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Two captains before an official game

For an ordinary Hattrick team Competitive matches, also reffered to as official matches are matches where players can get injured and cards aod final result affects league position or cup tables.

Another way to define it is that in only in an official matches you can set team Attitude, playing it cool, normal or match of the season.

Any game the is not official can be' only a friendly or a tournament match.


Match league.png A league match is identified by this icon

A league official match is a competitive match between two teams from the same series.

League matches are automatically scheduled on match days, which usually occur on Saturday or Sunday, sometimes with a different starting hours for division (only in highest countries).

Each season, every team has seven (7) home and seven (7) away matches. 100% of the income from league game ticket sales goes to the home team.

League games can end in a tie. But if two or more teams tie at season end on points, goals difference and goal scored, the best position is defined by previous season ranking.


Icon-qualification-game.png A qualifier match is identified by this icon

A qualifier is a match played during week fifteen (15) of each season. The match is played to determine which teams will qualify and be promoted to the next division and which teams will be relegated to a lower division.

Cup Game

Cup new.png Main National, Cupseason56 emerald.png Emerald, Cupseason56 ruby.png Ruby, Cupseason56 sapphire.png Sapphire Cupseason56 consolation.png Consolation Cups 
A cup match is identified by these icons

A cup official match is a competitive match between two cup opponents. Cup games occur on friendly days, which are on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

A cup match is not a friendly with cup rules, but rather part of a official tournament hosted by the nation your team plays for. Every country in Hattrick has a Cup.

Rankings for the cup never change during the season. The Cup rankings and first round schedule are set before a season begins and are based on results from the previous season. Teams are ranked, starting in the top division on down.

Order of play is:

  • #1 plays home the lowest
  • #2 plays home the second lowest, and so on.

The lowest in rank of the two facing teams is always the home team. 67% of the income from cup game ticket sales goes to the home team; 33% to the away team.

Cup matches never end in a tie. A penalty shoot-out automatically ensues if the teams are tied after regular time. A loss in a cup match eliminates a team from the competition.

Users participating in a Cup tournament are unable to schedule friendlies while they are participating.

Hattrick Masters

Icon-master-game.png A Hattrick Masters match is identified by this icon
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World Cup

Wc match icon.png A World Cup match is identified by this icon

For national teams, matches include international friendlies, bit official matches are all World Cup qualification and main stages.