FK mrPO SunStreet 2004

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FK mrPO SunStreet 2004 (231393)
Managed by mrPO-
Club information
LocationRīga Latvija
ArenaAmerica Online Arena / Pinki Soul
Fan Club2365 Wild Mystical Gregarious Animals ...

FK mrPO SunStreet 2004 is a Latvian Hattrick club managed by mrPO-. The team has played in V.80 since its founding on 8th of March 2004.

Now FK mrPO SunStreet 2004 played in IV.14
Coach: Viktors Arsens (40 years old and already play in this club)


AOL / PINKI SOUL is the main stadium of Pinki Region, Latvia. It is the home ground of the FK mrPO Soul 2004 football team.
The arena was known as the Pinki Arena until 2005 when AOL Time Warner bought the naming rights.
Last reconstruction was in 22.09.2007

General information

Total size : 65975
Terraces : 41441
Basic seating : 16484
Seats under roof : 6042
Seats in VIP boxes : 2008


V.80 Silver in 7.season
V.80 Bronze in 10.season
V.80 Bronze in 11.season
V.80 Silver in 12.season
V.80 Bronze in 13.season
V.80 Silver in 14.season
V.80 Silver in 15.season
V.80 Silver in 16.season
V.80 Bronze in 17.season
V.80 Gold & Champion in 18.season
V.80 Leading top goal scorer Antonio Campo with 20 goals

IV.14 Silver in 19.season

Notable Players

Viktors Arsens (40) - Defender, Coach and played 272 games in this team. 130 times played in Team Captain position. All time scorer with 52 goals
Antonio Campo (23) - Striker, All time highest rating - 7,5 stars and All time scorer - 60 goals. All time carrer hattricks - 6
Mihails Fridrihsons (29) - Defender, Played games - 282
Juudas Hennoste (28) - Defneder, Played games - 281
Stefan Transtedt (30) - Goalkeeper, All time best goalkeeper (Already play)

International Games

Visit in:
Belgium,Brasil,Bulgaria,Canada,Czech Republic,Colombia,Denmark,Germany,Estonia,England,

Argentina,Belgium,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Chile,Denmark,Germany,Estonia,France

International Players from:

Belgium,Costa Rica,Estonia,Croatia,Italy,Latvia,Hungary,Paraguay Poland,Sweden