Benjamin Ramljak

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Benjamin 'Glavonja' Ramljak (365778977)
Personal Information
Full name Benjamin Ramljak
Nickname Glavonja
Age55 years and 26 days
Country  Hrvatska
PositionWing Back
Central Defender
Current team Farmers on the storm
Youth Career
Youth teamCroatia Mini Max Blue Team
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
50Croatia Max Blue Team1(0)
50-PresentCroatia Farmers on the storm385(80)
National Team
Croatia U20 Hrvatska22(3)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Benjamin Ramljak, nicknamed Glavonja (Croatian: Big Head) is a Croatian football player who currently plays for Farmers on the storm and Croatian National Team, mainly as a Wing Back, although he can play effectively both as a Winger and Central Defender, and in his long career he was occasionaly deployed as an Inner Midfielder and even Forward Towards Wing. He is a Head specialist.

Youth Career

Ramljak was spotted as a 15-year old boy by scout named Pavle Giro on 12th May 2012 (week 12 of season 48) and he was immediately signed by then Div. II team Max Blue Team. Ramljak rose through the ranks of the youth team and he was quickly marked as one of the top Croatian prospects of his generation (especially considering his birthday falls in the beginning of the season) and was sold three days after his promotion to Raiders on the storm, then playing in Div. V, for 2.43 million €, which was considered a big price for a young player in that time. At the begining of his career, he was considered solid in both Winger and Defending, and weak in Playmaking and Passing.

Career at Farmers on the storm

In Raiders, Ramljak was trained well and he reached Croatia U20s. During that time, he was part of the team that won one Div. V title and finished 3rd for two consecutive seasons in Div. IV. After his spell in U20 team ended, SilverZG decided to turn his team into a farm, renaming it Farmers on the storm, with the idea of making Ramljak NT player.

The club rapidly fell in league system, but Ramljak improved significantly, being called-up for national team for the first time at the age of 25. In Season 60, Ramljak was joined by another potential NT Wing Back, Zoran Dobrila. With those two, Farmers had the backbone of a succesful team, which won Div. VI, two Div. V and Div. IV title in the seasons following, and is currently playing in Div. III of Croatian Hattrick football pyramid. As of season 66, he is mythical Defender, titanic Winger, brilliant Passer and formidable Playmaker. With the experience 7 levels over divine, he is currently the captain of Farmers.

Ramljak scored two Hattricks for Farmers, both playing against bot teams in league matches, in 5th Round of Season 61, and second round of season 62.

International Career

As one of the greatest potentials in his generation on Wing Back position, Ramljak was monitored by National Team Scouts virtually for all of his career. He received his first caps for U20 team in season 52, after unsuccesful campaign to reach U-20 World Cup XIX in Norway. He played in 8 friendly games that season. Next season, he was a crucial part of U20 Croatia, playing all 14 games in Group 5 of qualification for U-20 World Cup XX in Italy, but Croatia unfortunately ended 3rd in the group and failed to play at World Cup. All in all, Ramljak played 22 games for U20 team, scoring three goals, all in qualifications.

Ramljak made his debut for National Team in season 57. He was part of the team that failed to reach World Cup XXIV in Estonia. He then played in two succesful World Cup campaigns, World Cup XXV in France and World Cup XXVI in Guatemala, where Croatia reached Round 3 of competition on both occasions, and even was ranked #1 in the world for a week. Ramljak has played 68 matches for National Team and scored 8 goals.

Statistics at Farmers

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
50 V.138 6 4 0 0 6 4
51 V.138 9 2 3 2 12 4
52 IV.12 2 0 3 1 5 1
53 IV.12 4 0 3 1 7 1
54 IV.12 13 0 2 0 15 0
55 V.205 10 2 2 1 12 3
56 V.205 9 3 5 1 14 4
57 V.205 15 6 2 0 17 6
58 V.205 13 2 4 0 17 2
59 VI.973 12 6 3 0 15 6
60 V.128 13 4 2 0 15 4
61 V.128 14 5 1 0 15 5
62 V.128 8 4 6 4 14 8
63 IV.48 12 4 1 0 13 4
64 IV.48 14 3 2 0 16 3
65 III.15 14 1 3 1 17 2
66 III.15 14 1 3 1 17 2
67 III.15 14 3 4 0 18 3
68 III.15 14 1 7 1 21 2
Total 210 51 56 13 266 64

Note: 'League' also includes qualification play-off matches; 'Cup' also includes secondary and consolation cups.
Note#2: Listed are only the seasons in which this player was active member of the team, i.e. playing at least one game; that game can also be a friendly, which are not counted in this table.