Sanad Emperors

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Sanad Emperors
Sanad Emperors.jpg
HT User: Bahrain ShahNader
Full name: Sanad Emperors (987305)
Founded: 18-08-2009
Location: Bahrain Wusta, Bahrain
Arena: Royal Palace Stadium
Capacity: 50,000
Coach: Germany Marco Benkoe
League: Bahrain II.4 (123192)

Sanad Emperors is a professional bahraini hattrick club owned by Bahrain ShahNader. Founded in 2009 (18-08-2009), the club plays in the Second Division (II.4) of the Bahraini Hattrick League System in Bahrain Bahrain.


The club were founded on 18 August 2009, after his owner, Bahrain ShahNader, registered Hattrick two days before. The club since then has gained little success, having at the moment only 1 Trophy: Winner of the III.1 in Season 41 (14 for Bahrain). The first matches of the club saw very bad results, but the first victory come when they defeated muharraq_fc 0 - 5 by a WO on 13 September 2009, even if the real victory would come 28 days after with a 5-0 win over Hic Sunt Bahrain. After that, the club got more and more losses, but the manager never was discouraged, at the contrary, was animated in the search of get wins. Their first Club Federation Cup was going to be a completely success for the club, despite their bad results at the start of their existence. The team took part of the first edition of the Cup of the Club Federation, and they started very well surprising Romania CS Bichigiu in the first match 2-1, with goals by Bahrain 罗 (Luo) 静星 (Jingxing) and Bahrain Fawzan Al Hammar. After several wins and defeats, the club finished 4th in their group, advancing to the Quarter Finals, where they faced Mexico AKV Football Club, and lost 0-8. This is at the moment, the best performance of the club in a Club Federation Cup, and they equalized it in their third participation. The club would also finish 4th in their league that season.

In the next season, the major moment of the club would come: They finished 1st in their Third Division league, and so, they were directly promoted to II Division. In that season, the club were eliminated at Group Stage of the Club Federation Cup.

Since then, the club plays in the Second Division, and since then, they have finished in the top positions of their league, but have never won the title or finish in second place in their league. Their best Kaas El Malek (Bahrain's National Cup) performance was during Season 43 (16 for Bahrain) when they were eliminated at Round of 16, and repeating this in Season 44 (17 for Bahrain).

The teams biggest ever win in their history was against Madinat Hamad United where they won 11-0.


Division II.PNG Winner of the III.1 League in Season 41 (15 for Bahrain)

Performance in Club Federation competitions Club Federation Cup Performance
Edition Result
1st Edition Quarter Finals
2nd Edition Group Stage
3rd Edition Round of 16
4th Edition Group Stage
5th Edition Group Stage
6th Edition Group Stage
7th Edition Quarter Finals
Best Performance Quarter Finals & R16 Club Federation Cup Statistics
Edition Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
1st Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 6 2 0 4 7 23 -16 6
2nd Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 3 0 2 1 3 8 -5 2
3rd Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 5 1 0 4 7 14 -7 3
4th Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 6 1 3 2 8 11 -3 6
5th Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 3 1 0 2 6 9 -3 3
6th Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 6 1 1 4 13 23 -10 4
7th Edition Bahrain Sanad Emperors 5 2 0 2 11 6 5 6
Total 34 6 8 19 55 94 -39 30
  • Both are considered as the best performance, after the Group Stage of the 1st Edition the next stage was the Quarter Finals, and in the 3rd Edition the next stage after the Group Stage was the Round of 16.

Current Squad

Wa'il Al Sulaiti had the honour of scoring the clubs first hattrick. Rolf Urbanes had the honour of being the first player in the clubs history to score 4 goals in one game. Mikael Karlsson made history on Week 4 of Season 20 by scoring 5 goals against Madinat Hamad in a 11-0 goalfest.

Fawzii Al Khathlan became the youngest captain in the teams history, when on 3/4/2011 at age 17 was handed the captains armband, after Fahad Abedzadeh had to leave the pitch due to injury in a league match against ThugZ TeAm.

Position Nationality Name ID
Goalkeeper Netherlands Nederland Brandon Bruins (287907262)
Goalkeeper Germany Germany Steffen Matthias Arwe (280127531)
Defender Bahrain Bahrain Fahad Abedzadeh (255500910)
Defender Bahrain Bahrain Fawwaz Al Bulooshi (255500912)
Defender Bahrain Bahrain Fawzan Al Hammar (255500920)
Defender Romania România Păstorel Grigore (266537354)
Defender Netherlands Nederland Rolf Urbanus (261184944)
Defender Netherlands Nederland Diant Van Biene (272500906)
Midfielder Belgium Belgium Douwe Vancluysen (273824032)
Midfielder Switzerland Schweiz Franck Amouyal (277966250)
Midfielder Bahrain Bahrain Shumail Gulzar (302751861)
Midfielder Sweden Sweden Ntinos Mpousinakos (272572607)
Midfielder Spain Spain Jaume Corbera (297051358)
Midfielder Italy Italy Renzo Ronfolaturro (279468130)
Winger Sweden Sweden Abdul Raqqi (260274358)
Winger Finland Finland Ville-Markus Salomies (313576566)
Winger Chile Chile Nacho Faez (255500918)
Winger Estonia Estonia Tavo Esko (303712163)
Forward Bahrain Bahrain Fawzi AL Khathlan (308014424)
Forward Portugal Portugal Manuel Nuno Lopes (280909334)
Forward Sweden Sweden Mikael Karlsson (227182357)
Forward Bahrain Bahrain Zayd Aseery (255500923)


The club plays it's home matches at Royal Palace Stadium, which has a capacity for 50,000 spectators. The stadium has hosted Club Federation Cup matches, Kaas El Malek matches and other events.

The first match played in this stadium was an Sanad Emperors match, against AFC Tranquilo, which they lost 0-6. It was also, the first match in club's history.

The stadium hosted its first national match on 25th February 2011. It was an U-20 friendly between Bahrain and Senegal. 13722 fans attended that match where a penalty gave Bahrain a 1-0 win over Senegal.

Royal Palace Stadium
Royal Palace Stadium.png
ID: 983867
Total Capacity: 50,000
Terraces: 30,231
Basic seating: 11,568
Seats under roof: 7,081
Seats in VIP boxes: 1,118
Wusta, Bahrain Bahrain