: 13 defense skillups in one train

Defense training was generating more and more money, and the walk through IX and VIII was made without any difficulties and with large advances over the opponents. Friendlies became matches whose purpose was to generate as much money as possible. They were mostly played in the USA due to the late kick off time that made last minute purchases during wednesdays possible. As it was impossible to go flagchasing under those circumstances, a new project was started: Chasing as much regions of the USA as possible. To this date, WY has visited 32 different regions of the USA in friendlies, including Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Goalkeeper Richard Bohl came into the club and became a legend with his set pieces scoring skill. A standard for goalkeepers was set to which every future WY goalkeeper would have to measure himself. Bohl became rapidly the most loved player of the raising ultras among the WY fans, the Tigris Worldis. Bohl left the club by himself when he realized his set pieces skill were not enough to accompany the club to higher spheres.

The promotion to VII during the summer of 2007 (season 33) saw a whole bunch of new players join the club. Heavy deflation made buying players relatively cheap, and WY capitalized on it. Among others, midfielders Fred Hallbergmoos and Aki Gullström, Winger Anders Magnusson and offensive defender Thilo Wörsdörfer were bought for ridiculously low amounts. Tactic changes had to be made as the level of the opponents got higher: away games were played with 442 instead of the training optimized 541/532, but the root idea to win midfield without focusing too much on the attack ratings was maintained. World Youth clinched the promotion early and was heading to what seemed to maybe be the first stop: division VI.

The early Stampff era

Danny Stampff, a former German U-20 player aged 20, was bought from an Italian club for 4.5mio on November 22, 2007 and played his first match two days later in a 3-0 home victory over Wanne-Eickel in league VI. He changed the destiny of the club.

Danny Stampff in old design during his fifth season for WY

Danny's acquisition meant a 10 season commitment to defense training in order to make him one of the best central defender in HT and, who knows, a national team player. Together with wingback Stanisław Michalczuk from Poland and central defender Wörsdörfer, he would form one of the most multiskilled defenses in Germany's middle leagues. 20 days after the big spending on Danny, World Youth bought goalkeeper Nils Myhre to replace Bohl for even more money (4.8mio). Myhre was another perfect purchase that annihilated the complete savings, but the deflation period in HT was already ending and prices started rising, so that investing in players was an easy and logical decision.

With a world-class defense on the field WY had a perfect season and won all 14 matches in division VI. Defensive forward Iuliu Chirilã and striker Yiorgos Koumpilias were added to the team, they were much needed addition in a offense that was behind the rest of the team in terms of quality. Reaching division V in season 35, the decision was made to try to promote yet again directly in the first season. Two titanic playmakers, Josep M. Morales and Steen B. Jensen as well as a titanic striker Simon Waltershof were purchased. Formation switched completely to 442 (even in home games) and midfield dominance, helped by a playmaking heavy defense, stayed the recurrent tactical choice.

WY lost only one regular league game and had two draws before the last game of the season against average skilled SV Moosach 04 in which direct access to division IV could be gained with at least one point. With maximum team spirit (built up with a continuous PIC sequence) everything looked like an easy win, if ThomasPrice hadn't make a cataclysmal error in hiring 11 goalkeeper coaches by inadvertence during the last training update. He could barely escape a lynch mob. Team spirit dropped 7 levels and a new way to win the game had to be found. Two old and relatively monoskilled defenders were bought on short notice (aka "divine trick"), and the only serious counterattack tactic game in team's history was played, leading to a perfect 1-1 tie (free kick goal by Nils Myhre) and to the undreamed promotion to division IV.

Boring Boring WY

Season 36 and 37 in division IV were training focused seasons with no ambition to promote again and no ambition to go far in the cup. Stamina intensity was set to 5% in order to maximize skilltrading and "Danny-training". Two early losses, both times against d_o_o_F Federation buddy FC Rotor Neuköln, ruined any title hopes very early in the season. The only meaningful addition to the team occurred late in season 37 with the adding of extraterrestrial striker Paweł Majchrzak. WY finished 4th in season 36 and 3rd in season 37, avoiding the dangerous relegation matches. Skilltrading profits skyrocketed as each season was completed with over 10mio in net income. The local banker put on a big smile every time ThomasPrice walked in his office. The USA regionchasing came to an end in the friendlies when ThomasPrice had the brilliant idea to have his friend Stiboloki register a HT club whose only purpose was...NOT to lineup zero players during his friendlies against World Youth. The resulting walkovers prohibited injuries to the reserve players or to the star players during offseason. As to this date, no other club in Germany that used this simple but splendid system is known to the authors of this text, a fact once more showing the greatness of World Youth. Ignoble attempts by inferior managers to discredit the walkovers as cheating in the well known HTB-forum lead to nothing.[1]

Back on track

Lohberger scores the winning goal to promote WY to league III

Payday for the two slow groundwork seasons came in season 38 with WY high-flying the complete IV.1 league and demolishing early in the season any hopes the opponents may have had. Monoskilled set-pieces shooter IM Marvits and offensive Winger Ugo Timpanaro were bought to give the team much needed depth in the roster. For the first time, round 7 in the cup was reached, in order to gain team spirit through PIC in cup matches as long as possible. Instead of focusing on training, the first half of the season was completely overshadowed by the pursuit of results. Björn Lohberger, a German head specialist, was brought in to give the team even more midfield power in this long season. He entered club history by scoring the winning goal on a corner kick against the strongest opponent Isserstedt in the 10th match of the season, securing a strong first place in the league. World Youth would not stray from the path, trouncing the remaining teams that attempted to stand in their way. On matchday 12, an away win against VfB Muxall secured automatic promotion to III and the biggest celebration in central Europe football took place.

Carpe diem

In season 39, World Youth played in III.15 with a very restricted number of high skilled players. Salaries were down 100k in comparison to the promotion season in IV and two of the defensive stars of the team, wingback Stanisław Michalczuk (4.8mio) and central defender Thilo Wörsdörfer (5.9mio, club record) were sold for tons of money. Veteran winger Anders Magnusson also had to leave and Coach Benno Saddam was openly speaking of taking his well-earned pension. While fans were beginning to worry about the ability of the team to win matches, a good season start with 4 wins in 5 matches left the critics speechless. In an interview given to Sports Illustrated, ThomasPrice told the reporters he was "living day by day, just enjoying what has been done so far and not worrying too much about the future". The good first half of the season was fallowed by 3 bitter matches that were not won despite very close rating differences. The team decided to let it go and finished 4th, while breaking record in skilltrading profit (around 11mio net profit). In preparation for season 40, World Youth went on the market an aquired the superhighskilled 28 years old midfielder Danny Brodersen who currently is the highest leveled player who has ever played for the team. Journalists interpretated this move as a sign that the team was preparing to attack in season 40, but no comments were made by the team's management.

Games of nerves

Two teams tried to compete with World Youth in season 40 to end as the III.15 champions, and they couldn't differ one from another more: While the FC Schlonzo relied on a heavy defense with an almost non-existent attack, Zebras Mannheim did quite the opposite, lining up record ratings in front. A disappointing home defeat in game 7 of the season against undefeated Schlonzos put World Youth to second place. But one week later, after a quite heavy short-term investment in 2 midfielders, Word Youth could came out of the away match with an important victory and put Schlonzos to second place behind them.

Germany Hatstats record in the last week of the season

The season seemed to roll out easily, until a huge upset loss in game 13 (later named by fans the "Fuchstal Robbing") accidentally caused great distress and almost doomed the season. Direct promotion seemed lost, and the last match of the season, a home game against third placed Zebras, would decide which of the 3 teams would end on top. Again, the club turned to the transfer market to reinforce a form weakened midfield and an injured set pieces shooter. Two new players were bought in and that move, like the one earlier in the season, paid off well. After one week of general training to try to save declining form, World Youth was able to put together 441 hatstats in a 2-0 MOTS victory over Zebras. Quite surprisingly, this victory also clinched the direct promotion to the II, as three other III champions lost their last game of the season. This evening, ThomasPrice was seen running around naked and drunk in his office shouting "NIE MEHR DRITTE LIGA"... Beside the battle for the league championship, season 40 will be remembered as the first season of Danny Stampff's national team career. He played 8 games for Germany, 6 of them official WC-qualifiers, and even scored 2 goals in friendlies. Season 40 will also be the first season with a youth pull worth more than a broken french car, as Helge Possehl, a 17y old striker, was sold for 2,75mio €.

Competing with the best

Sensational upset by WY and Danny Stampff

The first season (S41) in the II.2 was dominated by the competition against 1.FC Gyhum, a high salary totally overspending team that deployed an armada of b-skill naked players. But a strategic region change combined with a brillant 4-5-1 formation ensured WY a draw in the first match of the season. The first half of the season went better than anybody could expect, the first 5 matches were all won by a dominant team around newly aquired goalkeeper Bzowski and an outstanding Ansgar Buksch in the midfield. Unfortunately, an early cup loss and away misfortunes against Roter Stern Nordend and Daehanmingung stopped WY's progression. A disastrous hold-up by Nordend in the return match ended the teams hope of playing Bundesliga in the following season. Surprisingly, Gyhum started to play counter attacks (a syndrom that would become a strange habit by leading teams in II.2) and lost a couple of games at the end of the season, putting WY in position to win the title after all. But in the last minutes of the last league day, Daehanmingung, lead by Germany's most arrogant manager of the year, scored 2 goals against Nordend and undeservedly won the championship. Season 42 saw the promotion of "beloved" supporter Dakar's Hochhemmer Chaosclub as well as what some consider Germany's best team VfL Yogiji. Despite training general, the 2 first matches against Daehanmingung away and Yogiji at home were lost, putting WY in the situation of having to compete against relegation for the first time in the team history. In the third game of the season at Gyhum, WY played a desperate 5-2-3 tactical kamikaze and was ahead 0-3 at halftime (3 Onno Wezelaar goals). FC Gyhum, playing with an 151 hatstats advance, striked back 3 times in the second half. With the score tied at 3-3 and the club facing a disastrous season, only one man could change the outcome of this game: Danny Stampff. In the 83' minute and with only 17% ball possession, he dribbled 80 meters alone on the right side before shooting from an impossible angle. The ball went in and the 2000 WY fans that made the away trip could barely be prevented to invade the pitch. 2 MOTS games at Nordend and against Kolo Kolo put the team in a safe 3rd place (ahead of Dakar of course) in the middle of the second half of the season. II.2 finished the season as Germany's third best league for the second season in a raw, yet again with no team promoting to the Bundesliga.

All season results

Season Place League Cup Result
Season 42 3rd II.2 Round 6
Season 41 2nd II.2 Round 6
Season 40 1st III.15 Round 7
Season 39 4th III.15 Round 7
Season 38 1st IV.1 Round 7
Season 37 3rd IV.1 Round 4
Season 36 4th IV.1 Round 4
Season 35 1st V.229 Round 6
Season 34 1st VI.1016 Round 4
Season 33 1st VII.515 Round 2
Season 32 1st VIII.187 No Participation
Season 31 1st IX.1026 No Participation
Season 30 1st X.1865 No Participation

Players of note

Current Stars

Danny Stampff Deutschland.gif Danny Stampff (29y), Defender, official matches played: 145
Stampff is a former german U20 and A-NT midfielder/defender who played 6 games for Germany during the U-20 World Cup X campaign of U20 national coach Nirk as well as 20 games with NT national coach Carlos_Tevez, reaching the third round of the World Cup XIV in Thailand. He was bought by WY in season 34 for the moderate sum of € 4.5mio and is seen by experts as one of the most talented playmaking defender in HT. He is by far the most famous player in team history, even if his red hair color is subject to a lot of taunting.
Yiorgos Koumpilias Flagicon Hellas.png Yiorgos Koumpilias (30y), Scorer, official matches played: 118
Yiorgos "Creditgreek" Koumpilias was bought way back in league VI during the same season as the purchase of Stampff. Despite loosing his starting job in the II in season 41, he went on to be the player who scored the most goals in that season while being a backup ! Yiorgos owns 2 restaurants, 3 bars and a bank in his hometown. His legendary nickname was given to him by manager Drexelsior.

Former Legends

Richard Bohl Deutschland.gif Richard Bohl, Goalkeeper, official matches played: 38
While only lasting 2.5 seasons, Richard Bohl left a lasting impression in the club. His skill as a Set pieces killer was fantastic, but what made him famous was his ability to score important game-winning goals. French supporters nicknamed him "Coup de Bohl", a french wordplay for "lucky play". He is currently playing in league II in Kazakhstan, aged 32.
Anders Magnusson Flagicon Sweden.gif Anders Magnusson, Winger, official matches played: 79
Once the most expensive player aquisition in team history, Anders Magnusson played 6 seasons for WY and was sold after the promotion to III. At that time, his heavy playmaking talent fitted just right in the 442 tactic scheme where he hold a key role and was almost everytime oriented "towards middle". He is currently playing in a top20 of India, aged 29.
Thilo Wörsdörfer Deutschland.gif Thilo Wörsdörfer, Defender, official matches played: 72
While Danny Stampff drew most of the media attention in past seasons, Thilo Wörsdörfer was his partner in central defense for more than 5 seasons and similarly effective. His high playmaking skill made the WY defense dominant in ball possession, and his relatively low price when bought and high price when sold made him the best deal ever signed. Thilo is also the german champion in paper planes building.
Nils Myhre Flag Norway Norwegen.gif Nils Myhre (28y), Goalkeeper, official matches played: 97
Myhre has been the most expensive player in WY history (€ 4.8mio), but has been one of the most effective too. He lead the team as captain in 65 games, scored 19 goals (when Set pieces were still allowed) and had 2 perfect seasons in a row in saving penalties or freekicks. He had clean sheets (no goals scored against him) in 33% of his games. Nils is also the lead guitarist in a dark gothic rock band. He is currently playing in II in his home country Norway.
Fred Hallbergmoos Deutschland.gif Fred Hallbergmoos (28y), Midfielder, official matches played: 111
Fred joined WY aged 21 in 07.2007 when the club was still playing in league VII. He was the first player to have played in 100 official games for World Youth. The main reason for his durability was his tremendous header capability combined with reasonable wage claims. Fred was the only player to take public transportation to get to training.
Josep Maria Morales Brazil.gif Josep Maria Morales (30y), Fake Deffor, official matches played: 113
Morales was a technical midfielder whose specialty made him able to play as a possession-boosting defensive forward, though his almost non existent scoring skills prohibited him to call himself a superstar. Josep often played in both league and cup matches, accumulating second most official matches for the club behind Danny Stampff by the time he was sold at the end of season 41 after 7 seasons spent with the club.


Youth Stadion
  • Name: Youth Stadion
  • Last improvement: 30.12.2009
  • Total capacity: 70.000
    • Terraces: 39.850
    • Basic seating: 15.260
    • Seats under roof: 13.280
    • Seats in VIP boxes: 1.610
  • Official pregame song: Monty Python - I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts


Home Jersey,
Beck's sponsor
Away Jersey,
Thomas Price tribute


World Youth is supported by the following persons and teams:

  • Tartiflette75 , owner of Tarti Saint Germain in  France, since 29.07.2006
  • drexelsior , owner of Drexel Sior in  Deutschland, since 14.11.2006
  • Elinol, owner of Futchebôl Cloube Elinol in  France, since 18.02.2007
  • Fafner, owner of Chimboraze in  Sverige, since 20.02.2007
  • Spiderceed, owner of FC Relou in  France, since 22.02.2007
  • Abugis, owner of Abugibugi in  Lietuva, since 20.09.2007
  • Duduk, owner of VSG in  France, since 21.12.2007
  • DaKar, owner of Hochhemmer Chaosclub in  Deutschland, since 18.04.2008
  • Julian-Ross, owner of Championship Vinyl Team in  France, since 26.04.2008
  • Minas, owner of Palantiri Minas 05 in  Deutschland, since 17.06.2008
  • Dat_Ei, owner of 1. FC Holzfuss 05 in  Deutschland, since 08.09.2008
  • Kelnozz, owner of FC Güllehülle in  Deutschland, since 15.12.2008
  • StiboLoki, owner of Trainingslager in den Anden in  Deutschland, since 15.04.2009
  • Mod-Orlando, owner of FC Schlacke 81 in  Deutschland, since 25.04.2009
  • -Szil-, owner of Szils Deppen in  Deutschland, since 01.06.2009
  • trashboy, owner of Seeteufel e.V. in  Deutschland, since 17.06.2009
  • Brunsi78, owner of SC Beira Mar 2004 in  Deutschland, since 04.09.2009
  • Slapstick, owner of FC Schlapp in  Deutschland, since 14.09.2009
  • Schattenweber, owner of Aartal Warrior in  Deutschland, since 17.09.2009
  • Emustar, owner of Tus Ostfriesland in  Deutschland, since 10.10.2009
  • Constabler, owner of SV Consti 98 in  Deutschland, since 14.10.2009
  • Carlos_Tevez, owner of Boca JBA in  Deutschland, since 20.11.2009
  • Pelotas, owner of Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track in  Belgium, since 08.02.2010
  • Stanghacker, owner of Stanghausen 08 in  Deutschland, since 28.02.2010
  • LA-Superjhemp, owner of FA Red Boys 05 in  Lëtzebuerg, since 21.06.2010
  • rabotniki, owner of FC Motor Dorfmark in  Deutschland, since 29.06.2010
  • rallaralla , owner of SputnikStodo in  Deutschland, since 16.07.2010
  • Badom, owner of dRim in Green in  France, since 25.07.2010

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World Youth in old design
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Old team photo, start of division VIII season