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Goalkeeper is is a position within Hattrick. He is probably the single most important player for ratings calculation in a team, with a very big influence in the defence.


Primary skill they use is, needless to say, Goalkeeping (or keeper). They also make use out of being good at Defending, whilst Set Pieces is a good secondary skill, but only to save free kicks and penalties.

Some teams used to choose them as a set pieces taker, but this option was disallowed in season 37 (October 2008).


Goalkeepers' goalkeeping and defending skills contribute to Defence left wing, Defence centre, Defence right wing.

In detail, skill contribution is:

  • 87% of his Goalkeeping to Central Defence and 61% to Side Defence,
  • 35% his 'Defending to Central Defence and 25% to Side Defence.

Regarding influence on ratings, a level of Goalkeeping is equivalent to about 3 levels of Defending for a goalkeeper.

He has no Individual orders or Agglomeration Penalties.


Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable GK : Unpredictable Long Pass is the only Special Event that a Goalkeeper can get. This SE needs Passing skill to trigger.

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