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The Hattrick Shop is where users can buy products like Hattrick Supporter, Credits for Hattrick Mobile, Clothes and the Hattrick board game Match of the season.

On the 30th of August 2007 a special Anniversary T-shirt was also for sale. From time to time there are also other special t-shirts available.

Prices in the shop doesn't change as often as in other businesses, but occasionally they do. For example this announcement was made on the 31st of March 2009:

31-03-2009 Price adjustments in the shop
We have not really made it a habit of ours to adjust the shop prices. Actually it has happened only once since we launched our first Supporter version back in 2001, and that was three years ago. Since then the Supporter package has been heavily improved with many new features (last big update was just two weeks ago), our server park has got many new family members and we are twice as many working with Hattrick nowadays. While it is never popular to raise the prices, it is unfortunately necessary to compensate for inflation and increased costs (personnel, traffic, hardware, etc).

The price adjustment will not take place right now, but on April 14th, giving those of you who want to extend your membership (or become a Supporter) for the current price a fair chance. The price for three months Supporter will be raised from €7.70 to €9.70, and one year from €24.80 to €29.70. 100 Hattrick Credits: €27.90.

29-07-2010 Summer pack for Supporters

We're also raising the price for Supporter, which will now be EUR 34.80 per year, or EUR 11,40 for 3 months. This change will be in effect one week from now, on Thursday the 5th of August. Check out the details on the new Supporter package here or head straight to the Shop if you want to give it a try before the price changes.

02-05-2011 Shop news
If you haven't had a look at our shop recently, we can certainly recommend a visit now. Not only did we give our shop a facelift some weeks ago, we have also some nice offers:
  • We have lowered the price for our classic Hattrick Tee by more than 20%. Same great quality (no cracks, guaranteed!), just a lower price.
  • We have added a really nice Hattrick Cap to our stock. It will most likely be voted "Top shader of the summer 2011".
  • More Supporter options; 1 month and 3 years Supporter have been added.

There will also be more products added to our shop in the near future. But for now, happy shopping!

Price History[edit]

This table shows prices for shop articles over time. In case of a price increase it is showed in red, and it is followed with a value of the percentual increase.

Period Supporter 1y Supporter 3m 35 Creds 100 Creds 200 Creds T-Shirt Hoodie Ladies Top Boardgame
> 14-04-2009 €24.80 0% €7.75 0% €7.70 0% €18.90 0% €29.90 0% €18.90 0% €25.00 0% €18.90 0% €24.00 0%
14-04-2009 - 29-7-2010 €29.70 ~20% €9.70 ~25% €11.35 ~47% €27.90 ~48% €43.90 ~47% €18.90 0% €25.00 0% €18.90 0% €24.00 0%
29-07-2010 < €34.80 ~17% €11.40 ~20% €11.35 0% €27.90 0% €43.90 0% €18.90 0% €25.00 0% €18.90 0% €24.00 0%

Note that postage fees are added to above prices.

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