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Fantapazzo (1927085)
Stemma Fantapazzo 2013.png
I Nerazzurri
Kits and symbols
Prima divisa.pngSeconda divisa.png
Club colours      Blue      Black      White
Badge Fleur-de-lis
Club info
City Florence
Country Italy Italy
Geographic zone Latin Europe
Continent Europe
League Serie IV.49
Foundation August 22, 2008 (Season 36)
Owner Italy SuperCash
Division V.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VI.PNG Division VIII.PNG Division IX.png Division X.PNG Division XI.PNG
Series V 1 (Season 57)
Series VI 3 (Season 49, 51, 53)
Series VIII 1 (Season 41)
Series IX 1 (Season 40)
Series X 1 (Season 38)
Series XI 1 (Season 37)
Fanta Stadium
(Capacity: 50.000)
Fanta Stadium.jpg

Fantapazzo is an italian Hattrick team. It was founded by SuperCash on 20 August 2008, and it has its headquarters in Florence, to be more precise in the nearby town of Campi Bisenzio. Currently it plays in VI.300 of Italian Hattrick Championship.


The birth of the team and the first climb

Fantapazzo was born at the end of season 36. SuperCash, during summer 2008, was convinced by AndrewRozza, Marci90 and Tex93 to create a Hattrick team. Thus on 22 August 2010 Fantapazzo was officially born. SuperCash took his first steps in Hattrick world with the help of his three friends and began to make himself familiar with team management. This was the beginning of Fantapazzo's Hattrick adventure.

The team was put in the XI.2236, but at the time of the registration it was just 5 days away from the end of the championship. Fantapazzo won 4 of its first 5 matches and ranked 5th in Season 36. In the meantime SuperCash laid the basis for a competitive team by buying young midfielders and strengthening attack and defense. In addition the Brazilian coach Nelson Nobre was signed.

Thus in Season 37 Fantapazzo dominated the championship and finished with a perfect score, gaining its first historical promotion. With his 12 goals Manuel Cavallo become the first player of the club to win the top scorers award. Meanwhile the team grew further with the signing of the young Piero Bozzi, one of the future most important player of club history.

In Season 38 Fantapazzo played in the X.3104. At the beginning the goal was to avoid relegation, but soon the team led by Nobre proved to be the very best in the league, thanks to the skill-trading policy undertaken by the club, and repeated the previous season success by gaining the promotion in the XI series with a perfect score. The uncontested leader was the Finnish forward Kalle Airola who won the top scorer award hands down with his 21 goals. Fantapazzo took just two seasons to move from XI to IX series.

The end of skill-trading and the second great climb

Fantapazzo met the first difficulties, due to the early promotion in the IX series. The Nerazzurri was afraid of competing against the strong team who played in the IX.1747 and pessimism spread in the club. However only two teams proved to be better than Fantapazzo and the team, led by new coach Tibi Sãftoiu, made a good championship and ranked 3rd in Season 39.

In Season 40 SuperCash decided to change the policy of the club and replaced skill-trading with long-term training. This new policy, much more profitable for seasons ahead, entailed a temporary stalemate in the economy of the club, which had to face transfer market without money. Despite this, the team took advantage of the absence of stonger teams and won the championship, gaining the promotion in the VIII series. At the end of the season Paul King replaced Tibi Sãftoiu.

In Season 41 Fantapazzo played in the VIII.247. The initial goal was to avoid relegation, but the team exploited the first benefits of the new policy to strengthen and won the championship on the last day. The unexpected protagonist of the season was the winger Mario Zumtobel who won the top scorer award with 11 goals. Pessimism wrapped againg SuperCash, who saw in the double promotion a danger of failure.

But in Season 42 Fantapazzo played another great championship and gained the third promotion in a row, despite ranking 2nd in the VII.226. A fantastic achievement for the Nerazzurri, that were able to move from IX to VI series in 3 seasons. In this season Fantapazzo also made its debut in Coppa Italia, where it was eliminated in the 2nd round.

The struggles in the VI Series and the New Frontier

Fantapazzo faced Season 43 with the goal of avoiding relegation. This time the difference with the lower category was bigger and SuperCash's perplexities was supported by the poor results of the team. But despite some large losses Fantapazzo managed to obtain precious points, even with a bit of luck, and avoided relegation, ranking 5th at the end. During the break SuperCash traded many players, strenghtening defense in particular.

The team began Season 44 with the expectations of an easy salvation, but the results wasn't good and Fantapazzo fell into relegation zone. Fortunately the team recovered and left the last two spots, ranking 5th for the second straight time.

In the third season in the VI.300 series Fantapazzo finally struck a balance in this league. The team was more or less the same of the previous season, but this time the results were positive. At the end of Season 45 Fantapazzo ranked 4th, quietly far from the relegation zone it had been so close to in the first two seasons in the VI series.

Back from a quiet salvation SuperCash decided to start a new interesting project called Nuova Frontiera (New Frontier). Because of the economic difficulties, above all due to high wages, every season Fantapazzo needed to sell its best midfielder. With the New Frontier the club began to buy young central defenders and train them in playmaking. Moreover these future midfielders had to be italian in order to pay a lower wage. Thus the first young defenders were bought, together with the first attacking midfielder in the history of the club. In addition Nicola Gasbarro became the first ever youth player to play as first-string in the first team.

In season 46 Fantapazzo permanently occupied the middle-high zone of the ranking. In fact, despite the constant renewal, the team managed to be a match for all the best teams in the league and at the end ranked 3rd.

Same situation in season 47 with the new coach Aadalbert Eesik. The club began to renew also the wingers, enlarging the training fields under the new project regime.

In season 48 the team had a great season and ranked 2nd. Meanwhile the winger renewal was completed and the last trace of skill-trading was definetly erased.

The fight at the top of the VI Series

In season 49, after signing the second attacking midfielder, Fantapazzo improved its last ranking and won the VI series, but got defeated by Cianosky Team in the qualification for the V series.

The Nerazzurri tried again to get the promotion in season 50 driven by the duo Sanson Arbián-Adam Smutný, both winners of the top scorer award with 11 goals per head, but after two loss in the last two matches they finished only 2nd.

Same bad luck in the season 51, wherein some undeserved draws and losses prevented Fantapazzo from getting the direct promotion. Once againg the team was defeated in the qualification match by Inchiumati.

Season 52 was compromised by some negative results in the first days and the nerazzurri couldn't rank higher than 2nd.

The promotion in the V Series looked like a damnation for Fantapazzo, but after several tries season 53 smiles at the nerazzurri which dominate the league and get directly promoted, led by the new coach Fredrik Andersson. The leader in the field was Adam Smutný who scored 11 goals and won his second top scorer award.

The landing in the V Series and the first change of training

After several years of fight for the promotion Fantapazzo finally made their first appearance in the V Series in season 54. It was a strange season with the Nerazzurri shifting from the struggle for the 1st place to the struggle for avoiding relegation. At the end it took a relegation match, easily won against LastButNotTheLast, to stay in the V Series.

Instead in season 55 things were better for the Nerazzurri, that constantly occupied the first three positions and eventually ranked 2nd, very close to the promotion match. This was also the season of the first change of training, from playmaking to passing. The club started to buy players with high primary-skills in order to complete them by training their secondary-skill.

Season 56 was one of the strangest in the history of Fantapazzo. In Coppa Italia the team reached the 64th finals, a hardly repeatable result for the club, whereas in the league they were forced to fight to avoid the relegation match due to unprecedented bad luck. They reached their goal only in the lasy day, along with a disappointing 4th place.

List of seasons

List of Fantapazzo seasons
  • August 22, 2008 (Season 36): SuperCash founds Fantapazzo
  • Season 36 - 5th in XI.2236 Series
  • Season 37 - Division XI.PNG 1st in Serie XI.2236. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie X
  • Season 38 - Division X.PNG 1st in Serie X.3104. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie IX
  • Season 39 - 3rd in IX.1747 Series
  • Season 40 - Division IX.png 1st in Serie IX.1747. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie VIII

  • Season 41 - Division VIII.PNG 1st in Serie VIII.247. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie VII
  • Season 42 - 2nd in Serie VII.226. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie VI
    8192nd finals (2nd round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 43 - 5th in Serie VI.300
    16384th finals (1st round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 44 - 5th in Serie VI.300
    2048th finals (4th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 45 - 4th in Serie VI.300
    16384th finals (1st round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 46 - 3rd in Serie VI.300
    16384th finals (1st round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 47 - 4th in Serie VI.300
    4096th finals (3rd round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 48 - 2nd in Serie VI.300
    4096th finals (3rd round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 49 - Division VI.PNG 1st in Serie VI.300. Lost the promotion match
    4096th finals (3rd round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 50 - 2nd in Serie VI.300
    2048th finals (4th round) of Coppa Italia

  • Season 51 - Division VI.PNG 1st in Serie VI.300. Lost the promotion match
    8192nd finals (2nd round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 52 - 2nd in Serie VI.300
    512nd finals (6th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 53 - Division VI.PNG 1st in Serie VI.300. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie V
    2048th finals (4th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 54 - 6th in Serie V.2. Won the relegation match
    512nd finals (6th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 55 - 2nd in Serie V.2
    512nd finals (6th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 56 - 4th in Serie V.2
    64th finals (8th round) of Coppa Italia
  • Season 57 - 1st in Serie V.2. Freccia Su.png Promoted in Serie IV
    2048th finals (3rd round) of Coppa Italia
    64th finals (6th round) of Coppa Mediterraneo
  • Season 58 - 2° in Serie IV.49
    1024th finals (4th round) of Coppa Italia
    1024th finals (1st round) of Coppa Mediterraneo
  • Season 59 - 5° in Serie IV.49. Won the relegation match
    128th finals (7th round) of Coppa Italia

Team statistics and records

Matches statistics

Matches Wins Draws Losses Goals for Goals against
League 331 219 38 74 1045 401
Coppa Italia 68 50 - 18 264 97
Coppa Mediterraneo 7 5 - 2 21 12
Total 406 274 38 94 1330 510

Matches records


  • Best placement
2nd in Serie IV (Season 58)
  • Longest sequence of victories
31 (since day 13 of Season 36 to day 1 of Season 39)
  • Longest sequence of draws
3 (since day 12 to day 14 of Season 59)
  • Longest sequence of defeats
5 (since day 5 to 9 of Season 44)
  • Longest sequence of unbeaten matches
31 (since day 13 of Season 36 to day 1 of Season 39)
  • Longest sequence of matches without a victory
5 (since day 5 to 9 of Season 44)
5 (since day 10 to 14 of Season 59)
  • Record win
Fantapazzo-Nekrofanfix FC 11-0 (8 May 2010, Season 42, day 3)
Fantapazzo-Il Cinghiale 11-0 (1 March 2010, Season 54, day 10)
  • Record defeat
Real Montedonzelli-Fantapazzo 5-0 (21 August 2010, Season 43, day 2)
Fantapazzo-Frittole AC 0-5 (8 January 2011, Season 44, day 6)
Fidelis Andria Milano-Fantapazzo 5-0 (8 February 2014, Season 54, day 7)
Mauriziochenondiventiunvizio-Fantapazzo 5-0 (2 May 2015, Season 58, day 7)
Carpi F.C.1909-Fantapazzo 5-0 (29 August 2015, Season 59, day 8)
  • Highest scoring draw
Fantapazzo-Zena Rossoblu 3-3 (4 December 2010, Season 44, day 1)
Fantapazzo-AS Colli Aniene 3-3 (4 October 2014, Season 56, day 9)

Coppa Italia

  • Best placement
64th finals (Season 56)
  • Record win
Squadretta di Dopolavoristi-Fantapazzo 0-12 (5 Agosto 2014, Season 56, 8192nd finals)
  • Record defeat
Fantapazzo-Milui Team 0-5 (23 September 2014, Season 56, 64th finals)

Coppa Mediterraneo

  • Best placement
64th finals
  • Record win
Fantapazzo-Curmisagos F.C. 7-0 (30 December 2014, Season 57, 512nd finals)
  • Record defeat
Nociva-Fantapazzo 5-0 (14 April 2015, Season 58, 1024th finals)

Individual stats and records

Appearances and goals

  1. 159 - Italy Edoardo Paritario
  2. 116 - Czech Republic Adam Smutný
  3. 115 - Sweden Marius Gullstål
  4. 111 - Italy Piero Bozzi
  5. 109 - Germany Sascha Schwarck
  6. 108 - Spain Sansón Arbián
  7. 102 - Spain Pedro Valdenebro
  8. 100 - Romania Bogdan Mureşan
  9. 94 - Italy Pier Nicola Boitano
  10. 94 - Croatia Vitomir Šimurina
  11. 90 - Poland Jędrzej Gapa
  12. 90 - Italy Giovanni Picariello
  13. 90 - Germany Abel Mertins
  14. 89 - Italy Eliano Aimetti
  15. 86 - Austria Dejan Lasimovicz
  16. 82 - Germany Norbert Scheibler
  17. 74 - Italy Marco Chiariotti
  18. 73 - Norway Tim Sandbakk
  19. 73 - Italy Giuseppe Brugnone
  20. 72 - Estonia Andres Rae
  21. 72 - Italy Andrea Vinzoli
  22. 72 - Finland Mikko Sepponen
  23. 71 - England Calvin Shepherd
  24. 70 - Ecuador Geovanny Corozo
  25. 68 - Estonia Hannes Kiiver
  26. 66 - France Jérôme Cuny
  27. 65 - Netherlands Milton Moors
  28. 64 - Netherlands Eli Doverman
  29. 63 - Bosnia & Herzegovina Milan Gajić
  30. 61 - Austria Roland Böhm
  1. 74 - Czech Republic Adam Smutný
  2. 54 - Spain Sansón Arbián
  3. 55 - Croatia Vitomir Šimurina
  4. 53 - Finland Kalle Airola
  5. 48 - Germany Sascha Schwarck
  6. 44 - Estonia Andres Rae
  7. 39 - Romania Bogdan Mureşan
  8. 37 - Italy Massimo Soriani
  9. 36 - Italy Elvis Casabranca
  10. 31 - Germany Uwe Adelmayer
  11. 26 - Italy Piero Bozzi
  12. 26 - Italy Giovanni Picariello
  13. 25 - Austria Mario Zumtobel
  14. 24 - Switzerland Giovanni Wächter
  15. 23 - Netherlands Eli Doverman
  16. 23 - Italy Angelo Pirini
  17. 23 - Italy Eliano Aimetti
  18. 22 - Austria Dejan Lasimovicz
  19. 21 - Germany Abel Mertins
  20. 20 - Netherlands Milton Moors
  21. 19 - Poland Jędrzej Gapa
  22. 19 - Finland Mikko Sepponen
  23. 19 - Ecuador Geovanny Corozo
  24. 18 - Sweden Marius Gullstål
  25. 17 - Italy Giuseppe Brugnone
  26. 17 - Italy Andrea Vinzoli
  27. 16 - Italy Manuel Cavallo
  28. 16 - Poland Wiktor Siennicki
  29. 15 - Italy Valerio Imbalzano
  30. 14 - Sweden Daniel Askenér

In bold players still playing in Fantapazzo

Players records


  • Most goals scored in a season
Finland Kalle Airola, 21 goals (Season 38, Serie X.3104)
  • Most goals scored in a match
Italy Manuel Cavallo, 4 goals (Fantapazzo-Hellas Abruzzo 7-1, 11 October 2008, Season 37)
Finland Kalle Airola, 4 goals (Juventus Planet-Fantapazzo 0-7, 18 April 2009, Season 38)
Norway Tim Sandbakk, 4 goals (Fantapazzo-F.C. Rohirrim 6-1, 13 June 2009, Season 39)
Estonia Andres Rae, 4 goals (Nekrofanfix FC-Fantapazzo 0-10, 10 July 2010, Season 42)
  • Top scorers
3 times: Czech Republic Adam Smutný (Season 50, 53 e 55)
1 time: Italy Manuel Cavallo (Season 37), Finland Kalle Airola (Season 38), Austria Mario Zumtobel (Season 41) e Spain Sansón Arbián (Season 50)

Coppa Italia

  • Most goals scored in a season
Romania Bogdan Mureşan, 7 goals (Season 56)
  • Most goals scored in a match
France Fatteh Hamaz, 4 goals (Sampgloria-Fantapazzo 0-8, 14 July 2015, Season 59)
Germany Uwe Adelmayer, 4 goals (Link Utd-Fantapazzo 0-10, 21 July 2015, Season 59)

Coppa Mediterraneo

  • Most goals scored in a season
Germany Uwe Adelmayer, 4 goals (Season 57)
  • Most goals scored in a match
Germany Uwe Adelmayer, 2 goals (Fantapazzo-Curmisagos F.C. 7-0, 30 December 2014, Season 57)
Italy Andrea Vinzoli, 2 goals (Fantapazzo-Curmisagos F.C. 7-0, 30 December 2014, Season 57)

Transfers records

  • Most expensive player bought
Italy Edoardo Paritario from O.Express for 3.498.000 € (22 September 2012, Season 49)
  • Most expensive player sold
Czech Republic Adam Smutný to Kreativo for 4.896.000 € (1 August 2014, Season 55)

Head Coaches

Fantapazzo Head Coaches

Current squad

No. Nat. Pos. Player No. Nat. Pos. Player
1 Italy GK Diego Consani 12 Italy GK Mario Arcangelo
2 Bosnia & Herzegovina WB Milan Gajić 13 Italy CD Michele Galizzi
3 Italy WB Marco Chiariotti 14 Germany FW Uwe Adelmayer
4 Portugal IM Rolim António Vieira 15 Netherlands IM Milton Moors
5 Italy CD Randy Dalio 16 Italy CD Costantino Ponticelli
6 Poland IM Wiktor Siennicki 17 Italy WB Matteo Ghidoni
7 Austria W Philipp Wechselberger 18 England W Robert Sadler
8 Mexico FW Guillermo Nueno 19 Italy WB Maurizio Acciarri
9 Italy FW Marino Caretti 20 Denmark IM Tomas Egedal
10 Italy FW Luigi Massimo Gasparetto 21 France W Fatteh Hamaz
11 France W David Nativel
Head coach: Portugal Miguel Fermil

Youth team

Fantapazzo also has a youth team called Fantapazzo Juniores. The team was opened on 8 January 2009 and since then it has been trained by coach Antonio Roberto. The scout responsible for young players selection is Virgilio Benigno. Among numerous players come from Fantapazzo Juniores the only on who continued his career in the first team was Nicola Gasbarro, who wore the black-and-blue shirt for 5 seasons before leaving Fantapazzo. The team plays in the youth league Active Young Championship where it has won 3 titles.

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