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Hattrick International
Domus Pulchri Ludi
Flag of Hattrick International
Logo of Hattrick International
Hattrick International Countries
Link to official page
Currency All in HT world
Time zone Hattrick Time
Number of regions: none (but all countries)
Current local season: 25
Number of teams:
(~ active)
10 920
(~ 2 050)
Level of series: 6
Top series name: I.1
Local cups: HTI Cup
+ HTI Challenger Cups
+ HTI Consolation Cup
National teams

Hattrick International (aka Domus Pulchri Ludi) is the only league in the Hattrick world not belonging to any country. It is a new league system, giving players the opportunity of taking on an extra team. It also has it's own flag, the United Nationals flag.

The league itself is international, and works similar to the national leagues: same season schedules, same cups, same prize money and same training regimes. Differences are that clubs are based in any country of choice, and that players are initially from this country too; hence, Hattrick International doesn't have it's own regions or national team.

Hattrick International is fully integrated in the Hattrick world, which means managers can buy and sell players on the market, train national team players and play friendlies against teams from any other countries.


This new international competition on Hattrick was announced on 6 December 2016, and started on 9 January 2017. The idea was to create a new competition in which the most active players internationally play together.

International Trophies

Hattrick International isn't playing in International competitions like the World Cup and U-20 World Cup. Also, Hattrick International clubs do not compete in the Hattrick Masters for now, but developers say this might change in the future.

As such, it doesn't have any records in these competitions.

Local Trophies

HTInternational.png SeasonTop LeagueNational Cup
13 Bangladesh - Grande Inverno - (2) Italy Grazzzzz Uganda FBWC Football Club Uganda (1) Switzerland bats21
12 Italy CMM Canoa Polo Trieste (2) Italy enricobig83 Ghana Young Boys Volta (1) Switzerland Looserthaler
11 Italy InterMusa (2) Italy _Peo_ Poland LEGIA GDAŃSK 2017 (1) Poland prezes_robus
10 Italy CMM Canoa Polo Trieste (1) Italy enricobig83 Italy pelle e ossa (1) Italy lastcena
9 Italy InterMusa (1) Italy _Peo_ United Arab Emirates Red Bull Racing (1) Netherlands Schumi-
8 Malta Io sono leggenda (1) Italy ciuffo-fisc Spain HI-Dandy de Tazmania (2) Spain ercanto
7 Spain HI-Dandy de Tazmania (1) Spain ercanto Spain HI-Dandy de Tazmania (1) Spain ercanto
6 Maldives AlphaCentauri (1) Romania mihaitzah Germany She'eluhim ya'azor li (1) Israel Orush
5 Nigeria Niger Nationals (bot) Kampuchea Cão Boja FC (1) Portugal Jorgebarroso
4 Nigeria Niger Nationals (bot) Sweden BaconKaos (1) Sweden KaptenBaconterror
3 Nigeria Niger Nationals (bot) Spain Anonadados (1) Spain angel71
2 Chile RCD Coquimbo (bot) Uzbekistan Toppie International (1) Belgium Rolmop
1 Nigeria Niger Nationals (bot) Andorra Arlekinats 2017 (1) Spaindealerxx

Challenger and Consolation

Hattrick International Emerald Challenger Cup
S. Champions Manager
11 Huskies Bremen BAB185
10 FC Mongo stephan73
09 BlueFish International blue_fish
08 Hannover Tomahawks FC Big_Millo
07 Rellingen Raccoons R1VALD0
06 Sie Germans Slovenia Maarvin93
05 United Federation of Planets F.C. Germany il-padrone
04 Veskun Palloseura Wesqu
03 ------------> FC-Led-Zep <------------ Netherlands jimmie
02 All Roads Leads To Rome Edwindb
01 Scoring Elite Romania St3fy84
Hattrick International Ruby Challenger Cup
S. Champions Manager
11 majmunë blou Lou_Agadougou
10 Dentinhos Int. Browarinho
09 Morfar Athletic F.C. Sjostakovitj
08 Die Vierte Internationale Knockpasheemore
07 Scarponi all' arrembaggio Don_Fabio_il_Mongolo
06 Caipirinha F.C Argentina Magician
05 Hattrick International blorkir
04 Missoltino Paper96
03 Inter Cachipollas losninhos
02 YA YA, Schach Mat ! machouil
01 Barbados Hot Shots Netherlands Chantalr
Hattrick International Sapphire Challenger Cup
S. Champions Manager
11 International Monkeys Gaudeamus
10 San Lustio International antonio86p
09 FC Bäretatze Lotti87
08 AlphaCentauri Romania mihaitzah
07 Kopelos kossi
06 Karmis Forever Pabllo
05 Salnas Mariners Salnas
04 2. FC Altmann III altmann
03 Terrapins Yippe
02 Al-Ross United rosset
01 Sie Germans Slovenia Maarvin93
Consolation Cup
S. Champions Manager
11 Lansky United Boerdie69
10 Real Zanzibar passill
09 In it for the kicks FC DrPepper
08 Violeta Emilia FC CC-Piscolave
07 The Black-yellow-red Sky Fighters redemmi
06 Cat's airesol
05 Legia Angels CF Couple07.
04 Xmas_Football_Club Stanislao_Moulinsky
03 One Shot FC Hedegaard
02 Ht Club Bierzo Jitto
01 Sjælør i Føroyar Denmark schierding

Double Champions

Teams that have managed to take home the double (both top league and cup in the same season).

Team Season
Spain HI-Dandy de Tazmania 7