FC Wiehlmys

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FC Wiehlmys (168745)
Preceded by
Craiova Champions
Season 44
Succeeded by
FC Canniballz
Managed by mr_oli
Club information
Location Basel Schweiz
Geographic area Central Europe
StadiumMathieu Biberstein Stadion (85 080 seats)
Fan ClubMer glaube nid an Gaister!
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/8/79/785/784703/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/8/80/796/795020/matchKitLarge.png
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNG

National Cup.PNGDivision I.PNGDivision I.PNG

Division II.PNG II.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division II.PNG II.4

Division III.PNG III.8 Division III.PNG III.4 Division IV.PNG IV.26

Division V.PNG V.75 Division VI.PNG VI.664 Division VI.PNG VI.142
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FC Wiehlmys is a Swiss team that won the Switzerland Cup in season 19 and became national champion in season 25 and 30.
Wiehlmys won the Hattrick Masters season 44.

Prize shelf[edit]

  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.2 season 37 (50)
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.8 season36 (49)
  • HT Masters.PNG Hattrick Masters Champion (global) season 44 (local season 31)
  • Division I.PNG Series Champions Nationalliga A season 30 (43)
  • Division I.PNG Series Champions Nationalliga A season 25 (38)
  • Division II.PNG Series Champions II.4 season 23 (36)
  • National Cup.PNG Switzerland Cup winner season 19 (32)
Division II.PNG Series Champions II.2 season 19 (32)
  • Division III.PNG Series Champions III.4 season 17 (30)
  • Division IV.PNG Series Champions IV.26 season 14 (27)
  • Division V.PNG Series Champions V.75 Season 12 (25)
  • Division VI.PNG Series Champions VI.664 season 8 (21)
  • Division VI.PNG Series Champions VI.142 season 6 (19)


1 (Champion (global) season 44)
1 (Champion season 32)
2 (Champion season 38 and 43)

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