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Individual orders




An individual order can be given to outfield players (goalkeepers can't be given an individual order). All players have the individual order normal by default. Besides that, there are five not default individual orders: defensive, offensive, towards middle, towards wing and man marking.

A player that is given a new instruction during the match can not mantain the older instruction (i.e., a player can play offensive or man marking, but not both simulataneously).

According to the rules

This is an extract from the manual, chapter 4
You can give all your outfield players on the pitch individual orders. You can for example order your inner midfielder to play defensive. This means he's still an inner midfielder, but he concentrate more on the defensive side than normal, and less on attacking. There are four individual orders. Also, you can ask a player to man mark a star player in the opposing team.
Table of effects
Position Tactics Effect
Central defender Offensive.png Offensive More Playmaking, much less Defending
Towards left.png Towards wing Much more Defending to the side, much less Defending in the middle, a certain amount of Winger, somewhat less Playmaking
Wing back Offensive.png Offensive Somewhat more Winger, somewhat more Playmaking, less Defending
Defensive.png Defensive Somewhat more Defending, less Winger, somewhat less Playmaking
Towards left.png Towards middle Much more Defending to the middle, less Defending to the side, much less Winger, somewhat more Playmaking
Winger Offensive.png Offensive More Winger, somewhat more passing, less Defending, less Playmaking
Defensive.png Defensive Much more Defending, less Winger, less Playmaking, somewhat less Passing
Towards left.png Towards middle Somewhat more Playmaking, less Winger, somewhat more Defending in the middle, somewhat less Defending to the side, somewhat more Passing in the middle, less Passing to the side
Inner midfielder Offensive.png Offensive More Passing, much less Defending, somewhat less Playmaking, somewhat more Scoring
Defensive.png Defensive More Defending, less Passing, somewhat less Playmaking, somewhat less Scoring
Towards left.png Towards wing A nice amount of Winger, somewhat less Playmaking, somewhat more Passing and Defending on the side, somewhat less Passing/Defending in the middle, no Scoring
Forward Defensive.png Defensive Somewhat more Playmaking, more Passing (and even more Passing to the sides for technical forwards), much less Scoring, somewhat less Winger
Towards left.png Towards wing More Winger, much more Scoring and somewhat more Passing on the side, much less Scoring and somewhat less Passing in the middle, somewhat less Scoring, Winger and Passing on the other side, somewhat less Playmaking

An individual order keeps the affected player on his current position, but changes his contribution to various parts of the match ratings. I.e., an offensive central defender will defend less, but contribute more to the midfield of the team.

Man Marking

Using a man marking individual order, you can instruct one of your players to follow and try to “take out” a key player in the other team.

Giving a player man marking orders cancels out any order he has already received about going offensive, defensive, to the wing or to the middle.

The trick is, of course, to find the situations where man marking pays off and avoid the ones where it will not.

How does it work?

The man marking player's key skill is defending. It is compared to the highest skill on the target player (non-Set Pieces). This check decides how big the penalty will be to the contribution of the target player. If the player that man marks is also Set Pieces taker, his efficiency as a marker will be a little lower.

If defending skill is the same or higher, efficiency increases a lot. As an example, if an outstanding (Level 10) defender marks a titanic (level 15) playmaker, the latter will lose around a quarter of his contribution. If instead the marker is a divine defender (level 20), the contribution of the titanic playmaker will be reduced by two thirds instead.

Effects on man marking player

You can give only one man marking order per match to any of your Defenders, Wingbacks and Inner Midfielders.

This order triggers after 5 minutes and your player loses half of his skill contribution to his team’s ratings (in specific, your player contributes 50% less if the opponent is close and 65% less if he is further away).

While a man-marking order is in effect, a player will not contribute with their skills to team tactics (such as Pressing or Counter-Attack).

Form, stamina, experience, loyalty, homegrown and health is important to man marker (and of course also for target player).

Effects on targeted player

You order one of your players to shadow and obstruct a specific player on the other team as a target and only with a Forward, Winger or Inner Midfielder .

The total contribution of the target skills to the team ratings is affected and decreased. All effects on players involved in man marking hits all the skills of the player, except Set Pieces.

If the player targeted does not show up, or if he plays in a non-markable position, the order becomes void, but your player then plays as normal in the match, without any penalties (the order may become active later in the match, though, if your target is substituted into the game or changes into a markable position).

Bonuses and penalties

Powerful players gets a large boost (10%) to their defending skill during man marking calculation, and players with no speciality gets a smaller one (5%).

For the targets, having the Technical speciality will give you a penalty on their highest skill (-8%) during the man marking calculation, whereas Unpredictable players gets a boost (+8%).

Note that all these bonuses and penalties due to specialities are taken into account only to calculate the man-marking effect, and are not considered for the ratings.

Any penalty for the marking player affects all skills, except Goalkeeping and Set pieces. Penalties to the target player also excludes Defending.