Yousef Abbas Yousif

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Personal Information
Full name Yousef Abbas Yousif
Nickname Unknown
Country  Lubnan
Position F
Speciality Spec2Quick.png Quick
Club Information
Current club U.S. Irpinia
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Lebanon LB Giants _?_(?)
Argentina _?_(?)
Italy Catania F.C _?_(?)
Spain Atlético Caimanes _?_(?)
Switzerland FC*B*M* _?_(?)
France f.c tamalou _?_(?)
France rikybobyteam _?_(?)
Italy ARREGNA FC _?_(?)
Italy The Raven Team _?_(?)
Italy U.S. Irpinia _77_(26)
National Team
Lebanon Under 20 _19_(10)

Yousef Abbas Yousif (120159856) was a Lebanese Under20 NT player. Now is an U.S. Irpinia's Hall of fame member. He was 2 times seasonal top scorer of the Italian team.


Yousef Abbas Yousif.jpg

(U.S. Irpinia's time)

Memorable moments

01-09-2006 20:00 Made his debut in the National squad for U-20 Lubnan.


  • leading scorer of VI.565 (France) season 32 with 10 goals Goldenboot VI.gif.
  • leading scorer of VI.995 (France) season 35 with 11 goals Goldenboot VI.gif.
  • leading scorer of V.214 (France) season 38 with 18 goals Goldenboot V.gif.
  • leading scorer of VI.904 (France) season 44 with 17 goals Goldenboot VI.gif.
  • leading scorer of V.222 (France) season 45 with 8 goals Goldenboot V.gif.