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The Hattrick Developer Blog is a dedicated site, created on August 19, 2010, for news and official communication from Hattrick Team to community. It has been inactive for several months, between 2013 and 2016.

The topics typically covered here are more technical, involving maths and stats.

List of articles
Year Title Topic
2020 All You Need to Know about the Hattrick Design Update Wider Site now requires a 1280×960 screen res.
An unpredictable story of an unpredictable player The Unpredictable Bug
How to understand the Hattrick Power Rating Power Rating new feature
2019 A closer look on the new faces
Fresh faces in your Hattrick team
Optional new faces
Bug hunting in the world of National Teams Debugging
2018 The Josef Bican of Hattrick Pedro "Apache" Zurita
PNF: Sitting in a gold mine or just an annoyance? Powerful normal forward
The Design Winners User's design competition results
2017 A new Match Engine Odyssey Tweaks to Match Engine - part 2
Let the Man Marking game begin! Man Marking
[Feedback] The new Training Page Training Page
New Match Order page in depth Match order page
Specialties and Special Events New Special Event system
Tactics and formations… And the Oscar goes to….? Tactics
2016 When Bob calls a new scout Youth Academy's scouts
When you get your hands dirty :) Tweaks to Match Engine - part 1
Transfer Market Stats Transfers
Being old is not so bad if you consider the alternatives Players' age
Divine, diviner, divinest… Skills top levels
Salaries Stats per Division Level Wage
And on the seventh day, Bob Sunesson created the Chance Distribution… Scoring opportunities stats


The "Hattrick News" website was the first attempt to bring users all the news and insights on updates. It contained interviews and discussions regarding the current and future state and development of Hattrick.

Hattrick News was only active for a short time around 2008, supporting the New Hattrick Design development and it was later replaced by Hattrick Developer Blog.

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