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NT U-20 Botswana

NT U-21 Botswana

NT Botswana

Hattrick Country
National Team Botswana (3307)
Country data Botswana.png
Country  Botswana
Zone Africa
Established Global Season 78

NT Botswana

0 - 5
in Kgatleng

NT Egypt

Wc match icon.png 21/05/2021
Prize shelf
National team Botswana Kit.png

The National team Botswana represents Botswana in international friendlies, in Africa Cup and in World Cup.

Batswana NT Coaches History
Ed. / Host Election Votes Manager Continental Cup World Cup Result
WC 033 Venezuela 21 May 2021 ? / ? Italy beppe75-PN11 Group stage (6th place) Did not qualify

Old Format

This national team was created in 2021 after the new format introduction. No record can be found of activy before World cup 33.