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Individual orders




Wing back (WB) is a player's position within Hattrick. The WB is the defender playing in the wing of the team's defence. He has the largest effect upon side defence ratings, but also contribute to side attack ratings.


Wing backs should naturally have a lot of Defending skill. Side attack rating also benefit from WB, through the use of their Wing.

Playmaking is also beneficial, and their Passing skill really makes a difference when Counter-attacking.


According to the rules, which lists the components of left wing attack in the order of their relative contribution, wing skill on your winger is the only factor that gives you more wing attack than the wing skill of your wing back.

  1. Winger left winger
  2. Winger left wing back
  3. Scoring forwards
  4. Passing left winger
  5. Passing left inner midfielder
  6. Winger forwards
  7. Passing forwards

Wing skill on wing backs is helpful, but it can't be relied upon to deliver a wing attack on its own like the wing skill of a good winger can. However, wing back normal can add to an already good wing attack that you get from playing either a winger or a forward toward wing on the same side as the wing back.

Individual Orders

WBs can be fielded normal and also as a defensive or offensive wing back or even towards middle, changing their rating contribution.

Wing back towards middle

Towards right.pngWBTM contributes to the wing attack so little that it is considered that Defending is the only skill needed for that position.

75.0% of his Defending skill for Side Defence
68.3% of his Defending skill for the Central Defence
20.0% of his Playmaking skill for Midfield
35.0% of his Winger skill for Side Attack

Defensive wing back

Defensive.png — WBD contributes very little to the wing attack.

100% of his Defending skill for the Side Defence rating
43% of his Defending skill for Central Defence rating
10% of his Playmaking skill for midfield rating
45% of his Winger skill for the Side Attack rating

Normal wing back

Normal.png — a normal WB gives you the maximum skill contribution by the player without any penalty to the overall performance of the player.

91.9% of his Defending skill for Side Defence
38.0% of his Defending skill for Central Defence
16.7% of his Playmaking for Midfield
59.0% of his Winger skill for Side Attack

Offensive wing back

Offensive.png — WBO can give a larger boost to the side attack, but this should only be used with caution as it is an extreme order that reduces the defensive qualities of the player for the gain of some more wing attack.

74% of his Defending skill for Side Defence
35% of his Defending skill for Central Defence
20% of his Playmaking skill for Midfield
69% of his Winger skill for Side Attack


A ranking of specialties on wing back:

Spec5Head.png Head defender — improves chance of scoring on set pieces, but he can trigger negative events from Technical Wingers, Inner Midfielders, and Forwards.
Spec3Power.png Powerful defender — loses more skills in the sun, but he plays better in the rain. He is the key player to improve pressing tactic.
Spec1Technic.png Technical defender — plays better in the sunshine, but loses skill in the rain. Your chances to trigger a non-tactical Counter-attack event increases with every Technical defender you have on the field.
Spec2Quick.png Quick defender — stops a quick event from Wingers, Forward or Inner Midfielder (100% chance), but has big negative drawback in losing skills both in rain and sun. Any Quick Winger will give a small boost on counter-attacks tactic.
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable defender — can eliminate negative effects with high Defending, but needs good Passing skill to create SE chances.

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