TaxHaven Adegem

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TaxHaven Adegem (739341)
Full Name TaxHaven Adegem
Manager Zionnoah
Slogan "Believe again"
Colors Blue (home) - Green (away)
Founded 25-12-2007
Country Belgium België
Region Oost-Vlaanderen
Ranking 859 (dd. 10-07-2012)
Stadium De Fashback - Arena
Capacity 57,500 seats
Fan club "THA-Crew"
Coach Belgium Kees-Jan de Zwaluw
League V.114

TaxHaven Adegem (Short name: THA) is a Belgian football team, located in Oost-Vlaanderen and managed by Zionnoah. The team was founded on Christmas Day 2007; 25-12-2007. "TaxHaven Adegem" was formerly called "Hoop op beter" but this title didn't reflect the spirit of the team anymore. TaxHaven Adegem currently plays in V.114 of the Belgian Competition.

The highest ranking of the team has been achieved on 10th July 2012, placed 859 in Belgium.

Zionnoah himself was beside leading THA also participating in the OVL Cup, a cup for teams exclusively from Oost-Vlaanderen. Before he even was the organisor of this cup.

Prize shelf

Division VI.PNG VI.783 Division VII.PNG VII.166 Division VII.PNG VII.347 Division VIII.PNG VIII.269 Division IX.PNG IX.990


Season League Belgian Cup OVL Cup
season 21 7th in VIII.1797 - -
season 22 1st in IX.990 - 1/4 Final
season 23 1st in VIII.269 - Second Round (best of 32)
season 24 5th in VII.347 1st Round First Round (best of 64)
season 25 1st in VII.347 1st Round First Round (best of 64)
season 26 8th in VI.986 3rd Round 1/8 Final
season 27 4th in VII.166 3rd Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 28 3rd in VII.166 1st Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 29 1st in VII.166 3rd Round First Round (best of 64)
season 30 7th in VI.973 2nd Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 31 2nd in VII.354 2nd Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 32 3rd in VI.783 3rd Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 33 3rd in VI.783 4th Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 34 2nd in VI.783 3rd Round Losing finalist
season 35 1st in VI.783 5th Round 1/4 Final
season 36 2nd in V.114 4th Round Second Round (best of 32)
season 37 2nd in V.114 5th Round 1/8 Final
season 38 2nd in V.114 3rd Round 1/4 Final
season 39 ... in V.114 6th Round -



Nation Spot Name
1 Belgium GK John Luxem
2 Belgium CD Ronnie Viatour
3 Belgium CD/W Gert Van Trimpont
4 Belgium CD/W Céderique Charon
5 Belgium CD/W Jacob Pedrógão
6 Belgium W Frédéric Tricot
7 Belgium W Pablo Rezusta
8 Belgium F Fabrice Grard
9 Belgium F Ronald Braspenning
10 Belgium CM Radosław Rembiszewski
11 Belgium CM Jean-Claude Assenberg
12 Belgium GK Johan Kerckaert
13 Belgium CD Jeremie Vanbelle
14 Belgium CD Noah Francis
15 Belgium CM Falco Vancaeneghem
16 Belgium CM/W Jan Cauwe
17 Belgium CM Emil Langeraert
18 Belgium CD Cederic De Meirleir
19 Belgium CM Matisse Héron
20 Belgium CD Charly Dohet


  • Belgium Korneel Lambert (25 December 2007 - 29 December 2007)
  • Germany Falko Penner (29 December 2007 - 26 July 2009)
  • Netherlands Sebastiaan Zengers (26 July 2009 - 16 April 2011)
  • Belgium Kees-Jan de Zwaluw (16 April 2011 - present)

Most Games Played

Player Games
1 Belgium John Luxem 204
2 Switzerland Jacob Pedrogao 195
3 Belgium Torquato Tomasoni 194
4 Serbia Muhamed Kuribak 193
5 Belgium Ronnie Viatour 191

Most Times Captain

Player Games
1 Belgium Céderique Charon 145
2 Denmark Johannes Tolstrup 45
2 Serbia Muhamed Kuribak 45
4 Belgium David Plumet 42
5 Argentina Carlos Saúl Zaratustra 36


In October 2008 a youth academy has been opened at TaxHaven Adegem as all the kids around were eager to start playing football on young age. The name of the youth academy is called "Yippies". Currently, scouts are searching for talents in Oost-Vlaanderen en Limburg because the academy started in a more professional way. The youngsters all have one dream which is to join the senior squad of TaxHaven Adegem. Until now several youngsters did achieve the goal to be promoted to the senior squad.


Belgium perkenaar (since 21-03-2009)
Belgium whoesaa (since 05-09-2010)
Belgium Ikoobi (since 07-12-2010)
Belgium Psycho007 (since 23-01-2011)
Belgium joesixpack (since 28-01-2011)
Belgium Qodan (since 21-05-2011)
Belgium faststreet (since 01-06-2011)
Belgium Blatte (since 24-08-2012)
Belgium Sam-DS (since 20-10-2012)
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