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LFS Corinthians (281433)
HT-User: kelenehan
Country: Ireland Ireland
Region: Offaly
Prize shelf: Division IV.PNGDivision IV.PNG Division V.PNGDivision V.PNG
Arena: The LFS Canal Bank Coliseum
Fan club: Hawks of the Faithful
Club Site: LFS Corinthians Official site

LFS Corinthians is an Irish club based in the Offaly region. The club was founded on the 30th of August 2006 by kelenehan.

The club was relegated to Division V in its first season, Irish Season 18. They instantly bounced back to IV in Irish Season 19 by capturing the Division V.211 title with 14 victories from 14 games.

In Irish Season 20 LFS Corinthians were again relegated after an heroic effort to stay in Division IV.21. They lost out by 1 point to Consternation, a club from the Cork region. In the first game of the season LFS Corinthians had a very disappointing 2-2 draw with Dublin based side, Kilcock. The failure to win this game, which looked like a definate 3 points, cost LFS Corinthians their Division IV status.

Club History[edit]

Global Season Irish Season League Irish Cup
42 30 ? in IV.12 4th Round
41 29 1st in IV.12 3rd Round
40 28 2nd in IV.12 2nd Round
39 27 4th in IV.12 4th Round
38 26 3rd in IV.12 3rd Round
37 25 3rd in IV.12 2nd Round
36 24 5th in IV.12 2nd Round
35 23 5th in IV.12 3rd Round
34 22 6th in IV.12 1st Round
33 21 1st in V.154 3rd Round
32 20 7th in IV.21 2nd Round
31 19 1st in V.211 2nd Round
30 18 7th in IV.27 Did Not Compete

The club was relegated to Division V in its first season, Irish Season 18. They instantly bounced back to IV in Irish Season 19 by capturing the Division V.211 title with 14 victories from 14 games.

In Irish Season 20 LFS Corinthians were again relegated after an heroic effort to stay in Division IV.21. They lost out by 1 point to Consternation, a club from the Cork region. In the first game of the season LFS Corinthians had a very disappointing 2-2 draw with Dublin based side, Kilcock. The failure to win this game, which looked like a definate 3 points, cost LFS Corinthians their Division IV status.

In Irish Season 21 LFS Corinthians had the best Irish Cup campaign in their history. They were defeated by Longford side LTFC Heros in the 3rd round. The league campaign was again successful with Corinthians promoted back to Division IV. One loss and a draw were the only dropped points during the season.

Irish Season 22 had the worse of starts for LFS Corinthians when they lost in Round 1 of their Irish Cup campaign. They were defeated by Donegal side Donegal County FC in a Penalty Shoot-out. The league campaign also had a dreadful start with Corinthians defeated in the first 8 games of the campaign. However, most players in the squad were sold or sacked and a new group of players won 3 games and drew 1 in their last six fixtures. Corinthians then played a Relegation Playoff against Dublin side Firhouse Carmel and ensured their Division IV status with a fine 5 - 0 home win.

Irish Season 23 & 24 both saw Corinthians finish 5th in the table with 3rd round and 2nd round exits in the Cup respectively.

Season 25 saw Corinthians have their best league finish when they ended the season in 3rd place and had a 2nd round exit again in the Irish Cup. Season 26 saw the team consolidate their league position and also go one round further in the Cup, eventually losing out in the 3rd round.

Season 27 was a mixed season for the Offaly club. They were knocked out of the Irish Cup in the 4th round, the best cup run in the club's history, but slipped to 4th position in the league table. Season 28 was again filled with mixed emotion as the club recorded a second place finish in the league, but exited the cup at the 2nd round stage.

In Season 29 the club added a third piece of silverware to the trophy cabinet when they recorded their first Division 4 title. In a close and well fought campaign the Offaly club edged out Longford's Muppet Labs XI on goal difference and Hertha Froesche of Limerick by only a point. The subsequent Div III qualifier play-off match resulted in a 5 - 0 drubbing by an experienced Phaenix-FC side.

Club Colours[edit]

Season 20 Home Kit
Season 21 Home Kit
Season 20 Away Kit
Season 21 Away Kit

LFS Corinthians originally wore a green kit with gold trim as their home kit and a white kit with gold trim as their away kit, as most teams without supporter wear.

The kit was first changed for Season 20.

The Season 20 Home Kit had a jersey which was primarily white. It had blue shoulders with an orange trim and a blue navel with an orange trim. The togs were primarily blue with a white trim. The socks were blue with an orange and white trim. The Season 20 Away Kit had a jersey which was primarily black. It had blue shoulders with an orange trim. The togs were primarily black with a blue trim. The socks were blue with an orange and black trim.

LFS Corinthians launched a new kit for the first game of Season 21. The White Home Jersey has an Orange and Blue diagonal sash. The Black Away Jersey also has an Orange and Blue diagonal sash.

Club Crest[edit]

The original LFS Corinthians Crest
The 2nd LFS Corinthians Crest

LFS Corinthians first showed their club crest to the world in Season 21. The crest was designed by the Club Owner kelenehan. It was a very basic design which lacked artistic flair. However, the club was described very well in the crest. The main colours were orange and blue to match the club owners', Lenehan Financial Services, corporate identity. The words Lenehan Financial Services were placed on the crest as was the LFS logo. Underneath this was two Corinthian facemasks and a figure of a footballer.

For season 21 a new Club Crest was unveiled. The logo was designed by plugger, an esteemed logomaker from The Netherlands. Kelenehan requested that the artist design a more contemporary crest which still portrayed an image of the meaning of the club name as well as keeping the club colours. The crest was accompanied by the club motto,"Nil Satis Nisi Optimum" which is a latin phrase meaning "Nothing but the best is good enough". The motto is also used by FA Premier League side Everton F.C.. Kelenehan is a lifelong Everton supporter and so it is no surprise that the motto is used by LFS Corinthians.

At the start of season 26 a new logo was adopted by Corinthians. This logo was designed by Polish designer -ZiomaL-. The logo kept the club motto and club colours, but is seen by the board of directors as more contemporary than the last logo.

To see more of plugger's work see the link at the bottom of this page.


The LFS Canal Bank Coliseum

LFS Corinthians play their home games at The LFS Canal Bank Coliseum. When first built, the stadium had a capacity of 12,000.

At the end of Season 18 expansion work boosted the capacity to 17,500.

The stadium was again expanded at the end of Season 21 due to the demand for extra tickets for home games by the rapidly growing fan-club, The Hawks of the Faithful. The capacity at this time was 31,320.

The stadium was again expanded for the start of Season 25.

The stadium now has a capacity of 50,475 made up of

  • 30,285 Terraces
  • 11,862 Basic Seats
  • 7,066 Seats under roof
  • 1,262 Seats in VIP boxes

The highest attendance was 50,475 Vs Chelsea@FC on 26/04/2009. LFS Corinthians lost 2 - 3 in a League match on that occasion. The stadium has sold out on several occasions since that game.

Current Squad[edit]

Squad Number Position Nationality Name Date Joined Previous Club Transfer Fee LFS Corinthians Academy
1 GK Uruguay Luke Velasquez 28/06/2009 Embajadores FC € 1 400 000
2 DEF Ireland Phil Richards 24/11/2008 FC Timmio € 2 390 001
3 DEF Ireland Brian Taaffe 22/06/2009 Fc Danisnol € 3 331 001
4 MID Ireland Ron Breslin 16/06/2009 Homers Army € 3 700 001
5 DEF Ireland Malcolm Ó Conaire 23/03/2009 Almo Titans € 2 500 000
6 MID Ireland Bertie Scully 16/06/2007 SC Feldmühle € 1 609 001
7 WING Ireland Sean Connery 26/07/2007 FC Caledonia € 15 001
8 FOR Ireland James Friel 28/09/2008 - € - Star.gif
9 FOR Ireland Alex Campbell 15/06/2008 - € - Star.gif
10 FOR Polska Józef Piskuła 20/06/2007 ABEL69 € 850 001
11 WING Ecuador Juan Viera 13/01/2008 Ronaldiño FC € 801 001
12 GK Ireland Stephen O'Dwyer 22/06/2008 - € - Star.gif
16 MID Deutschland Jörn Meidericher 30/04/2007 Italian Runners € 188 001
18 FOR Canada Fenyang Chitsvatsva 30/10/2007 East Enders € 30 001
19 FOR Ireland Phil Rogers 15/09/2008 - € - Star.gif
20 FOR Canada Mohammad Bin-Hossein 05/11/2007 NorthSpurShore € 20 000
21 FOR Ireland James O'Connell 18/07/2009 - € - Star.gif
41 COACH Argentina Pablo Taboada 04/04/2007 dynamo dresden 1 € 3 001
42 FOR England Daniel Craig 11/10/2007 deepflight aces € 23 001
43 DEF USA Herb Phan 07/09/2007 Ajaxamstr4ever € 1 001
44 MID Ireland Timothy Dalton 20/10/2007 Dooneen Utd € 17 001
HOF DEF Ireland Kurt Grogan 25/08/2007 - € - Star.gif


LFS Corinthians U-20 are the Youth Academy team of LFS Corinthians. The Academy was formed on the 26th of March 2007.

Stephen McMullen was the first Coach at the Academy and is currently working his sixth season as coach.

The team play their Home Matches at LFS Stadium which is located within a mile of The LFS Canal Bank Coliseum, home of LFS Corinthians. The stadium is also used as the senior team training ground.

In their first full season the LFS Corinthians U-20 team played in the www.propertymillions.com Youth League. They finished in 3rd position that season. The team had a bad start to the campaign, but after the signing of 3 new players the team went on a 10 game unbeaten run which also included 8 clean sheets. The team are now competing in the fifth season of the AFFF Youth League, the youth league of the Achievement & Flagchasers Friendly Federation.

The academy has promoted several players from the academy to the senior team. Corinthians Physio Kurt Grogan was the first member of the Youth Academy to get a full time contract.


Global Season Irish Season Competition Result Trophy
41 29 1st in IV.12 Division IV.PNG
33 21 1st in V.154 Division V.PNG
31 19 1st in V.211 Division V.PNG

The club won their first title in Irish Season 19 when they won Division V.211 with great ease. They had a 100% record winning all 14 league games.

Two seasons later Corinthians added a second Division V winners trophy to their collection when the won Division V.154 with 12 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Norwegian striker Frederick Stokeland claimed the league Top Goalscorer award with 14 goals.

There was an eight season gap before Corinthians added some more silverware to the trophy cabinet. Goal difference was all that seperated the champions from the runners up. 11 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses was the impressive record for the season.


Records and Statistics[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

These respected players have been inducted to the LFS Corinthians Hall of Fame.

Kurt Grogan

Kurt has been in the Hall of Fame since he was 23 years old. It's no surprise that Kurt Grogan is the first player to be inducted to the LFS Corinthians Hall of Fame. The former full-back was a great servant of the LFS Youths and was the first player to graduate to the squad from the Youth Academy. A terrible knee injury in his first season had a negative effect on his career, and although he tried to recover for 6 season he decided to retire at the age of 23. His popularity with the staff and media alike and his faithfulness to LFS must be celebrated.

Personal Information
Full Name Kurt Grogan
Nick Name The Physio
Current career Public Relations Manager
Country Ireland Ireland
Player ID (173560931)
Position Wingback
Squad Number 32
Arrived in club 25-08-2007
Retired 23-06-2009 (6/39)
Seasons in club 6
Career Goals 3
Total matches in club 47
Youth Club
LFS Corinthians U-20
Senior Clubs
LFS Corinthians
Jörn Meidericher

Jörn Meidericher is the 2nd inductee to the Corinthians Hall of Fame. At the time of his retirement he had made more appearances for the club than any other player. On 179 occasions he put on the Corinthians shirt and gave the very best he had to offer. He captained the side to a Division V championship in Season 21, a year he scored 6 league goals. Adored by Corinthians fans, chants of Jörn star! will be missed on the terraces. He will continue to serve the club as Marketing Director.

Personal Information
Full Name Jörn Meidericher
Nick Name Jörn Star
Current career Marketing Director
Country Deutschland Germany
Player ID (92740004)
Position Inner Midfielder
Squad Number 16
Arrived in club 30-04-2007
Retired 20-09-2009
Seasons in club 8
Career Goals 28
Career Hattricks 3
Total matches in club 178
Youth Club
Amstaff No.1
Senior Clubs
Amstaff No.1
Italian Runners 2007

Most Appearances[edit]

Below is a list of the 20 players with the most appearances for LFS Corinthians, as of November 05, 2008: Current players are marked * Hall of Fame members are marked *HoF*

Place Nation Player Appearances
1 Ireland Sean Connery * 237
2 Ecuador Juan Viera * 196
3 Deutschland Jörn Meidericher *HoF* 179
4 Ireland Bertie Scully * 152
5 Ireland Phil Richards 126
6 Ireland Alex Campbell * 106
7 Ireland Brian Taffe * 92
8 Ireland Ron Breslin * 87
9 Ireland Phil Rogers * 85
10 Ireland James Friel 80
11 Canada Mohammad Bin-Hossein * 75
12 España Pedro Cassillas 75
13 Canada Fenyang Chitsvatsva * 72
14 Ireland Stephen O'Dwyer * 69
15 Ireland Clive Colgan 69
16 Polska Józef Piskuła * 69
17 Ireland Eric Hartley 58
18 Ireland Danny Carey 51
19 Ireland Kurt Grogan *HoF* 48
20 Norge Fredrik Stokkeland 45

Most Goals[edit]

Below is a list of the 20 players with the most Goals for LFS Corinthians, as of March 06, 2008: Current players are marked *

Place Nation Player Goals
1 Norge Fredrik Stokkeland 23
2 Deutschland Jörn Meidericher * 17
3 España Joan Pallarès * 14
3 Ireland Sean Connery * 14
5 España Ginés Navarro * 11
6 România Mãdãlin Ioan 10
7 Oceania Nat Hannay * 9
7 Belgium Eddy Geleyn 9
9 Ireland Jordan Magauran 8
10 Israel Mahmood Mustafa * 7
10 Indonesia Boy Panda * 7
12 Israel Liav Kabilio * 6
12 Danmark Hans-Erik Nielsen 6
12 Norge Rene Pedersen 6
12 Sverige Johan Johansson 6
16 Ireland Adam Baker 5
16 Ireland Dan Carew 5
16 México David Almazán 5
19 USA Herb Phan * 4
19 Ireland Kurt Grogan * 4

Transfer Records[edit]

Flag Collection[edit]

LFS Corinthians have been seriously chasing flags since Irish Season 20.

  • Below is a chart of their International Friendlies.

Global Season Irish Season Countries Visited Flag Collection New Flags Visited Countries Hosted Flag Collection New Flags Hosted
35 23 Føroyar Lëtzebuerg 2 Ecuador 1
34 22 Ísland Liechtenstein Brunei Sakartvelo Azərbaycan Andorra Suriname India Saudi Arabia Al Kuwayt 10 Lëtzebuerg Sakartvelo Panamá Republica Dominicana Saudi Arabia 5
33 21 Nicaragua Pakistan Bangladesh Hanguk Chinese Taipei Crna Gora Belgium Republica Dominicana Panamá Prathet Thai Tounes Misr 12 South Africa 1
32 20 Česká republika Oceania Perú Slovenija Hrvatska Paraguay Al Urdun Northern Ireland South Africa Việt Nam Ecuador 11 Brasil Belgium 2
31 19 USA España France Italia 4 Suomi Schweiz Deutschland Sverige USA 5
30 18 Ireland Deutschland Portugal 3 Ireland Portugal Polska Hellas Nederland 5

Total number of flags attained in away matches: 42 of 120.

Total number of flags attained in home matches: 19 of 120.


Team Achievements

Date Achievement Points How common
Star.gif 04/12/2006 Pulled a youth player 10 1231756
Star.gif 09/12/2006 Sold player 10 950909
Star.gif 14/12/2006 Bought player 10 1146885
Star.gif 29/12/2006 Player's skill increased 10 1231178
Star.gif 22/03/2007 Fan club size reached 1016 members 5 440180
Star.gif 02/04/2007 Team was ranked 401 40 50792
Star.gif 16/06/2007 Cash is king 5 400712
Star.gif 14/07/2007 Rebought a youth player 10 16400
Star.gif 17/07/2007 Sold a youth player 10 22774
Star.gif 16/02/2008 Squad total TSI reached 36140 5 252622

Match Achievements

Date Achievement Points How common
Star.gif 03/01/2007 Played international friendly match 10 844394
Star.gif 10/01/2007 Youthful lineup 35 2819
Star.gif 21/02/2007 Veteran lineup 35 1153
Star.gif 20/05/2007 Team reached an average match rating of weak 4 381157
Star.gif 24/06/2007 Academy lineup 35 228
Star.gif 04/07/2007 Home-grown lineup 25 749452
Star.gif 17/01/2008 Team reached 33,5 stars in a match 10 373314

Manager Achievements

Date Achievement Points How common
Star.gif 25/02/2007 Wrote a press announcement 10 181918
Star.gif 25/02/2007 Wrote a conference post 10 511446
Star.gif 15/06/2007 Founded federation, received 145 members 20 66

Special Awards

Date Achievement Points How common when achieved
Star.gif 04/08/2007 Dishonest Squad 15 10
Star.gif 11/08/2007 Honest Squad 15 4
Star.gif 01/09/2007 Nasty Squad 15 12
Star.gif 15/09/2007 Nice Squad 15 27

Total 369 of 1260 possible points


Kelenehan and LFS Corinthians are proud members of the following HT Federations.

Kelenehan is the founder and President of the Achievement & Flagchasers Friendly Federation (AFFF) AllianceID: 61597. This Federation was founded on the 10th of May 2007 and has over 330 members from 84 nations. The Federation aims to help all flag fans to find friendlies with teams from other nations and to help members find achievements. The federation is limited to 6 members from each HT nation.

Following the ideas the initial founder had for this federation; a long-term effort to improve the irish national squads by insuring that all irishmen get their training, and on home ground! PSBI is also a federation where you can discuss tactics, post requests, locate irish players via scout reports, participate in the annual youth pull challenge or just talk shite. If your federation thinks that they got what it takes, challenge us! Contact Philler or our PFCO KieranQ.

  • Friends around the World (FATW)

Friends around the World is a federation that represents managers who plan to play Hattrick for a long time and who strive to play in the Top Divisions and Hattrick Masters. Each manager represents their country and only a maximum of 3 managers per country will be accepted.

  • Small_Countries_Federation (SMACOFED)

All teams from countries of under 1500 active users are welcome with no limit on the number of teams per small country and no exceptions made for teams from larger countries. Join us to arrange friendlies, share tips and experiences from the perspective of playing in a small country and don't forget to join in with the conference!

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