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The match engine (ME) is the most common name for the algorithm that simulates the matches in Hattrick. The ME controls the regular chances distribution. The most chances seem to happen between minute 25 and 37. Chances can happen after the 90th minute in the second half recovery time, but not after the 45th minute in the first half.

How it works[edit]

The match engine start calculating the matches exactly when the matches start. A chance is distributed by comparing ball possession, which is determined by the midfield rating. Each of these chances is a possibility for a goal to occur. Not all the chances are necessarily mentioned in the match report.

Special events are triggered by ME choosing an event and then assigning it to a team, as explained in a 2017 official editorial:

First the match engine will decide if there is any event at all. If there is, it will choose between two main categories for the event, team events or individual events, and finally an event type within that category.
One big change is that each special event can happen more than once in the game. However, with every next occurrence, the chance will be lower.

The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

The match engine will consider first the general probability of winning for both teams, after that it will consider the exact score and in the end it will decide the distribution of the chances (which one will be goal and which one not). This would explain somehow how at times a wretched attack rating will score against an utopian defending rating or how a divine attack rating doesn't score against a solid defending rating, for example.


ME new versions were lauched on:

  • 2017 changes (Specialities & Special Events + Man Marking + Sitting Midfielder + Power Forward)
  • 2015 changes (Pullbacks & Match Dynamics, Player contributions)
2015 tweaks (Player contributions)
  • 2010 more changes (Player contribution & Overcrowding penalty, Formation experience, Confusion)
2010 new engine (Chance distribution, Counter-attack & Pressing Tactics)
  • 2008 changes (Conditional Substitutions)
  • 2006 changes (Player contributions, Natural field Repositioning + super Technical Defensive Forwards)
  • 2002 ME HT 6 (National Teams, International Friendlies, Special Events, Weather)
  • October 2000 ME HT 5 (Live, Specialties)
  • July 1999 ME HT 4 (Individual Orders, Team attitude)
  • April 1998 ME HT 3 (Cup & Friendly matches)
  • November 1997 ME HT 2
  • August 1997 ME HT 1

There was a wrong common myth that the calculations take place in the 20 minutes period before matches. This myth was busted on the forum by HT-Bjorn who said that that period is merely a buffer so that managers submit their line-up in time.

Keywords: (Match engine), (Time buffer)

By: HT-Bjorn 2796895.19 as reply to 2796895.18
To: Mod-Rhoddry 24-03-2005 at 06:10
(Translated from Swedish)

Calculations start at kick-off :o) The mins before match start is like a "time buffer" for different kinds of stuff and so that ppl won't place orders at the same moment matches are about to start, which could mess things up a bit.

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