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The Asian-African Alliance, or well-known as A-Pack in Hattrick, started in 23/01/2002.

It was started by the manager of Malaysia's RY FC, Strong, together with ngsc78 of Phantom. The idea came upon when both the managers had decided to host a competitions among their clubs and those from other Asian & African nations. The original A-Pack Tournament was to be an eight-teams two-leagues game with the top two winners advanced to the Semi-Final, it doesn't seems to be turned out that way after two of the teams pulled-out, causing the structure to be changed with Group A continuing the League format whereas two replacement teams were roped in to play a Cup knocked-out style in Group B. However, the event managed to be successfully completed with both China representatives winning the League & Cup events, and advanced to play the A-Pack Champions' Cup.

The completion of the Tournament had spurred the Organizer to continue the events, with a fair structure such as limiting the number of clubs from a nation, the grouping and has been practising the 'no-seeding' formula. The following season tournament sees the continuing of having two events with both League & Cup being expanded to accomodate 16 teams each, and this time, the Singaporean clubs flexed their muscle and make it a clean sweep.

With the introduction of National Team in Hattrick, A-Pack organized the A-Pack Championship (A-team) and A-Pack Youth Championship for the J20. Started with only 9 teams (China, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, South Africa & Egypt), both the events were being hosted in a single league format, with India & Egypt J20 bagging the respective titles. The following season, Indonesia & Pilipinas became the 10th & 11th members of A-Pack before the inclusion Hong Kong & Taiwan the season after to make the total number to 13 as at present.

On 07/06/2002, A-Pack has been upgraded to a registered Federation in Hattrick and has been having close relationship with its members as well as LOTA for fututre competitions planning. few weeks later, A-Pack had appointed Chinky & KluangMan to the decision-making team with the title 'Ambassadors' and then Aiyaiyai.

The hardwork and dedication of the Ambassadors in promoting the Fed has made A-Pack well-known to the Hattrick World. It's competition has been receiving good respond and with popular demand, the Organizer has been constantly finding ways to make it more competitive, enjoyable and is planning to expand its structure to accomodate the increasing number of users in the thirteen nations. To meet this demand, A-Pack has appointed roberto83 to in-charge of the organizing of the A-Pack Cup, whereas Chinky has came out with A-Pack Champions' League idea which is schedulue to kick-off this season.

On the publication side, NuTsZ has taken over the role in providing a better website for A-Pack to enable all the events to be made available there. As the Webmaster, he is also the Head of the Publication Team and is said to be recruiting among others are journalists, reporters and columnists to ensure A- Pack are on its track to become one of the powerful regional Fed in Hattrick.

A-Pack doed not just stop here. It has the potential to go higher and able to provide more activities for its members. However, A-Pack couldn't grow without the support of the users from the thirteen nations. Their participation is important too. There are many plan in A-Pack which has not been used due to the lack of manpower and dedicated volunteers like those mentioned here. Everyone can play a part to help.

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