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A team of players is a part of the club with a unique ID number assigned on signing up to a human player, who's responsible for the team's management.

Every team has many official obligations to fulfill during a season.

A team not under human players' control are known as bot teams, or simply "bots".


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As in real life, in Hattrick's world each team has its own individual name, picked by the user. Team names are unique, but some popular names are used by many teams with similar wording.

Some team names may relate to a real club such as "AC Milan". More common are puns like "Madchester Untied".

In the off-season, there is also the possibility to change the team name, but you have to pay 10 000 US$ and 3% of the members of your fan club will get angry and leave as a spite.

Strategic plan

You need to plan and implement a long term training and economic strategy. But first of all you need to establish a seasonal plan for your team, which means, among other things, hire or fire players, staff and coaches, and set the match_orders by choosing line-up and tactics for the competitive and friendly matches you are going to face.

  • The first week, game consists of the first round of the cup. Cup games continue as long as you keep winning. After that, friendly matches can be played.
  • From week two and for the following 14 weekend games series is played against 7 opponents in a round-robin group.
  • The second last weekend is for promotion/relegation play-off games. This is are known as the qualifier matches week.
  • The last week is called by many people the "off season". During this week, no league or cup games are played, but a number of updates happen. These include all yellow cards being removed, and the mood of supporters and sponsors being reset, preparing the ground for new season.

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