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The correct title of this page is sporting klein-sinaai. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.


sporting klein-sinaai was founded on the 27th of July 2005 by Frank-Drank.



- Champion of VIII.593 in season 17

- Champion of VII.767 in season 18

- Champion of VI.1008 in season 23

- Champion of VI.1008 in season 24

Road to victory

sporting klein-sinaai started in division X.106 during the 13th season of the Belgian league. It took till season 15 to become 2nd and to promote straight to VIII.593 (Division X was removed between season 15 and 16).

Sporting's first season in VIII was really good. The team ended second in it's league and played in the first round of the Belgian Cup.

In Season 17, Frank-Drank didn't manage to get further than the first round of the Belgian Cup. The team became champion of its league and got promotion to VII.767.

Sporting's first season in VII, would also be the last for the team. Again, manager Frank-Drank achieved to promote with his team, after a new title. In the cup, the team got eliminated during the second round.

Since the promotion to VI.1008, sporting klein-sinaai became 4th, 3th, 2nd and again third in its competition. The first cuprun in VI ended after round 2. During the next 3 cupruns, Frank-Drank never managed to get any further than round 3. The record cuprun is still standing at the 5th round of the Belgian Cup.

After 4 season in 5th division (V.75), finishing 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 6th, the team had to play a qualification match, and lost it unfortunately. Right now, sporting klein-sinaai is back in 6th division (VI.88), but manager Frank-Drank is planning to get back to 5th as soon as possible...

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