Mishima Zaibatsu

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Mishima Zaibatsu (164563)
Preceded by
Big Battle Axe
Season 50
Succeeded by
Managed by SLV-Ferovejecs
Club information
Location Trondheim Norge
Geographic areaNorthern Europe
StadiumIron Fist Tournament (77 366 seats)
Fan ClubTekken Force (3 500+ members)
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/16/155/1542/1541037/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/16/155/1542/1541038/matchKitSmall.png
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNGGoldenboot-new.PNG

Cupseason56.pngDivision I.PNGDivision I.PNG

Division II.PNGDivision III.PNGDivision IV.PNGDivision V.PNG

Division V.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNGDivision VI.PNG
Youth Team
Team nameMishima Polytechnic
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Mishima Zaibatsu is a Norwegian team managed by SLV-Ferovejecs, Hattrick Masters winner in season 50. Zaibatsu won the national top division twice and season 39 National Cup.

Prize shelf[edit]

  • HT Masters.PNG Hattrick Masters Champion (global) season 50 (local 39)
Goldenboot-new.PNG Hattrick Masters Golden Boot season 50 (local 39)
Cupseason56.png Norgesmesterskapet Champion season 39
  • Division I.PNG Tippeligaen Champion season 38
  • Division I.PNG Tippeligaen Champion season 37
  • Division II.PNG II.4 Champion season 34
  • Division III.PNG III.8 Champion season 33
  • Division IV.PNG IV.11 Champions Season 32
  • Division II.PNG V.189 Champions Season 28
  • Division III.PNG VI.125 Champions Season 27
  • Division II.PNG V.53 Champions Season 28
  • Division III.PNG VI.643 Champions Season 27
  • Division VI.PNG VI.643 Champions Season 21
  • Division VI.PNG VI.643 Champions Season 20


1 (season 39)
1 (season 39)
1 (season 39)
2 (season 37-38)

Press Announcements[edit]

22-11-2012 (8/50) Woohooooo!!

We have won the Hattrick Masters!

... It's unbelievable. As many of you know, Hattrick Masters have been my dream since it was introduced to HT, and now the dream has come true. Of course, Hattrick has never made me as happy as tonight!

Thank you so much for each and every one of you who have cheered me on through this tournament, thank you for making it more fun for me - and thank you for all the congratulations that are pouring in.

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