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Personal Information
Full name Noah Wessel
Country  Danmark
Role Assistent Coach
Position Defender
Best Prestation HTStar5.pngHTStarGreyHalf.png
Club Information
Current club Suriname Rode Ster Paramaribo
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
41-43 Denmark FC Granholm _0_(0)
43-44 Denmark Team MesterJynke _0_(0)
44-46 Serbia Vuvuzele _14_(6)
46-50 Denmark FC. Hedam _35_(6)
50-50 Germany FC Vorwärts Drauf _10_(2)
50-63 Germany BSG Lokomotive Plau _106_(14)
63-66 Suriname Rode Ster Paramaribo _39_(0)
Global Seasons Team Games
65-68 Suriname Rode Ster Paramaribo _72

Noah Wessel (Aabenraa,  Danmark, born Season 26) is a Danish football assistent coach who actualy works for Rode Ster Paramaribo. During his playing carreer, he was a Defender.

Early career

Wessel was recruited in the youth team of FC Granholm in Denmark. He evolved two seasons in this youth team before being transferred to the A-side, and immediately being transferred away to Team MesterJynke, also in Denmark. Here, he evolved for almost one season in practice matches, before going to Serbian side Vuvuzele. At Vuvuzele, Wessel received his first experiences in competition matches and cups, playing for about 14 matches in almost two seasons. He then returned to Denmark, to play for 3 seasons at FC. Hedam. After a short stay at FC Vorwärts Drauf in Germany, he went to another German team, BSG Lokomotive Plau. Here he would stay for the bigger part of his carreer.

Career at BSG Lokomotive Plau

At BSG Lokomotive Plau, Wessel started as a substitute in competition matches and cups, but starting from Season 53, he became a titulary player until about Season 57, where he became again a regular on the bench and in Cup games. In this period, his team evolved in sixth and seventh division.

Career at Rode Ster Paramaribo

First Team Player

Noah Wessel was recruited to Rode Ster Paramaribo at the end of Season 63 to support the defence of the team, and to become a future coach. He became the team's coach in early Season 65. From his recruitment on, he played most games of the team. During Season 66, Wessel was replaced as a player by new recruits, and focussed only on his coaching. He retired as head coach at the end of Season 68, and was replaced by Lokman Bekdemir. He then started working as an assistent coach at his club.

Seasons Overview at Rode Ster Paramaribo

This tabel gives an overview of the matches Noah Wessel played through the seasons.

League Cup Total
Season League App. Goals App. Goals App. Goals
64 III.3 12 0 5 0 17 0
65 III.3 14 0 4 0 18 0
66 III.3 0 0 3 0 3 0
Total 26 0 12 0 38 0


Wessel became coach of his team in Season 65. With Wessel as coach, Rode Ster Paramaribo promoted to Division II in Season 67, and to Hoofdklasse one season later. He retired as head coach at the end of Season 68, and was replaced by Lokman Bekdemir. He then started working as an assistent coach at his club.

Personal Life

Noah Wessel lives in Paramaribo. He has three daughters, who he raises as a single father.

Rode Ster Paramaribo
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